Queen of the South Season 6: Will Netflix Pick Up Queen of the South Season 6?


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Queen of the South Season 6

Queen of the South Season 6 of the American crime thriller QUEEN OF THE SOUTH is highly awaited by fans. They are brimming with inquiries and eager to hear more about the next season.

QUEEN OF THE SOUTH is an American crime drama film released in 2016. MA Fortin and JJ Miller invented it. It is only available to residents of the United States and on the USA Network. Outside of the United States, Netflix is responsible for modifying and airing the series.

The series is based on the novel La Reina del Sur by Arturo Pérez-novel. Additionally, officials have renewed the series four times. On August 29, 2019, the fifth season was renewed. The fifth season was delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, which interrupted production.

In March 2020, production was paused but restarted in the fall. However, it was reported that the show’s fifth season will premiere on April 7, 2021, and would be its final.

The last season of the show will premiere on June 9, 2021, after five seasons and 62 episodes. Thus, after five seasons, supporters question whether there will be a sixth. Is the BBC planning to renew the show for a sixth season? Here is some information about QUEEN OF THE SOUTH’s sixth season.

Queen of the South Season 6
Queen of the South Season 6

Will Queen of the South Be Back for Season 6 of the Show?

The show made its debut in 2016. There are 62 episodes in total, except the fifth season. The season will consist of ten episodes. In 2020, a pandemic halted production. It made its premiere on April 7th. Later in the season, it was confirmed that the series would conclude with the fifth. On June 9, the finale aired.

An impoverished Mexican woman falls in love with a member of a drug gang and attempts to change her lot in life. However, she hears of her boyfriend’s death and is forced to flee. She enters the United States. She then partners up with an ex-lover to assassinate the boss of a rival drug cartel. She eventually establishes her cartel and achieves fortune and freedom from poverty. However, new concerns occur.

Queen of the South Season 6: Release Date

Following the resurrection of season five of the series, the collection encountered various production issues due to the pandemic that caused the majority of the issues.

According to Deadline and cast members, the capture was previously delayed for several months due to unforeseen circumstances. It was already announced that the fifth season of this show would premiere on April 7. Enthusiasts are now debating and deciding whether or not to cancel Queen of the South: Season six.

Deadline published the government’s findings to the collection’s producers, specifically Dailyn Rodriguez and David Friendly. They said that the final season of Queen of the South should be filmed in New Orleans. The series was begun in Mexico City and continued in locales such as Malta and Columbia. Representing the final key season of the fifth season. The creators had shown their joy with zeal.

According to Deadline members and cast members’ reviews, the group Queen of the South series demonstrated that the fifth season would be the series’ final season.

Thanking the entire crew for their difficult and effective work, the exhibit’s government creators told Deadline that they were proud of the group and crew for working cooperatively on this trip till season 5.

Queen of the South Season 6
Queen of the South Season 6

Expected  Cast of Queen of the South Season 6

  • Nick Sagar will play the role of Alonzo Loya
  • Peter Gadiot will play the role of James Valdez
  • Hemky Madera will play the role of Pote Galvez
  • Yancey Arias will play the role of Alberto Cortez
  • Gerardo Taracena will play the role of Cesar “Batman” Guemes
  • Alfonso Herrera will play the role of Javier Jimenez
  • Molly Burnett will play the role of Kelly Anne Van Awken
  • Jon-Michael Ecker will play the role of Raymundo “Güero” Davila
  • Alice Braga will play the role of Teresa Mendoza
  • Idalia Valles will play the role of Isabela Vargas
  • Justina Machado will play the role of Brenda Parra
  • David Andrews will play the role of Judge Cecil Lafayette
  • Veronica Falcón will play the role of Doña Camila Vargas
  • Joaquim de Almeida will play the role of Don Epifanio Vargas
Queen of the South Season 6
Queen of the South Season 6

Queen of the South Season 6: Plot

It was adored by Queen of the South fans. As one of the most popular series, it is deserving of a triumphant return. This smash-hit show was produced by MA Fortin and Joshua Miller.

Alice Braga portrays Teresa Mandoza in the tale. Without a doubt, she was a nasty lady. She is a prominent drug mafia figure with ties to other drug mafia.

It never ceases to astound the audience with unexpected twists and turns. The show chronicles the life of a Mexican woman. It then depicts her expanding her vast drug operation to collect riches. Mendoza Teresa is a Sinaloa native. She gradually develops feelings for a drug lord. Additionally, it illustrates her fight to get above poverty.

When she discovers her boyfriend’s murder, she is compelled to run. She enters America. She rents a room here with a long-time acquaintance. Her journey begins here. She allies with the druggist standing behind her. Meanwhile, she accumulates wealth. However, this creates additional complications in her life.

Teresa’s quest to establish a drug republic has captivated and amused audiences for four seasons. Numerous scenes and tales demonstrate the length of time spent in the locales. Apart from the romantic subplot, newer twists and turns keep viewers engaged and happy.

The plot is based on the same-titled Spanish novel. No one has divulged the plot for The Queen of the South Season 6, nor has it been officially released.

Queen of the South Season 6 Trailer

What Can We Expect From Queen of the South Season 6?

The story centers on TERESA MENDOSA, a Drug Queen whose partner was assassinated. She is now a Drug Queen with her drug gang empire. Until Season 4, the public was intrigued by her desire to become a Drug Queen, but her devoted followers now crave more information about her activities.

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To avoid spoilers, we know that season 6 will focus on Teresa Mendoza, but we have no more details. She was revealed to be alive in season 5, which sparked the interest of viewers eager to learn more about her background.

Queen of the South Season 6
Queen of the South Season 6

Will Netflix Pick Up Queen of the South Season 6?

Why Queen of the South will not return for season 6

Following the conclusion of season 4 in August 2019, Queen of the South was swiftly renewed for a fifth season, but in March 2021, the show’s final season was announced.

What Are the Chairman’s Thoughts on Queen of the South Season 6?

Queen of the South “broke new ground for the genre,” Entertainment Networks chairperson Frances Berwick said in a statement to Deadline. “We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this great team of writers, cast, and crew.” This concludes the final chapter. We’re looking forward to a fantastic season finale that provides our fans with the resolution they deserve.


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