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Pokémon Go’s next classic Mudkip is back for Community Day! Does Pokémon Go work on a PC?

Greetings, Trainers! The 0.233.0 update for Pokémon GO is already rolling out to devices near you, and it brings with it some rather interesting changes to the game’s engine. There appears to be a significant update coming to the Mega system in Pokémon Go (at long last! ), as well as some further updates (again!) to the route builder system, a new android widget, and other new features as well.

💡 You already know the drill: everything in this article is based on data mining, and as such, it is subject to alter or maybe not be released at all depending on the circumstances. As we read through him, keep this in mind. Routes have been included in the code since 2019, so… yep, that’s the case. All of this information was made available to the public by the PokéMiners, and it is published here along with some of my own observations.

In April, gamers of Pokémon Go will be able to participate in twice as many Community Day events. Markup, a Pokémon that looks like a Mud Fish, will be featured in the second Community Day Classic event, which will take place on Sunday, April 10.

It will run for only three hours, from 2 p.m. local time to 5:15 p.m. local time (similar to April’s second Community Day event, which focuses on Pokémon Go newbie Stufful), and will be held in the same location as April’s other Community Day event.

Pokémon Go

The Community Day Classic in April provides Pokémon Go users with another opportunity to obtain a shiny Mudkip and evolve a Swampert that is proficient in the Charged Attack Hydro Cannon. It will be available to players that evolve Marshtomp into Swampert either during the event or up to two hours later who do so within that period.

In addition, the following benefits will be available during the event:

  • 3× Catch XP
  • 3-hour Incense duration
  • 3-hour Lure Module duration
  • GO Snapshot surprises

Niantic will also sell a $1 Special Research narrative as well as a Mudkip Community Day box containing 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries, one Elite Fast TM, and one Remote Raid Pass for 850 PokéCoins, all of which are available just on Mudkip Community Day.

Mudkip was the highlight of a Community Day event that took place in July of this year. Niantic, the company that created Pokémon Go, released the first Community Day Classic, which included Bulbasaur, earlier this year.

Pokémon Go Shutting Down

Niantic confirmed yesterday that the game would be formally shut down on the 31st of January of the next year via an update on the game’s official website. The game will be removed from the App Store, Google Play, and Samsung Galaxy Store on December 6, 2021, according to the company. On the 6th of December, all in-game purchases will be discontinued.

Play Pokémon Go Without Walking

Yes, this is a realistic possibility. If you are in a condition of self-imposed seclusion or are experiencing other odd circumstances that prevent you from stepping outside, you can use software to play Pokemon Go without having to walk around in circles. The use of these technologies increased in popularity, and Niantic began to soft-ban players who were discovered to be utilizing them as a result.

How to play Pokemon Go on Android without having to move around.

  • To enable developer mode on your smartphone, navigate to the settings menu and select “Developer Mode.”
  • Then, by downloading the Fake GPS GO location spoofer app from either the Google Play Store or the Android play store, you may start using it.
  • The next step is to install it on your smartphone and test it.

Play Pokémon Go on PC

Trainers who want to play Pokemon Go on a computer will have to go through two procedures. The first step is to download the Pokemon GO mobile program on your smartphone. They must first download a phone emulator, and then a GPS spoofer, which is a third-party application, in order to perform this task.

Pokémon Go

Money Pokemon Go Made

One of the most popular alternatives accessible when it comes to game titles that are offered for free-to-play (FTP) is Pokémon Go. The game is expected to produce approximately 1.92 billion United States dollars in revenue in 2020.

Is Pokemon Go Safe?

According to rather esoteric research conducted by Purdue University in 2017, Niantic’s game has resulted in at least two traffic fatalities, 31 injuries, and more than $500 million in damages as a result of its release. That statement alone should raise an eyebrow, but consider this: the exact same study went on to claim that the frightening game is actually responsible for hundreds of fatalities and injuries all across the world, according to the findings.

To be sure, that was an exaggeration, which is one of the reasons why this study did not garner as much attention as it should have (or not). It is still debatable whether or not participating in the game has resulted in any fatalities to this day. A few bumps and bruises have occurred, as well as a scraped knee and other minor injuries, but nothing that has been life-threatening.

The absence of data does not imply that the game or events for adults are inherently unsafe for children or adults, respectively. In reality, it’s the other way around: the majority of those minor injuries occurred in, shall we say, perplexing conditions – you know, like when someone with his or her head buried in phone bumps into you and then gives you the “why aren’t you paying attention to where I’m going?” look? This is significantly riskier — picture what would happen if someone were to say, for example, saw a wild Pikachu in the middle of a crowded intersection and decide to capture it? I understand that it is implausible, but sadly, it occurs more frequently than we realize.

People have stopped in the middle of a crosswalk to play the game, something I have personally witnessed. I can’t say that I blame them because the game is so addictive, which is what makes it so deadly. So, in response to the queries, the answer is no, you should not allow your children to play Pokemon Go.

Children, on the other hand, are hardly the most logical of creatures. If they do lose their cool, make sure they remain inside the house while you play the game with them. If it’s just around the home, it’s fine to be outside. Do not allow them to escape your sight, however. Is it safe to play Pokemon Go? Please continue reading. Bulbasaur, on the other hand, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Please, just get across the street already, thank you very much. As a result, Pokemon Go has suffered its first setback. Unfortunately, I have some more terrible news for you, and this time it has something to do with your digital persona, as you might have guessed.


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