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Prodigal Son Season 3: Who Is Going to Star in Prodigal Son Season 3?

Prodigal Son,” which started on Fox in 2019, gives a well-worn type of TV show a new twist. In shows like “Dexter” and “Hannibal,” serial killers give police officers their thoughts on how murderers think so that they can catch more serial killers. Even though “Prodigal Son” is based on the same idea as to its predecessors, it stands out because the police officer who leads the story and the killer who helps him are father and son.

The show was popular enough that it was the only drama to debut on Fox in 2019 and then be picked up for a second season. After the first episode aired on cable TV, the show was first available to stream on Hulu and then on HBO Max (via Nerds and Beyond). FlixPatrol’s data shows that the show made it into the top 10 shows on the streaming service thanks to HBO. Even though “Prodigal Son” is in the middle of its second season, the show’s popularity could make it likely that there will be more seasons after this one. So far, here’s what we know about Season 3 of “Prodigal Son.”

When Is Prodigal Son Season 3 Going to Be Released?

The first season of “Prodigal Son” ended after 20 episodes that aired from September 2019 to April 2020. (via IMDb). The show then came back in January 2021 for its second season, which is still airing. Even though the second season of “Prodigal Son” is being made during a pandemic, it doesn’t look like the pandemic is slowing down the release of the season. Even though series star Michael Sheen got COVID-19 in early 2021, the production of the show could go on without any problems (via Deadline).

The third season of “Prodigal Son” has not yet been confirmed. Still, the fact that the show kept going even after one of its stars got sick shows that the network is still putting a lot of importance on it. If Season 2’s episode order is the same as Season 1, it should end sometime between July and August of 2021. If the renewal for a third season is confirmed, the show probably won’t come back until at least early 2022.

Prodigal Son Season 3

Who Is Going to Star in Prodigal Son Season 3?

The relationship between son Malcolm Bright and father Martin Whitley is at the heart of “Prodigal Son.” Tom Payne plays the role of Malcolm, and Michael Sheen plays the role of Martin (who once rebuffed none other than the queen of England). Given how important they are to the show, both are likely to come back if “Prodigal Son” gets a third season.

Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays NYPD lieutenant Gil Arroyo, is excited about his role as Malcolm’s surrogate father in the show. Ainsley Whitley, played by Halston Sage, is Malcolm’s sister and a key part of the family relationship that is at the heart of the show. The rest of the cast is made up of Keiko Agena as Edrisa Tanaka, who is Edrisa’s love interest, Aurora Perrineau as detective Dani Powell, and Frank Harts as detective JT Tarmel. If there aren’t any major deaths of main characters in the last few episodes of “Prodigal Son’s” second season, most or all of the main cast is likely to come back for a third season, if that happens.

What Will Be the Plot of Prodigal Son Season 3?

Malcolm and Martin’s friendship is based on the fact that Malcolm has sociopathic tendencies that are always on the verge of coming out when he talks to his serial killer father. So, Malcolm is often torn between his job as a cop at the NYPD and the darkness that lives inside him. Malcolm’s sister, Ainsley, has the same kind of sociopathy and has even been killed because of it. This main family conflict should still be at the center of the show if it gets a third season.

Most episodes of “Prodigal Son” are about individual police investigations on a smaller scale. The main storyline of the show is slowly revealed through these cases. This is probably how a possible Season 3 would go unless Malcolm gives in to all of his sociopathic tendencies along the way. Of course, since the series is defined as much by its unexpected plot twists as by its recurring structure, a third season would probably have its fair share of surprises in store for viewers as well.

Prodigal Son Season 3 Trailer

As of the last update, season 3 of Prodigal Son has been canceled, so there is no trailer for it yet. But given all the buzz and love the Series has gotten, we can hope that Season 3 will come out soon.

Prodigal Son Renewal Status

The last official update says that the show Prodigal Son has been canceled. But when we asked the show’s creators, Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver, about season 3, they gave us a small glimmer of hope. Even though the creators of Prodigal Son said they hope to release season 3 soon, they also said that they have been talking to other OTT platforms and online streaming platforms about the plan for season 3.

So, we can hope to hear news about whether or not the show will be renewed.


During its two seasons, this show has gotten a lot of attention from its viewers. Also, based on what the show’s creators have said, we can hope to find out soon if Prodigal Son season 3 will be renewed and when it will come out. So, if you haven’t seen the show yet, you should because it’s a great piece of art.

Did you watch Prodigal’s last season? Tell us what you think in the comments. Also, save this page to get regular updates and news about Season 3 of the show Prodigal.

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