Resident Evil Village New Update: Cracked Version of Resident Evil Village


Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village: Since the initial game, Chris Redfield has been the main protagonist in multiple Resident Evil Village films. In the game trailer for Resident Evil Village, he kills Mia and abducts Rosemary, much to the surprise of longtime fans of the series.

Independent Cracker released a pirated version of the game in July 2021, removing Denuvo from Capcom’s digital rights management (DRM) software.

Similar to how Capcom added additional DRM to the software for Devil May Cry 5 on Windows, Capcom’s official update removed Denuva and its DRM, resulting in a significant performance boost.

Capcom announced on Twitter that a performance fix for Resident Evil Villages will become available on August 10. The update targets PC Steam users who observed that the FSR continued to function after its deployment.

Cracked Version of Resident Evil Village

After tests revealed that a cracked version of the game was still using the original DRM, Capcom released a new performance patch designed to increase FPS in other ways. On August 20, the second Village Performance Patch will be released on Steam.

Capcom later confirmed that occasional crashes of the animation fluid, which are inconsistent and occur on screens not present in the illegal DRM versions of the eight parts, prompted discussions about the potential performance impact of the DRM solution.

Capcom has promised to update the PC version of the game to address the concerns of PC gamers who are getting better at the game before resorting to piracy, once it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Denuvo DRM was responsible for the consistent stuttering and performance issues.

On August 20, a patch was released for the game in the hopes that it would make it more playable.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Patch Released

Another patch was released to fix DRM-related issues. This was not the result of fans cracking the game, but rather of them fixing the stuttering issues in the PC version themselves.

The initial performance patch reduced stuttering due to the game’s “anti-piracy standards” and supported AMD’s FSR upscaling technology, so if you’re still experiencing issues with the upcoming performance patch, you can always do better.

According to the official Twitter account, the patch will concentrate on resolving issues in which certain CPUs cannot start after the graphical process has been refined.

It follows a wave of the controversy caused by the cracked version of the game running on the official Steam version.

While the update addresses DRM-related performance concerns, Eurogamer observed that frame rates could drop from 100 fps to 30 fps in certain sequences, making Resident Evil Village’s console version the worst.

The target of this update is the Steam version of the game. FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) is a rendering technique meant to improve frame rate and overall visual quality.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village New Update

This update, similar to previous versions, adds support for AMD’s FSR upscaling technology to eliminate stuttering in games’ anti-piracy efforts.

Following the update, Capcom confirmed that Fidelityfx Super Resolution (FSR) and AMD support will result in a higher frame rate than the Steam and PS4 versions.

There are not many details yet (more on that in the official patch notes), but it will fix difficulties with certain CPUs at launch and the graphical retouching of the games to the greatest extent possible.

The previous Resident Evil Village update enhanced performance owing to AMD FidelityFX and Super Resolution support, but it’s disheartening to see that this update offers little to make the PC version one of the greatest experiences.

After a July update and a second update to the somewhat clunky PC port of his Survival horror adventure Resident Evil: Village, it is hoped that additional fine-tuning of Ethan Winter’s trials and tribulations will provide PC players with a better, more fluid experience than they have had thus far.