Silent Witness Series 25 Release Date: Is There a Silent Witness Series 25?


silent witness series 25

Silent Witness Series 25- The 25th season of Silent Witness is due to premiere tonight (May 23), and it appears that fans of the series have much to look forward to during this milestone run.

Perhaps most excitingly, founding cast member Amanda Burton will reprise her role as Dr. Sam Ryan, which she played for the first eight seasons of the show.

And it appears that her reappearance could cause some drama at the Lyell, as longtime star David Caves recently teased: “It’s not immediately clear what her goals are or whether she can be trusted.”

He added: “You would have believed that she was one of the good guys. However, a lot has happened to this character during her 17-year absence, therefore she will no longer be the same person.”

After the epidemic forced the 24th season to begin in September 2021 instead of January, the new season once again premieres at an unusual time of year, but fans will likely be glad that the wait for new episodes has been significantly shorter this time around.

Last season included five new cases and two brand-new characters, one of whom didn’t stick around for long, and while this season will be a bit shorter than normal, with just six episodes as opposed to the customary ten, we’re certain that there will be plenty of drama packed into those installments.

Learn everything you need to know about season 25 of Silent Witness, including what further surprises the show may have in store for its silver anniversary.

silent witness series 25

Silent Witness Season 25 Release Date

The 25th season premieres on Monday, May 23, 2022, at 9 pm on BBC One.

As usual, the season consists of several two-part episodes, however, there are only three double-headers instead of the customary five. As a result, episodes will air on Mondays and Tuesdays for the next three weeks.

Silent Witness often debuts in late January, however, this was not the case in 2021 due to filming delays caused by coronavirus restrictions, and it will not return to this time slot in 2022.

Silent Witness Season 25 Cast

Despite the terrible and shocking demise of Lyell newcomer Adam Yeun (Jason Wong) in the sixth episode of the 24th season, fans of Silent Witness will be relieved to learn that Jack and Nikki survived the entire season.

As a result, both David Caves and Emilia Fox will return the next year, and if the conclusion of season 24 is any indication, their characters may now be a couple, which would give a new element to the series.

Genesis Lynea will also repeat her role as Simone Tyler following a strong showing in her first four episodes, while original cast member Amanda Burton will resume her role as Dr. Sam Ryan 18 years after leaving the show.

Burton has expressed her delight at resuming her iconic role, stating, “I am thrilled to be returning to Silent Witness and stepping back into Sam Ryan’s shoes – but with a twist! As the audience discovers what Sam has been up to since leaving the Lyell, they can anticipate numerous plot twists.

Hugh Quarshie (Holby City) will play Sam’s husband, Jomo Mashaba, while Richard Durden will reprise his role as Jack’s father, Connor.

And, of course, there are the usual excellent guest stars, like Matthew Gravelle from Broadchurch, Ian Puleston-Davies from Coronation Street, Christine Bottomley from Back to Life, and Jemma Redgrave from Doctor Who.

Silent Witness Season 25 Plot

It appears that the writers will be pulling out all the stops for the landmark 25th season, as BBC Drama Controller Piers Wenger stated at the time of the commission that he expected the writers to “pull out all the stops.” “2022 will mark the 25th anniversary of the series.

And it appears that Amanda Burton will reprise her role as Dr. Sam Ryan, who, according to David Caves, will likely clash with Jack and Nikki upon her return to the Lyell.

Caves told RadioTimes.com in an exclusive interview about Sam’s return and what else to expect during the season “We are immediately thrust into a world with which we are unfamiliar. Her entrance is initially ambiguous. Because it involves the United Nations, Big Pharma, and large technology companies, health passports are a very timely and controversial topic.

“It becomes immediately apparent that not everything is as it seems, and that there are other forces at work that will seriously undermine the credibility of DNA and forensic science as a whole.”

silent witness series 25

He added: “The first story is very riveting suspense. It is a really intricate episode. There is a great deal occurring, and the characters are frantically attempting to keep up. We are also not at home. We are not located at The Lyell Centre. We’ve been taken to Liverpool, so we’re out of our comfort zone and we’re walking on eggshells, which is never ideal but makes for good drama.”

Jack and Nikki’s relationship, which appeared to be blossoming at the end of season 24, will likely be further explored.

Emilia Fox appears to have confirmed this, stating (via Express.co.uk) that “the conclusion of series 24 is immediately followed by the beginning of series 25.”

Caves also added: “We are expanding on this in 25 years. It is present, but it is not front and center because it could begin to detract from the story’s main plots.”

Of course, there is always the possibility of additional Hodgson family turmoil, and we should also expect to hear more about Lyell’s newest member, Simone.

Silent Witness Season 25 Trailer

You can get a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming season by viewing the following trailer, which teases an abundance of drama, including the return of Sam.

Where to Watch Silent Witness Online

Within the United Kingdom, it is relatively simple to stream Silent Witness online. You must first create an account on the BBC iPlayer website. And from there, you may stream the episodes from your device for free. Moreover, account registration is completely free. Remember that a television license is required as part of the login process.

If you are located outside the United Kingdom, you can utilize a VPN, which is occasionally unreliable because the iPlayer software frequently scrubs IP addresses. Alternatively, it is available on Amazon Prime Video, via the BritBox Amazon Channel add-on. You can still purchase the show via iTunes, Vudu, or Google Play if you do not have Amazon. In the next part, we will discuss the season 25 cast of Silent Witness.