Prom Pact Ending Explained: How Did Mandy and Graham Meet?


Prom Pact Ending Explained

This is a romantic comedy for teens. Many fans of The Prom Pact were left wondering what happened to the two main protagonists, LaToya and Ben.

Ben struggles with his affection for LaToya throughout the film, and their relationship is full of ups and downs. As the film draws to a close, many viewers are left wondering whether the protagonists will end up together.

In this essay, we will examine the potential outcomes of LaToya and Ben’s relationship, as well as the complexities of their journey during the Prom Pact.

Prom Pact Ending Explained

Mandy Yang and her best friend Ben Plunkett are outcasts by choice at their high school. While Mandy dreams of attending Harvard and working with her hero, Dr. Ingrid Downs, a two-time Nobel Prize winner, and Harvard graduate, Ben desires the regular high school life that he feels is passing him by.

Mandy’s world comes crashing down when she is waitlisted for Harvard, but Ben encourages her to come up with a plan to achieve her goals.

Mandy decides to befriend the most popular jock and basketball team captain at the school, Graham Lansing, whose father is a senator and a Harvard alumnus.

The school counselor advises Mandy to get in with Mr. Lansing and get him to write a letter of recommendation. Mandy begins tutoring Graham to become his friend, all in order to get his father to help her.

Prom Pact Ending Explained

As Mandy works to befriend Graham, she begins to fall for him, causing her commitment to her best friend to falter. Meanwhile, Ben goes on a few dates with his dream girl, LaToya Reynolds, but a misunderstanding leaves Mandy heartbroken.

Ben leaves LaToya sitting at the restaurant to go pick up and help Mandy, but Mandy forgets her prom pact with Ben again, causing him to lash out at her and distance himself.

As Mandy’s efforts to befriend Graham become known, she becomes a laughingstock and all alone. She realizes her mistakes and makes up for them, mending her friendship with Ben and helping him with LaToya.

In her graduation speech, she acknowledges Graham’s help and role in making her last semester such a great time. She also receives great news and heads off to Harvard with confidence but in a bittersweet way.

The story ends with Mandy in Harvard, Boston, where she reunites with her high school love and reignites the flame.

Will LaZToya and Ben Get Together?

Milo Manheim as Ben Plunkett and Monique Green as LaToya Reynolds. Ben Plunkett is head over heels for LaToya Reynolds, but her popularity intimidates him, causing him to act even more awkward and goofy around her.

However, his offbeat and genuine charms end up winning her heart. When Mandy cancels their film night, Ben bumps into LaToya outside the theatre and nervously asks her to join him.

Though he misses his chance to take her out for waffles, Mandy later helps him ask LaToya out on a dinner date at Olive Garden for his birthday.

Prom Pact Ending Explained

When Mandy is heartbroken due to a misunderstanding with Graham, Ben rushes to her side, leaving LaToya feeling upset and rejected.

He apologizes profusely and convinces her to give him another chance, and she agrees but asks him to go to prom with her. Ben explains that he’s already going with Mandy, which makes LaToya even more upset, and she seems out of his reach forever.

However, on prom night, LaToya is crowned prom queen, and, to Ben’s surprise, he is crowned prom king. Realizing that he doesn’t want to miss out on his high school experience, Ben decides to make the most of the moment and announces that he’s going to kiss the prom queen.

LaToya welcomes his advances, and they begin dating, ending Prom Pact as the happiest couple at North Seattle High.

How Did Mandy and Graham Meet?

At the start of Prom Pact, Mandy is looking forward to going to Harvard, which is her dream school and the only place she wants to go. But she is sad when she is put on a waiting list.

Ben and Ms. Chen, the school counselor, tell her to keep trying to get into Harvard. Mandy decides to ask Senator Lansing, who went to Harvard, for a letter of recommendation.

Graham Lansing, the captain of the popular basketball team at North Seattle High, is the son of Senator Lansing. Mandy thinks that Graham Lansing is a “Neanderthal.”

Even so, Mandy is able to persuade Graham to let her help him with AP Psychology and the two of them start to have a surprising connection. But Mandy doesn’t lose sight of her goal, which is to get into Harvard.

Prom Pact Ending Explained

Mandy meets Graham’s mother and learns more about his family, including the fact that his father doesn’t value his accomplishments.

She goes to a party with Senator Lansing to raise money, but she decides not to ask him for help with her Harvard application.

Instead, she wants to show Graham’s father what a great son he has. But when she hears Graham’s brothers making fun of him for spending time with another girl, she confronts him, which makes their relationship tense.

Things reach a head when Ben says that Mandy only befriended Graham to get to his dad and other students record their fight. When Graham sees the video, he and Mandy break up.

At the graduation ceremony, Mandy tells Graham she’s sorry and gives him back the letter of recommendation. During her speech, she also talks about how much he meant to her.

It makes her feel sad to say goodbye to Ben and Graham. Mandy and Graham run into each other again at Harvard before the film ends. Graham tells Mandy that he is taking a gap year to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Before Graham can finish his sentence, Mandy kisses him, and they make up.

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