Prehistoric Planet Release Date: When Will Apple Tv Air the Docuseries?


prehistoric planet release date

Prehistoric Planet, Apple TV+’s latest documentary, has been released, providing a preview of the eagerly anticipated series. The documentary, directed by Jon Favreau and Mike Gunton, and produced by the BBC Studios Natural History Unit, will be narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough.

The five-episode series, which will premiere globally on Apple TV+, choice groundbreaking, sending viewers 66 million years into the past before any indication of human life is discovered.

All About Prehistoric Planet, Apple Tv’s Latest Nature Documentary

The trailer for Apple TV+’s much-anticipated Prehistoric Planet, a five-episode docuseries that promises to explore Earth before humans arrived, has been unveiled, along with a release date.

Prehistoric Planet has used cutting-edge technology to explore the magnificent life and habitats of the inhabitants of prehistoric Earth, combining award-winning wildlife filmmaking and extensive paleontological research.

prehistoric planet release date

Prehistoric Planet, created by a world-renowned team at BBC Studios Natural History Unit with assistance from MPC’s photorealistic visual effects, aims to provide viewers with an immersive experience of the Earth 66 million years ago when dinosaurs and other such creatures roamed the planet and homo sapiens were extinct.

The documentary on Apple TV tries to study the Earth as it was in prehistoric times. The docuseries exposes little-known and exciting facts about the Cretaceous-era ecosystem, such as coasts, deserts, freshwater, ice worlds, and forests, as well as other living, breathing creatures such as dinosaurs that roamed the planet.

The trailer released by Apple TV+ emphasizes the show’s spectacular CGI even more. It provides us with magnificent views such as Sauropods exposing their neck sacks and dinosaurs populating every nook and cranny the planet has to offer. Prehistoric Planet is a must-see for all nature documentary aficionados. It is both scientifically correct and artistically beautiful.

When Will Apple Tv Air the Docuseries?

The prehistoric Planet will premiere on Apple TV+ on Monday, May 23, 2022. The five episodes will not be released all at once; one episode will be released every day on Apple TV+ from Monday, May 23 to Friday, May 27. The episodes will be released at 3 a.m. ET.

The series will only be available on the Apple streaming platform. Interested viewers must join up for Apple TV. The subscription is paid monthly, although Apple offers a 7-day free trial to individuals who sign up for the first time.

The docuseries was unveiled by Apple TV+ during its London debut, which included narrator Sir David Attenborough and principal scientific consultant Dr Darren Naish, who worked closely with the documentary team. Attenborough stated,

prehistoric planet release date

Who Was Involved in the Series?

The series is narrated by David Attenborough, who has also narrated several other natural histories and animal documentaries. Prehistoric Planet is his second dinosaur-themed series this year, following Easter’s Dinosaurs: The Final Day, which was about the Tanis fossil graveyard and the dinosaur extinction event.

Jon Favreau (The Mandalorian, The Lion King) served as an executive producer on the project, bringing his experience with developments in photorealistic CGI. Our conversation with Favreau about the series can be seen here.

Mike Gunton, a BBC Natural History Unit producer, was also an executive producer on this series. Gunton has already worked on other comparable films, including The Green Planet, Dynasties, and Planet Earth II.

To assure scientific rigor, the series’ consultants included paleontologists and scientific illustrators like Darren Naish (Primeval), Stephen Brusatte (Walking With Dinosaurs), and Gabriel Ugueto (Extinct). The score was composed by Hans Zimmer (Inception).

Is There a Trailer?

How Many Episodes Is Prehistoric Planet?

Prehistoric Planet has a total of five episodes. Each episode examines dinosaur behavior in a distinct location, such as coastal areas, deserts, freshwater environments, ice worlds, and forests.

What Do Prehistoric Planet Reviews Say?

The series was acclaimed as “a wonderful blend of science and spectacle” by NationalWorld, which praised Prehistoric Planet for both its visual stylings and its emphasis on dinosaurs as animals rather than monsters.

You Didn’t Happen to Interview Jon Favreau and Darren Naish, Did You?

Interestingly enough, we did! Steven Ross spoke with executive producer Jon Favreau and scientific advisor Darren Naish about the dinosaurs’ creation, how Prehistoric Planet preserved scientific rigour, and other topics.

When and How Can I Watch Prehistoric Planet?

Interestingly enough, we did! Steven Ross spoke with executive producer Jon Favreau and scientific advisor Darren Naish about the dinosaurs’ creation, how Prehistoric Planet preserved scientific rigour, and other topics.

When Is the Next David Attenborough Documentary Out?

Prehistoric Planet is Attenborough’s second of three major initiatives this year.

Green Planet, an Attenborough documentary that also used new and inventive filming techniques, was shown on BBC One in January.

As part of the BBC’s Centenary celebrations, Attenborough will return for Planet Earth III later this year. While no particular release date has been established, it is expected to air in or around October, when the BBC celebrates its 100th anniversary.