Smihub: Free Instagram Story Downloader in 2022



In order to download Instagram stories and videos, use SmiHub, a free program. In recent years, social media has expanded incredibly quickly. People are entertained by this platform in a variety of ways, such as through reels, witty quips, and mems videos.

There are numerous well-known platforms that can amuse you with a variety of features. Instagram is one of the well-known platforms that almost everyone in the modern world uses. SmiHub is one of several capabilities that are available to use this platform in many ways.


Users can watch or store their Instagram stories with the help of the free service Smihub without logging in. Are you the type of person who prefers to access Instagram material without creating an account? Then you should use Smihub Instagram.

You can browse someone’s profile in private without creating an account thanks to this wonderful function. It means that if you want to use or download the popular hashtags, posts, and reels on Instagram but do not yet have an account, you must do so.

The 10th of October 2018 saw the release of this Instagram utility. Since its creation, this tool has grown in popularity every day.


Functionality of Smihub

This analytical tool offers you a wide range of features and is simple to use. Let’s go over the functionality it provides for its users:

  • You can immediately download pictures.
  • without creating an account, read stories
  • without being acquainted with the account holder, view the profile
  • anonymous video download
  • Additionally, you get access to that account holder’s followers as well as their profile.

How to Use Smihub in an Efficient Way?

As we previously said, is helpful for browsing and seeing the profile of a person you are interested in, as well as what they share and their followers. How can you find them now that you know where to look?

Everybody has an Instagram account that differs greatly from one another. There could be numerous individuals with the same name but different last digits.

Therefore, if you want to find a friend or member of your family on Instagram and view their content, you should have their correct ID name and spelling because that is the proper way to access their profile and view their stories, reels, and posts.

Amazingly, they won’t even be aware that you visited their profile. The ability to quickly view the profiles of their children makes this application useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ social media activity.

How to Download an Image or Video With One Click?

Any video tale or photograph can be downloaded with ease. It is acceptable if you are aware of someone’s Instagram username. If you are unsure about the username, simply type any username or hashtag, and the Smi hub will locate that particular account for you.


Step 1: Press enter on the keyboard after entering a username or tag.

Step 2: Select the profile from the list, then pick the photo or video you want to download.

Step 3: That’s it, just click the Download Now button.


Services Description

We now talk about how to access the Smi Hub Instagram website or mobile application and use the features it provides.

  • This tool’s features are being added daily. The inability to examine any person’s private stuff is one of this tool’s drawbacks.
  • Let’s look at how this tool works and the kind of content that can be viewed by anyone.
  • You need to have the right ID, as described above, in order to read anyone’s profile. then merely go to’s website. This tool’s original name, smihub, was later changed to dumper.
  • As soon as you get on the page, you can notice that the tool’s UI is straightforward. You can paste or type the ID of your friends or the person you want to visit into the search bar on the home page.
  • All the functions that this tool offers—including downloading content, browsing anonymously, searching anything, and finally analyzing it—are listed there.

Smihub Alternatives

There are other Smihub alternatives with the same features now available online. Reviews of Smihub indicate that its patrons receive excellent services. There are numerous alternatives to this tool as well. Which are:

  • (To covertly view Instagram stories, reels, and comments)

In addition to the websites mentioned above, there are other tools available.

last thoughts

If you read this post, you will be able to understand what Smihub is. The features, services, and functionality of this tool. How can this tool benefit you? It takes some time to log into Instagram every time you want to download reels, stories, or photographs by copying the URLs of some profiles. So utilize Smihub to save time and effort.