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Selling the Oc Release Date: Where Can I Watch Selling the Oc?

This upcoming American reality show television series was created by Adam DiVello. Selling Sunset and Selling Tampa, which is also the siblings of Selling The Oc, were two other popular series created by Adam DiVello in the past. The show’s production companies are Done Productions and Lionsgate. California is the location of Selling The Oc’s filming.

When Will Selling The OC Be On Netflix?

After the 2019 release of Selling Sunset on Netflix. The reality television programme captured the hearts of millions of viewers and rose to the top of the hit list on Netflix. The television programme “Selling Sunset” focuses on the real estate industry, showcasing various exquisite, upscale California listings.

It only focused on the real estate industry, but it also showed plenty of conflict and chaos among the various Oppenheim Group agents.

According to some sources, Jason is currently the only cast member who will have crossed over from “Selling Sunset” to its upcoming spin-off Netflix series Selling The Oc.

Along with Jason, there will be a few new cast members, including agents from Newport Beach named Brandi Marshall, Alexandra Hall, Austin Victoria, and a few others.

In an interview with Tulum, Adam DiVello, the creator of the on-screen representation of the real estate industry, revealed some information about his most recent and upcoming television series.

Cautioning the audience about their expectations for Selling The Oc by stating that both men and women will be present in the cast and that they will undoubtedly be diverse.

predicting that this time will be a wild ride. The characters are going to be portrayed from the very beginning as wild real estate agents who pretty much do not hold back. They will say whatever they feel because they lack filters. Dramatic events are anticipated to occur soon.

Selling The Oc Release Date

Selling The Oc Release Date And Plot

On August 24, 2022, The Oc will be made available for streaming on the website Netflix. Since the creators and executive producers of Selling Sunset are behind the new series, it is anticipated that it will follow a similar release schedule, with all episodes being released simultaneously on August 24. Selling The Oc will have a total of eight episodes, each with an average runtime of thirty minutes, according to Netflix.

According to TheWrap, the Oppenheim Group will grow in more ways than just real estate brokerages. A spin-off of the popular Netflix series Selling Sunset, the upcoming programme will depict Jason Oppenheim’s entry into Orange County. Consequently, confirming the rumours that Netflix had ordered a spin-off.

Selling The Oc Cast

It is official that Jason Oppenheim, who oversees the Newport Beach office, will serve as the new spin-leader. off’s The audience will also see a few other characters in addition to him.

Speaking, actors AlexHall, Alexandra Jarvis, Austin Victoria, Alexandra Rose, Kayla Cardona, Brandi Marshall, Tyler Stanaland, Gio Helou, Lauren Brito, Polly Brindle, and Sean Palmieri have all been officially added to the Selling The Oc cast.

Selling The Oc Talk On Social Media

Fans can’t wait for this new Netflix series to premiere. Since Netflix’s statement about Selling The Oc, which stated that the spin-off series of the selling sunset will feature some hot new listings and an additional fresh start of realtors square off who will all be competing with one another in the race to establish themselves at the Oppenheim Group’s second office on the Orange County coast, the show has received a lot of attention.

Inferring that the real estate agents will be under too much pressure to manage this spin-off series and tease the audience.

After selling The producers and creators of the acclaimed television show Selling Sunset are the ones behind The Oc. It has incredibly high standards for this upcoming series.

The audience anticipates a lot from it; if not more, they anticipate that it will be at least intriguing, dramatic, and captivating.

Selling The Oc Release Date

What To Expect From The Selling OC?

Selling The Oc plot will involve much more than just reselling some obscenely large city mansions. It is anticipated that there will be plenty of drama, tears, chaos, scandal, and wild and vicious rumours spreading throughout the area and the real estate industry. There will be unethical behaviour, the game will become dirty, and rules and ethics will be broken.

The agents will be seen acting dishonestly, but this is to be expected given that they are also attempting to better their own lives. In the race to establish themselves at The Oppenheim Group’s second office, everything will be fair.

Therefore, these agents will make every effort to sell some fantastic mansions and properties to the extremely wealthy residents of Orange County in Southern California.

Jason and Brett Oppenheim, who are twin brothers and the founders of the Oppenheim Group, will be in charge of the real estate agents. They have both appeared on the show before.


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Selling The Oc Episode Guide

Selling The OC episode schedule has not yet been released by the show’s creators, but Netflix has confirmed that there will be a total of eight episodes, with each episode lasting roughly thirty minutes.

Selling The Oc Trailer

During the special cast reunion episode, which aired at midnight. The upcoming spin-off series Selling The OC, which had built up the drama with a tonne of new real estate agents in the market of the southern California county of orange, debuted its first-ever teaser on Netflix.

The wildly successful Selling the Sunset franchise is soon to make its way to the beaches of California, more specifically Orange County, so it is time to break out the beach hats and sunscreen.

The upcoming series’ two minutes and the 32-second teaser is packed with all the drama, chaos, tears, and profanity-laced accusations—not to mention the luxury, wealth, and glitzy beachside mansions. For all of the fans of real estate out there, the trailer was a treat. On May 6, 2022, Netflix formally released the trailer.

Where can I watch Selling the OC?

The entire cast of Netflix’s “Selling the OC” and their social media pages. With the addition of a new member to the Selling Sunset family in Selling the OC, Netflix is extending its reach to opulent residences, vehicles, and real estate agents.

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