Shetland Season 7 Release Date: Will There Be Season 7 Shetland?


shetland season 7

Shetland returned for a sixth season last month, more than two years after the start of its fifth season. However, the dramatic conclusion of the sixth season finale has left fans yearning for Shetland Season 7. So let’s talk about Shetland’s future.

Shetland, a British criminal drama series on BBC One, is based on Ann Cleeves’ popular novel series. The show launched on the network in 2013 and soon became a smash. Jimmy Perez, a criminal detective, is the focus of the episode. Jimmy and his colleagues investigate a series of crimes in the Scottish Shetland Islands. A sequence of adventures, twists, turns, and discoveries ensue.

All of this has the potential to forever affect the face of the island community. The series is a terrific combination of crime, thriller, and mystery set on a little island where things aren’t always as they appear.

The show is created by David Kane for BBC One. Shetland is one of the most popular British crime programs. And has managed to keep its devoted admirers during the period of six seasons. The program has earned critical acclaim for its fascinating plot and has won multiple honors, including a BAFTA. And, now that the sixth season has been completed, we’re looking at the possibilities of the seventh season of Shetland. What are the odds, then?

Season 7 Premiere Date for Shetland

Shetland is a Scottish television drama that premiered on March 10, 2013, and has already aired six seasons throughout its eight-year existence. With season six concluding on a dramatic cliffhanger, season seven was a given conclusion. Filming for Season 7 has already begun, and the BBC’s official announcement that Shetland will return for the seventh season has put an end to rumors over the production of a seventh season. The seventh season of Shetland is expected to premiere in or around the fall of 2022, as production has already begun.

shetland season 7

The Story of Shetland Season 7

Undoubtedly, you are intrigued about what Season 7 has in store for you. When it first aired, Shetland was essentially a standard detective drama thriller. However, as time has passed, the tale has become more engaging and intricate. Jimmy Pérez’s imprisonment during the previous season was unanticipated by fans.

It will be intriguing to watch what the authors do now that the protagonist is in prison. Will another character assume his responsibilities? Was all of this part of Donna’s plan to undermine the Shetland police? How will this enormous mess be cleared up? All of these inquiries may or may not have responses. The squad’s tiny size is also an important consideration.

Both Duncan and Pérez are currently imprisoned. Tuscan’s pregnancy was revealed after the sixth season. We must observe how the remaining episodes of the season are handled by the writers. Many fans anticipate the introduction of a new team member or a change in the program’s direction.

The Cast of Shetland Season 7

Douglas Henshall plays DI Jimmy Perez, Alison O’Donnell plays Alison Macintosh, Steven Robertson plays Sandy Wilson, and Mark Bonnar plays Duncan Hunter in Shetland. Julie Graham portrays Rhona Kelly, while Lewis Howden portrays Billy McCabe, Eris Armstrong portrays Cassie Perez, and Anne Kidd portrays Cora McLean.

Season 7 of Shetland: What’s Next for Jimmy?

During the sixth season of Shetland, Jimmy was driven apart by various obstacles, notably his father’s dementia and his attempt to solve the Galbraith murder. Donna Killick, a convicted murderer, has since returned to Shetland.

Jimmy was in a foul mood because he was grieving the loss of his mother. At her funeral, he discovered that local ace attorney Alex Galbraith had been slain in cold blood in front of his home. In the season six conclusion, Detective Jimmy Perez and his friend Duncan Hunter were accused of murdering Donna Killick, shocking viewers.

Tosh, D. I. According to the finale of Shetland’s sixth season, Jimmy Perez’s devoted and brilliant second-in-command is expecting her first child. Earlier in the season, she was hesitant about her impending motherhood. She was similarly divided between her career and motherhood.

Tosh afterward bought a pregnancy test kit after discovering that her sense of smell had become keener. As she examined the results, which confirmed her pregnancy, her shocked expression gradually morphed into a smile. Season 7 of Shetland will examine the aftermath of season six’s end. Consequently, Jimmy will need to prove his innocence in the upcoming season.

Trailer for Season 7 of Shetland

Even though the production has stated that the BBC has renewed the show for a second season, we might assume that filming has only just begun. There is still time for the season to conclude. Consequently, no Season 7 trailer has been released. However, keep an eye out in the early months of 2022 for the trailer, which will provide additional plot details. We do not know what will occur in Season 7 until then. Everything depends on speculation.

Recap of Shetland Season 6

Before we get into all the juicy Season 7 details, let’s look over what occurred in the previous season. Season 6 debuted in October, just a few months after Season 5. The supporters were pleased to obtain another season so soon.

The developers indicated that they did not want to keep the fans waiting any longer. In Season 6, the tale grew pretty intricate, and we were impatiently waiting for the mystery to be answered. The story opens with the assassination of lawyer Alex Galbraith. What transpired was a terrific thriller ride.

It was tough to tell who the murderer was from the start of the series. This season also introduced us to a host of new characters. Initially, there were only two possible explanations for Galbraith’s murder.

One was for his Donna Killick case, and the other was for Linda Morton’s custody battle. People related to these two crimes are automatically suspected. However, with each episode, we are led down a dead end alongside Pérez. What surprises us, in the end, is that the victim was the first in a series of killings.

If you haven’t seen the episode, this section will be a spoiler for you; don’t blame us; we tried to warn you! Finally, we discover that Galbraith and his associate Niven supplied Marie-Anne with drugs. She passed away due to an overdose. They had made an effort to disguise her body. Eve, Marie’s sister Anne, and Marie herself murder Galbraith to conceal Marie’s story.

Niven, Anne’s character, becomes implicated in the other murders. At this point, though, everyone became bewildered. Donna requested that Duncan kill her against her will. Nonetheless, she had left a note indicating that it was murder and not suicide and that Duncan and Jimmy Pérez were responsible for her death. On the other hand, Duncan tries to save Pérez. As a result of their acts, they are both arrested.