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Ricky Martin Net Worth: Here’s What’s Going on With Ricky Martin & That Restraining Order!!

Ricky Martin is a pop singer, actor, and author from Puerto Rico who is worth $130 million. Ricky Martin is known as the “King of Latin Pop” because of his long and successful career. He is one of the most popular Latin artists because he has sold more than 70 million records all over the world. Latin pop became a big part of US music culture because of Martin’s work in the late 1990s. Martin has had a lot of success in his life outside of acting.

Early Years

Enrique Martin Morales was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on December 24, 1971. His father was a psychologist, and he grew up with four brothers and one sister in a Roman Catholic family. Enrique was only two years old when his parents split up. His love of singing started young, and by the time he was six, he was singing along to both English and Spanish pop songs that he liked. Enrique’s grandmother was a poet, and he got the idea to write his songs from her.

Personal Life

Ricky Martin gave birth to twin boys through a surrogate mother in the year 2008. Ricky Martin was in a relationship with Rebecca de Alba, a Mexican TV host, for more than a decade. In 2010, he told the public that he was gay. He later said that he likes both men and women, but only wants to be with men in a romantic way. After going out with Jwan Yosef for a while in 2016, they got married and had two kids together.


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Solo Singing Career

Ricky Martin was his first album with Sony, and it was the start of his stylized stage name. The album did well, so the band went on a tour of Latin America. On his second studio album, Me Amaras, he worked with Juan Carlos Calderon. Martin moved to Los Angeles in 1994 so that he could be on shows like “Getting By” and “General Hospital.”

Martin gave his music career a new start in 1995 and tried mixing pop and traditional Latin sounds. His third album, A Medio Vivir, had the hit song “Maria,” which showed how Latin music was changing. It went on to sell more than 3 million copies around the world. In 1996, he was in a show on Broadway called Les Miserables.

Vuelve, his fourth album, came out in 1998. It was certified platinum and sold more than 8 million copies around the world. That same year, he also wrote a song for the FIFA World Cup and performed at the finals, bringing the whole world’s attention to Latin pop. Ricky Martin won a Grammy for this album after it came out.

Martin’s career took a big step forward in 1999 when he started performing in English for the first time. Later that year, his self-titled album came out. It had the hit song “Livin’ La Vida Loca” on it. The album also had a song by Madonna. Today, “Livin’ La Vida Loca” is seen as the song that got English-speaking people interested in Latin pop again. Many people think that Ricky Martin opened the door for artists like Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and Shakira with this one song. The album from 1999 went on to sell 15 million copies all over the world, making it 7 times platinum.

In 2000, he came out with the album Sound Loaded, which had the hit song “She Bangs” on it. Later, the album sold more than 8 million copies, making it a “double platinum” album. Martin put out an album of his greatest hits called La Historia in 2001. In 2003, he made a Spanish album called Almas del Silencio. This was a return to his Latin roots. Then, in 2005, he released the album Life, which was aimed at people who spoke English.

MTV Unplugged was his first live album, which came out in 2006. Then he set out on a big trip around the world. The hard-working singer took a three-year break in 2007 to spend more time with his family. Ricky Martin came back in 2010 with an autobiography called “Me” and a new single with Natalia Jimenez called “Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Es Tu.” He put out another album in 2011 called Musica + Alma + Sexo. The dance hit “Mas” was on this album.

Ricky Martin was on the TV shows “Glee” and “The Voice Australia” in 2012. After going on tour for a while, he went on The Voice Mexico in 2014 and toured Mexico afterward. From that point on, he kept showing up on different episodes of The Voice. He put out the album A Quien Quiera Escuchar in 2015. Martin went on to win another Grammy Award for the album. Martin was nominated for an Emmy for the first time in 2018 for his role in American Crime Story, which was a big deal. Martin told people in 2020 that he was making a new album.


Ricky Martin is a pop singer, actor, and author from Puerto Rico who is worth $130 million.

