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Reigning champion Osaka out but not out of Australian Open | Australian Open 2022

In the past months and years, a third-round Grand Slam defeat may have been delivered to an undeclared opponent. Naomi Osaka The reason for the intense buzz. She may have been tormented by every headline, and carried every feedback to her next game.

On Friday, after American Amanda Anisimova, she will remove Instagram and Twitter from her phone and “will not download it again for a few weeks”. Something has changed for Osaka since he left the French Open last year to prioritize his mental health, move away from Wimbledon and then make no more decisions around his life for several months.

Not liking press conferences, the four-time Japanese champion sat down for 15 minutes and spoke in detail and philosophically. Australian Open Round Now over is the topic defense and his new approach to such challenges.

After the 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (5) defeat, Osaka said, “I fought for every point and can not regret it. “You know, I’m not God, I can not win every match. So I have to take it into account and know that it would be nice to win the tournament, but it’s so special, and I can not imagine trying to win the Grand Slam every time at the beginning of the year.

“I feel very developed in this competition. I think I had a completely different approach to the last game I played in New York. That’s what she lost to Canadian teenager Leila Fernandez in the third round at the US Open. He left Osaka in tears And announced his retirement from tennis.

“I can say for sure that I am proud of myself for this [change], Although I have not felt it for a short time – it felt like it was ages ago, “Osaka said.” Even if I lose, I think this is the biggest step for me. I think I was very focused on the whole match and I had no qualms. So it’s very good. Hope the season continues, I can continue this and do even better.

The 24-year-old Osaka was already happy to be back in 2022, and could have made it back to the top five in the first Grand Slam of the year – the toughest courts he has ever admired – as the swing board of the world’s 14th proverb. Accustomed too much to live. These days, she “doesn’t care too much about my rankings”, and meditation and having a journal helped her further manage her goals.

They will not include facing the Ash Party in the fourth round on Sunday, so the two women singles favorites expected for the match are scheduled to play the third round matches on Friday simultaneously on different courts.

Tension was compelling, but the party held Camila Giorgi, a 30th-ranked player at Rod Laver, 6-2, 6-3 in the set, and Osaka dropped out of the second set at Margaret Court. Third is the training to take on the attitude of success and achievement while undergoing emotional states. In the end, he pushed two match points into the net and bent over the first 10 points to decide the tie-break, joining the small pile of seeds for the women who were already on the cutting-room floor in this match.

His competition was fierce – Anisimova was the athlete who dismantled Olympic champion Belinda Bencik. The biggest strength of the 20-year-old is his precise wide-ranging service, which opened with a devastating impact on the court and his opponent. He changed the match point with his 11th card and fell in love twice in the final set.

Overall, Osaka beat her only once in the first game. It was actually a cheat opening because the next break after that did not come until the second set and was caused by an unexpected party. Anisimova was overflowing with sadness, with an elegant disguised backhand drop shot, as she took a 3-1 lead.

Amanda Anisimova abandons her fraud in despair after her victory over Naomi Osaka.
Amanda Anisimova abandons her fraud in despair after her victory over Naomi Osaka. Photo: James Corley / Shutterstock

“I thought she was commanding a little more at rallies, which is a new feeling for me,” Osaka said. “Of course, I’m never played with her before, so I do not know the speed of her ball, but it’s definitely a little difficult to be on my back foot at most rallies.”

The match lasted a long time, Anisimova became brave, and Osaka stumbled. The first serve turned out to be a problem, the second serve was eagerly sent back, and he worked long hours to maintain his position against the victors’ attack, ending at 21 for 46. Once he advanced to 5-4 in the third set. She missed those two match points on Anisimova’s serve, whose match that was. Overall, the fight was very intense because it matched equally. Not defeated by Osaka, but won by Anisimova.

“When I go to this match, I know I have to play sharply if you want to give me a chance,” Anisimova said. “Naomi will always play well… she’s an absolute champion தெரியும் I know I have to accelerate my game and be aggressive, I think that’s what I did in the second set. Honestly, I am so thankful that I played better today and got this win. That means a lot. “

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