Sanditon Season 2 Finale Review: Did Alison and Captain Fraser Get Together?


sanditon season 2 finale review

After Sanditon’s cliffhanger ending for the season 2 finale, Charlotte Heywood’s love life is in shambles once again.

Charlotte and Alexander Colbourne, Sanditon’s resident Mr. Darcy, who engaged her as a governess at the start of the season, had crossed wires by the conclusion of the second season.

It seems that she’s now on the rebound, engaged to an old high school crush who lives near to where she grew up.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sanditon’s second-season finale, so read on!

Did Alison and Captain Fraser Get Together?

Eventually, Alison and Captain Fraser finally declared their affections for one other in the last moments of the Sanditon season 2 finale.

After Alison initially fell for Captain Carter, the couple’s journey to happiness was a rough one.

When Carter lied about his heroics in battle in Sanditon season 2, episode 4, Alison learned the hard way that he was passing off Captain Fraser’s war stories—and love poems—as his own.

Alison and Captain Fraser, who had been secretly in love from afar, finally had the courage to tell each other their feelings when the regiment was set to go to India.

She originally feared she had missed Captain Fraser forever while running to the troops’ camp, only to find him waiting at Tom Parker’s apartment, having resigned.

sanditon season 2 finale review

Who Was Charles Lockhart in Sanditon?

Georgiana Lamb, like Charlotte, had a love disappointment in the season finale when Charles Lockhart proved to be a charlatan.

A letter written by Sidney Parker soon before his death, warning his brother Tom about a racist relative of Georgiana’s who planned to steal her inheritance, was discovered just before Georgiana and Lockhart went off for their honeymoon.

Who is this dude we’re talking about? Lockhart’s deceit was uncovered barely in time, thanks to Charles Lockhart.

Did Esther Die of Poisoning in Sanditon?

Esther Babbington was poisoned by her step-brother Edward Denham for the majority of this season, but Clara Brereton, Edward’s betrothed, finally discovered the conspiracy.

Edward had poisoned his sister’s medicine and stolen her husband’s letters, and Clara had changed her mind, confessing to Esther and Lady Denham that he had done so.

After Edward’s fall from grace, Clara was allowed to dwell in a cottage owned by Lady Denham. Instead of bringing her young boy along, she decided to leave him in the care of Esther instead.

What Happened Between Charlotte and Mr. Colbourne in Sanditon?

It was a bittersweet finale to the season, as the show’s key pair was shattered by crossed wires and muddled signals.

Colonel Lennox got inside Alexander Colbourne’s head and brought up memories of Colbourne’s late wife Lucy, which set off a chain reaction of events (who died by suicide after having an affair with Lennox and bearing his child).

With the threat of “failing” Charlotte and making her miserable, Lennox taunted his adversary.

Before firing Charlotte, Colbourne told her that their kiss was a mistake and that they should never have had it in the first place.

Later in the episode, he realized his error in judgment, but a broken-hearted Charlotte assured him that they had made the correct choice in parting ways.

This season’s episode finished with Charlotte engaged to a new man (the one who drew her to Sanditon earlier in the season), while Colbourne had left town for a “change.”

Are Alexander Colbourne’s last-minute confession and a jilted groom going to feature in the third season?

sanditon season 2 finale review

Season 2 Finale Recap: Three Breakups and a Wedding – Grade It!

Liars were revealed and two romances came to an abrupt end on Sanditon‘s explosive Season 2 conclusion Sunday night on PBS.

The moment of truth came for artist Charles Lockhart when Sidney’s luggage arrived from Antigua bearing a note that warned Tom and Arthur about the portraitist and his desire to take Georgiana’s considerable fortune. Tom, Mary and Arthur showed up to the Hankins’ home just in time to stop Georgiana from fleeing away and marrying the impostor, and the dreamy young woman was once again disabused of her naive confidence in romance.

Georgiana not only broke up with Charles at the moment but also paraphrased his reasoning from the suit he filed against her late father’s inheritance, where he questioned her paternity and declared he was more deserving of his uncle’s money than her. (Ugh. Wouldn’t that mean he and Georgiana are cousins?) Charles originally refused to go and called Sanditon and its citizens “preposterous.

During Arthur’s response, the town’s other residents might be ludicrous, but at least they were sincere and honest about it. Fortunately, Sidney’s correspondence revealed that Georgiana’s mother had been searching for her daughter and might still be alive.

At the pre-wedding breakfast at Lady Denham’s stately mansion, Clara broke Esther’s wine glass and confessed that Edward, her fiancé, had been poisoning his unaware stepsister. Clara confessed to stealing and hiding Lord Babington’s letters to his wife Esther, and Clara went on to ask for forgiveness from Lord Babington himself.

As a result, Clara and Edward had to call off their wedding. Because she felt Clara was just as much of a victim as she was of Edward’s cruel methods, Lady Denham was surprised when Esther forgave her. This could explain why Clara abandoned her son George in Esther’s care at the end of the episode and fled.

sanditon season 2 finale review

Charlotte and Alexander had their final and most heartbreaking breakup. He couldn’t get enough of her at first and continued kissing her and holding her hand until she gave in to his advances. As a result of his conversation with Colonel Lennox, Alexander fell victim to self-defeating uncertainty and subsequently fired Charlotte as the governess of his little charges.

A furious and weeping Charlotte said it was never about the money and walked off. He offered her six months’ income as a consolation. When Augusta saw Charlotte go, she begged her uncle to bring Charlotte back because she had been so good to her and Leo, as well as making Alexander a better man.’

Despite Alexander’s efforts to track down Charlotte, he failed to propose to her when they finally met. His attempt to bring her back as a governess was met with a resounding refusal by Charlotte herself. Charlotte became engaged to Ralph, a local farmer, two months later, and Alexander and the girls relocated to a new location.

Alison Fraser, Charlotte’s younger sister, married Declan Fraser, a former redcoat. First, he tried to keep Alison in the friend zone, but after Will, of all people, called him out on it, he changed his mind and asked her to be his wife. Next season, we can only hope for better luck for Charlotte and Georgiana.