Phone Bhoot Movie Review: Star Performance, Phone Bhoot Box Office Day 5 & Script Analysis!


phone bhoot movie

Phone Bhoot had another day with box office receipts of over 1 crore, and this time things were even better as the collections grew by almost 15%. This is the bare minimum expected from the picture for it to pass its first week with respectable statistics. On Monday, the picture grossed 1.34 crores; on Tuesday, that number increased to 1.52 crores.

Phone Bhoot was aided to a small degree by the Guru Nanak Jayanti holiday’s partial closure, which led to an increase in foot traffic. In any case, the decline from Friday to Monday was only about 35%, so there was optimism that collections would remain stable.

If the decline had been 50% or more, Tuesday would have been fine, but Wednesday’s decline would have been greater. This is no longer the case for this Katrina Kaif, Ishaan, and Siddharth Chaturvedi film, since the decline on Monday has been offset by an increase on Tuesday.

Currently, Phone Bhoot has grossed 10.71 crores; ideally, these would have been the weekend numbers, which would have given it a firm foundation. Nonetheless, it is now about how far the picture can travel and how much it can earn during its lifespan run.

The merits are present, and it is only a matter of word-of-mouth spreading rapidly such that drops are negligible and the lifetime earnings can readily surpass 20 crores.

phone bhoot movie

Star Cast

  • Katrina Kaif
  • Siddhant Chaturvedi
  • Ishaan Khatter
  • Jackie Shroff
  • Sheeba Chadha
  • Manoj Sharma

Director: Gurmeet Singh

What’s Good: Its comedy will lift your spirits proving how you could be stupid and funny at the same time

What’s Bad: The way it ends letting you leave with a sour aftertaste

Loo Break: Ample opportunities in the second half

Watch or Not?: If you’ve forgotten movies could make you laugh as well, give this a try (but don’t abuse me for not warning you about how it ends)

Available On: Theatrical release

Phone Bhoot Movie Review: Script Analysis

Ravi Shankaran and co-author Jasvinder Singh Bath began writing on this topic in 2009, and thirteen years later, it has not become stale. I counted (missing a couple) twenty-five out-of-the-ordinary pop-culture allusions. Full scores for perseverance and creativity. Whether it’s characters resembling the ‘Dance With Coffin’ guys or the groom killed by Munna in Mirzapur, nothing is stuffed to try to be humorous.

The writers have blended the ad placements (Slice, Vicks, Vasmol) into the screenplay, and they function identically to the innovative sponsor message that you don’t miss when watching your favorite YouTuber’s video. This film boasts the funniest first half and intermission point of any modern comedy, but its second half is similarly riddled with severe flaws. It would appear as if the writers were so weary from keeping things funny in the first half that they had very little great stuff left for the second.

phone bhoot movie

From Sid-room, Ishaan’s which boasts an illusion door, a statue of their favorite ghost Raka, a skeleton phone, and a great deal more, it is evident that the characters are avid horror aficionados. Especially in the first hour, K. U. Mohanan’s camerawork makes the journey the filmmakers take you on a pleasant one. How Ishaan’s Gullu breaks the fourth final to reveal upcoming events is reminiscent of the Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota school of comedy.

Star Performance

Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter are having the fun of their lives while delivering hilarious one-liners with an uber-cool attitude and Delhi’s “laundaness.” Siddhant is the louder speaker, but he never raises his voice to emphasize his point.

Another astute decision by the authors was to maintain these two people behavioral opposites, allowing them to offer the best of both worlds. Ishaan’s Gullu scaring away a ghost with the assistance of Rajinikanth’s antics, and Siddhant’s Major deciphering what a Punjabi bhootni is saying, is just one example of how even their comedic abilities differ.

If Katrina Kaif’s origin story had been well-written, it would have significantly impacted her presence and made her a vital part of the story. However, Ragini’s past is one of the primary roadblocks in the second half, preventing her from making a lasting impression.

There was so much potential if Jackie Shroff spoke in ‘tapori,’ but sadly, the writers’ peculiarities run out when it comes to Atmaram. The entire time Bhidu was on screen, the expectation that he would deliver a batsh*t wild sentence was alive, only to be dashed by the conclusion. Sheeba Chadha and Manuj Sharma’s characters are developed in the dreary second half, and they are temporarily unfunny and provide poor support.

Direction, Music

Gurmeet Singh was on the verge of directing the most flawless horror-comedy in the history of Bollywood; all he needed was a bit of emotional connection and a few effective jumps scares. The superb writing that boasts the carefree spirit of its humor abruptly transforms into a competition for forced amusement.

The tunes were also rather average. Baba Sehgal’s performance of the film’s title track, which fits the film’s plot well, came as a pleasant surprise.

Phone Bhoot Trailer


After all, is said and done, Phone Bhoot is hilarious for its humor, but it doesn’t bring anything spooky to its secondary genre. Despite its flaws, this movie is enjoyable to watch.