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Perry Mattfeld Net Worth: Is Perry Mattfeld Married?


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perry mattfeld net worth

Perry Frances Garcia Mattfeld is an actress from the United States. She was born on March 29, 1994.

She is best known for playing Mel in the show Shameless, FrankenGirl in Wizards of Waverly Place, and Murphy Mason in the crime comedy-drama In the Dark on The CW.


Early Life

Mattfeld was born in the Californian county of Los Angeles. She was raised in Long Beach, California. Her mother is of Mexican heritage. Her grandparents and great-grandparents also worked as performers.


When Mattfeld was only five years old, she started her ballet training under the tutelage of Debbie Allen and continued for the next nine years.

In the Mattel American Girl Dolls musical theater ensemble, she portrayed Kirsten Larson and Kit Kittredge when she was 12 years old, and she was a full-fledged Mattel employee.

In order to shift from dance to acting, she was pushed by Allen to “diversify her dancing.”

Her acting career took a turn for the worst when she graduated high school and decided to attend the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts, where she graduated in 2016.


Perry Mattfeld has acted in a number of Hollywood movies. To be honest, her every television program and film is a work of art.

perry mattfeld net worth

  • 2007 AmazoBoy! Samantha Feature Film
  • 2008 Amanda Hammerschmidt ‘The Hammer’ TV Movie The Norton Avenue All-Stars
  • 2009 Waverly Place Wizards Episodes of FrankenGirl 2
  • 2011 4 episodes of 4th and Forever Herself – Cheerleader
    Aimee, the Girl in the Flammable Skirt
  • 2012 The Love Story in My Mind TBA Shriver Layla Filming
    Breeder Ainsley Secret Diary of an American Cheerleader Suzie Episode: “Angels in the Area”
  • 2013 Bonnielee’s Polygamy Escape TV Movie
  • 2017 Monica Chamberlain Stitchers Episode: “Kill It Forward”
  • 2017-2018 Recurring Character: Shameless Mel
  • 2018 Homecoming Makeover Assistant Episode: “Aiding”
  • 2019 2 Carrier Pam Episodes
  • 2019–present  Murphy Mason is the main character in the film In the Dark

Personal Life

Perry Mattfeld is a happily married woman. Back in the start of the 2000s, she married her long-term boyfriend, and his name is Andrew Wright. Andrew Wright is a famous former baseball player. Perry has also posted some pictures with him on her Instagram.


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And the fun fact is that they both met in an Andrew Wright match.

Net Worth

Perry Mattfeld’s net worth is predicted to be approximately $2.5 million, according to 2022 projections. Her net worth is estimated based on her movies, television shows, and collaborations with other firms.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Is the actor from The Dark really unable to see?

How did Perry’s portrayal of her role in In the Dark excel? Numerous individuals were persuaded by Frances’s portrayal that she was blind in actual life. However, since the actor is not blind, the show’s blind consultant, Laurie Bernstein, taught and prepared her for the part.

What ethnicity is Perry Mattfeld?

She is a Long Beach, California native. Her mother has Mexican ancestry. Her grandfather and great-grandparents were performers.

Is Perry Mattfeld Married?

Perry Mattfeld is married. Andrew Wright, her long-term lover, married her in the early 2000s. Former baseball player Andrew Wright. Perry has also shared photos of them on Instagram. And they met in an Andrew Wright match!