Rick and Morty Season 6 Release Date: Is There Gonna Be a Season 6 Rick and Morty?


rick and morty season 6

Rick and Morty chronicle the bizarre adventures of alcoholic scientist Rick Sanchez and his nephew Morty Smith, which frequently take place in alternative realms with alternate versions of the protagonists.

While fans wait patiently for season 6, they can rejoice in the fact that Rick and Morty will continue for several seasons beyond that, with Adult Swim acquiring 70 (!) further episodes in 2018, which the show is presently working on through.

This order easily extends into a sixth season, ensuring another instalment of interdimensional shenanigans, sloppy dancing skills, and the occasional emotional gut blow.

Speaking of which, season 5’s dramatic two-part conclusion, Forgetting Sarick Mortshall and Rickmurai Jack, left viewers reeling when it featured the break-up of Rick and Morty, followed by the return of Evil Morty, who proceeded to breach both Rick’s metaphorical and actual protective bubble. Though Rick and Morty’s dynamic isn’t always healthy, the two are inextricably linked.

Rick and Morty have also mocked their comeback with a new Instagram post, which contains a clip from the season 5 opener, in which Morty crashes to Earth following another disastrous journey. It answers the question “will season 6 ever be released?” with a simple “yes,” but cheekily declines to share an official air date.

Therefore, gather your Plumbus and portal gun — here is all you need to know about Rick and Morty season 6.

rick and morty season 6

Rick and Morty Season 6 Cast

One thing we can pretty well affirm is the cast, as co-creator Justin Roiland kindly voices half of the characters, including the titular Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith.

We anticipate the return of the Smith family’s other primary voice cast members, including Chris Parnell as Morty’s father Jerry, Spencer Grammer as sister Summer, and Sarah Chalke as mother Beth, as well as her clone counterpart Space Beth.

Rick and Morty also have their share of memorable recurrent characters, thus Kari Wahlgren as Jessica, Keith David as the President of the United States, and Harmon as Birdperson are all likely to return.

As is customary, season 6 will almost certainly feature another round of stunning celebrity guest stars — stay tuned for updates closer to the release date.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Spoilers

We’re still a long way from hearing any specific story information or season 6 spoilers, and the show’s episodic nature makes it tough to predict.

Despite the show’s loose adherence to continuity, there are a few dangling plot strands that the show is focused on pursuing, most notably the Birdperson subplot that has been ongoing since season one. Birdperson was last seen in season 5 when Rick resurrected him and revealed he had a secret daughter, who would presumably make another appearance later in the series.

Fans were reintroduced to Evil Morty in season 5’s two-part conclusion, who had been AWOL from the programme since season 3. Morty was able to go to other sections of the multiverse where Rick was no longer in control after breaching the Central Finite Curve.

The climax closed with Evil Morty revealing a new realm and leaping into a yellow portal, believed to represent his independence from Rick – leaving viewers to speculate about whether we’ll ever see him again. Additionally, fans may anticipate additional universes being explored in season 6.

Meanwhile, The Vindicators, a superhero team parody, is getting a spin-off, which might lead to a crossover in season 6 or beyond.

rick and morty season 6

Rick and Morty Season 6 Release Date Rumours

Summer 2022 is an optimistic release date for Rick and Morty season 6.

To the dismay of fans, Rick and Morty have a notoriously unpredictable release schedule, with a two-year hiatus between the long-awaited third season and the follow-up.

However, after creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland signed a landmark 70-episode agreement with Adult Swim, Roiland stated that there would be no more large gaps between seasons now that they could schedule their time around the programme.

Indeed, season 5 arrived almost a year after the fourth instalment, and Harmon stated in July 2020 that writing had begun on season 6 – and by August 2021, writer Cody Ziglar implied in a tweet that the writers’ room had concluded on season seven.

With the scripts completed and the show now generating episodes on a rolling basis, Rick and Morty may transition to a more consistent annual schedule, with the season 6 debut scheduled for summer 2022.

After all, this is Rick and Morty, so don’t rule out a more experimental release strategy — the season 3 opener famously aired without warning on April Fool’s Day, and Roiland has previously indicated a wish to release episodes monthly to minimise season gaps.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Trailer

Expect no trailer for season 6 until later in 2022, as finished footage is rarely released until a few months before the show’s premiere.

We saw an early animatic for the season 5 opener more than a year before the show aired – but we’re hoping it won’t be quite as long between the trailer and the season’s release this time. The Adult Swim Festival, which often takes place in November, is our best hope for our first peek at season 6.

How Many Episodes are in Rick and Morty Season 6?

Given that both seasons 4 and 5 consisted of ten episodes, we may conclude that season 6 will similarly feature ten adventures. They may air in two parts, similar to how season 4 was divided into two blocks of five episodes.

This would correspond to the show’s 70-episode order, with ten episodes per season taking us to season ten.

Harmon has previously voiced a desire for seasons to contain more than ten episodes, thus it remains to be seen whether the seventh instalment will exceed the episode count for the first time since season one’s 11 instalments.

Is There Gonna Be a Season 6 Rick and Morty?

Dan Harmon, the show’s co-creator, stated in May 2020 that they had already begun writing the script for Rick and Morty Season 6. As a result, we may anticipate the debut of Season 6 of the anime in summer 2022.