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Rafael Nadal is tired of the circus over Djokovic’s visa cancellation

In an interview with CNN on Saturday, the 35-year-old, who is in Melbourne ahead of next week’s Australian Open, described how frustrated he was with Novak Djokovic’s back-and-forth Visa Saga match, describing it. “Circus.”

Djokovic was detained by Australian border officials on Saturday morning following a court order that ended on Friday after Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawk revoked his visa for a second time.

Before facing a federal court hearing on Sunday morning according to Australian time, the men are the world number one, in a last ditch effort to overturn the verdict. 1 will now spend Saturday night in pre-immigration detention.

Justifying his decision to cancel the tennis champion’s visa, Immigration Minister Hawk said Djokovic’s presence in Australia could lead to “increased anti-vaccine sentiment” or “domestic unrest”.

“I’m a circus performer from the outside. But, like I said, I’m a little tired of this thing,” Nadal told CNN. “I think it’s gone too far. My congratulations to Novak. That’s all, I love playing tennis.”

The former world No. 1 wants to add to his list of 20 majors – the record he shared with Roger Federer and Djokovic when the tournament starts next week. Nadal confirmed that he has not seen or spoken to Djokovic in recent days.

When asked about the impact of Djokovic’s vaccine skepticism on the public, who regard the world’s No. 1 as a role model, Nadal said while respecting his competitor, “those who are in a position to create or obtain should be held accountable for harming others.”

“I respect him as a person. Of course, as an athlete I’re a lot. Even if I do not agree with the way he thinks about how to continue this epidemic,” Nadal said. “I really believe in the vaccine … there will be some repercussions when you make your decisions … we did a lot of things together. I think things are positive for our game, and I congratulate him well,” Nadal said.

“What we face around the world is more important than tennis and tennis players … Millions of people have already died and many families have been experiencing the effects of this terrible (epidemic) for almost two years,” he added.

Nadal, returning from a foot injury, said the Australian Open would be “better with or without Novak Djokovic” and that there was nothing in the history of the game other than the game.

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