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Sha Ek Net Worth: How Old is the Rapper Sha Ek?

As of 2022, Sha EK, an American rapper and composer from the Bronx, New York, has a net worth of $100,000. Sha Ek is the latest in a long line of outstanding drill-rappers to emerge from one of the most dangerous neighborhoods.

He began rapping at age 15, making him one of the most popular teenage performers in the country. Since commencing his career in 2018, Sha EK has gained a sizable internet fan base and released popular songs.

After releasing hit songs such as “D&D” and “In The Function,” Sha EK came to prominence. The rapper’s human-centered music videos have been viewed by millions of people.

The Net Worth of Sha Ek

According to shstrendz, Sha EK will have a net worth of around $100,000 in 2022. His hit songs have already brought him tremendous attention since he is one of the most popular young musicians.

This includes popular singles, live performances, collaborations with other musicians, and his YouTube channel. Sha EK’s YouTube account was started on October 13, 2019.

On his channel, Sha EK has published several popular music videos, including “We Droppin,” “New Opps,” “SHOT IN THE PARTY,” “To OPPY,” “Shit Crazy,” and “Get Back.”

Early Years

Sha EK was born in 2003 and reared in the New York City borough of the Bronx. The Bronx has always been an unsafe place for children to grow up, and this has not changed substantially over time. This shows that Sha EK was exposed to crime and violence on the street as a child. His birthplace was Honduras.

He sought to briefly busy himself with developing his basketball skills but was unsuccessful. Sha EK went slightly nuts and retired from the sport after losing a championship match.

Quick Bio:
Full Name Sha EK
Real Name Jiggy Man
Profession/Occupation American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record executive.
Date of Birth 2003
Age (In 2022) 19 years old
Birthplace Bronx, New York
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 5 ft 10 Inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Net Worth Under review.*
Film None
Tv Series None


At the age of thirteen, he decided to begin earning extra money. Sha EK found troubles practically everywhere he went thereafter. He engages in combat alongside his old friend B-Lovee and another person, K Flock.

B-Lovee and Sha EK grew up in the Bronx together. However, Sha EK was not introduced to Dougie B and K Flock by his friend Dot. Initially, these men got along swimmingly and even collaborated on a handful of independent songs, such as “Back Out The Knocks.

They are now on opposing sides as a result of street politics. The Blockwork collaborated with chart-topping artist Sha on his tune “D&D.”

Approximately one year ago, during an interview, Sha appeared to imply that Blockwork had betrayed one of their team members, thereby opening the field.

However, other rumors continue that Sha EK paid Blockwork insufficiently for his participation in their successful song. She responded that the manager of Blockwork maintained that he had signed Sha EK.

Music Industry

Sha EK had little interest in music at the beginning of his rap career. When he was young, he and his friends, including B-Lovee, would practice freestyle on their neighborhood street.

But when Sha EK saw the bodies piling up around him and lost more and more close friends, he realized he had to find a way to change his circumstances so he wouldn’t end up in the same position.

Before becoming a superstar, Sha EK released his first songs under the name “Jiggy Man.” However, none of these songs have ever been heard by anyone. When his friend DJ Glizzy took him to the studio to launch his music career, he never wanted to leave.

He was unsuccessful in the music industry during this time. He recovered his previous speaking voice and became an order of magnitude more hostile. Then, the hard-hitting drill bars were released, and people quickly began to listen to his music.

Soon, Sha EK would include “Jiggy Man” into one of his most successful song titles, such as “Jiggy Man This, Jiggy Man That.” The title of his debut album was JIIGYONJIIGY.

HE SAYS Sha At age 16, EK also signed a record deal. A few months later, he secured a contract for a significant amount of money. Since he knew he could not remain in the Bronx forever, he used the funds to purchase a new home for his mother outside the neighborhood.
UK’s net worth

Sha EK continued to create music videos every week, such as “Get Back,” “One in the Head,” “New Opps,” and “To Oppy.” OGE, which refers to Original Goons Entertainment, is his drill label.


  • Throughout his career, he has garnered many distinctions.
  • In 2019, he rose to stardom with his song “In The Function.”
  • He began uploading music to YouTube and SoundCloud in 2019.
  • In August of 2022, Pgf Nuk’s song “We Droppin” was featured.


How Old Is the Rapper Sha Ek?

Sha Ek, also known as African boy, jiggy man, wedgie man, and Courtland crew king, was born in the Bronx, New York on April 8, 2003. His age is 19 years old.

What is the full name of Sha Ek?

The next champion to come from the Bronx is Sha Ek, whose real name is Chaim Perry. Two local New Yorkers sing and rap. Numerous hit singles have enabled him to amass a substantial fan base.

Where in the Bronx did Sha Ek come from?

Born Chaim Perry to Honduran parents, Sha EK spent the majority of his youth in the Melrose neighborhood of the South Bronx. While walking around his neighborhood at age 15, he was shot in the leg. This encouraged him to record the current drill we are hearing.

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