Here’s What’s Going on With Ricky Martin & That Restraining Order

Under Puerto Rico’s law on domestic violence, a restraining order was filed against Ricky Martin on July 2.

According to the Associated Press, “the order says Martin can’t talk to or call the person who filed it, and a judge will decide at a later hearing whether the order should stay in place or be lifted.” He also said that most orders are carried out for at least one month. The petitioner’s name is being kept a secret, which is a shame.

Martin talked about the restraining order on social media the next day, on July 3, which was Sunday. The singer sent out a tweet:

“The protection order against me is based on completely false claims, so I will respond in court with the facts and the dignity that define me.”

Martin went on:

“Because the case is still in court, I can’t say much about it right now. I’m thankful for all the messages of support, which I read with all my heart.

Just a few days ago, on June 29, the Puerto Rican superstar was sued for $3 million by his former manager, Rebecca Drucker, over “unpaid commissions.”

In her filing, Drucker mentioned an incident from September 2020 in which Martin was allegedly threatened with a “possibly career-ending allegation.” Drucker says that because of her advice, Martin was able to “come out of that situation unscathed and keep moving forward in his career.”

At the moment, there is no direct link between the claim Drucker made in her filing and the restraining order that was taken out against Martin in Puerto Rico. But it was clear that both of these things happened in Martin’s life very quickly apart from each other.

Before these court documents were filed, Martin had been using social media to promote his upcoming EP, Play, which will be a follow-up to his 2020 EP, Pausa.

But since Martin’s lawsuit and restraining order became public, he has mostly stopped using social media. Based on what he said in his tweet, it seems like the singer will only talk about these things in court, not in public.

Ricky Martin Awards and Achievements

Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop or Urban Album
2016, 1999 · A Quien Quiera Escuchar, Vuelve
MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video
1999 · Livin’ la Vida Loca
MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video
1999 · Livin’ la Vida Loca
Billboard Music Award for Top Male Artist
Latin Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video
2001 · She Bangs
Lo Nuestro Award for Video of the Year
2016 · La Mordidita
Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year
Latin Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Pop Vocal Album
2020 · Pausa
Latin Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video
2007 · MTV Unplugged
Echo Award for Best International Rock/Pop Male Artist
2000 · Ricky Martin
People’s Choice Award for Favorite Male Artist
World Music Award for World’s Best Selling Pop Male Artist
2001, 2000
Mnet Asian Music Award for Best International Artist
1999 · Livin’ la Vida Loca
Lo Nuestro Award for Pop Song of the Year
2016 · Disparo al Corazón
Latin Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Album
2007 · MTV Unplugged
American Music Award for Favorite Artist Latin
2003, 2000
MTV Europe Music Award for Best Male
GLAAD Media Vito Russo Award
Lo Nuestro Award for Pop Album of the Year
2016 · A Quien Quiera Escuchar
ALMA Award for Outstanding Music Video Performers
2000 · Livin’ la Vida Loca
Premio Juventud for The Super Tour – Music
2016 · One World Tour
Premio Juventud for Change Agent
World Music Award for World’s Best Selling Latin Male Artist
2001, 2000
International Viewer’s Choice Award for MTV Latin America
1999 · Livin’ la Vida Loca
Ondas Award for Music: Best New Latino Performer or Group
ALMA National Council of La Raza Vanguard Award
GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Music Artist (Spanish Language)
2016 · A Quien Quiera Escuchar
World Music Award – Latin Legend Award
International Viewer’s Choice Award for MTV Russia
1999 · Livin’ la Vida Loca
Billboard Music Award for Hot 100 Singles Male Artist of the Year
ALMA Award for Male Entertainer of the Year

Who Is Ricky Martin Dating Now?

Ricky Martin has four kids already, and he wants to have more with Jwan. Ricky had twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, in 2008. He was a single parent at the time. After he and Jwan got married, they had a daughter, Lucia, in December 2018. Then, in October 2019, they had a son, Renn.

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