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Silverton Siege Release Date: Where Can You Watch Silverton Siege Online?

Netflix has previously produced several films and television episodes based on genuine stories. Silverton Siege is one of them. In the Netflix film Silverton Siege, based on a true story, a bank is held hostage during a botched anti-apartheid protest.

Release Date of Silverton Siege

On April 27th, International Freedom Day, Netflix will premiere Mandla Dube’s new film, Silverton Siege, produced by Pambili Media.

According to the director of The Italian Job Strike Back, Angel Heart, and Umtunzi we Ntaba, this is Mandla Dube’s best work to date.

Who Are The Cast of  Silverton Siege

Numerous cast members of Silverton Siege will be disclosed individually following the film’s premiere. Thabo Rametsi is portrayed in the film as the trio’s leader. He is portraying Calvin Khumalo. Noxolo Dlamini of Mbali Terra Mabunda is another member.

The actors of the film have done an excellent job portraying their respective roles and will be able to thrill their fans while reenacting the plot.

Silverton Siege

  • Sarah Kozlowski as Madeleine
  • Arnold Vosloo as Johan Langerman
  • Tumisho Masha as Sechaba
  • Stefan Erasmus as Aldo Erasmus
  • Clayton Boyd as Sniper
  • Sahne Wellington as Cornelius Washington, and more.

The Plot of the Silverton Siege

While on a high-profile mission to sabotage a petrol depot, a trio of Umkhonto weSizwe liberation fighters discovers they have been set up and are being pursued by police.

They are pursued viciously and dangerously, and they seek sanctuary inside a bank.

The Trio is unanimous in their conviction that someone, possibly one of them, is an “Impimpi” — a con artist and police informant.

Who is the subject of the inquiry? The bank is under increasing strain, and tensions are rising. Every participant is fighting for the same thing: liberty.

As the Trio comes to terms with the fact that their only options are prison or death, they decide to negotiate Nelson Mandela’s release.

Silverton Siege

Is Silverton Siege Based on a True Story?

Netflix has acquired “Silverton Siege,” an action thriller based on genuine events from the Free Mandela movement.

The film is directed by Mandla Dube (“Kalushi: The Story of Solomon Mahlangu”) and stars Thabo Rametsi, Noxolo Dlamini, and Stefan Erasmus.

Rametsi, Dlamini, and Erasmus form the Silverton Siege trio, three rebellious youths with little to lose in 1980. The trio ends up in a South African bank in Silverton, Pretoria, following a high-speed automobile pursuit with the police in the aftermath of a failed sabotage effort. When a bank and its customers are taken hostage and Nelson Mandela’s release is demanded in exchange for the prisoners’ release, the stakes and emotions are extraordinarily high.

The film features some well-known South African heavyweights, including Arnold Vosloo and Tumisho Masha. Pambili Media is led by executive producers Walter Ayres and Dube throughout production.

Dube has also worked as a cinematographer on various films, shorts, and Netflix episodes, including “Jiva!” (2021). “Kalushi” was nominated for a South African Film and Television Award for best director.

Silverton Siege trailer

Believe us when we say that this trailer is just as incredible as anything else you’ve read about the film thus far. See what we currently have in stock for Siege of Silverton below.

Where can you watch Silverton Siege online?

Is Silverton Siege available to stream on Netflix on April 27, 2022?
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