Soda Tab Meaning: Wtf Do Soda Can Tabs on Tiktok Mean? A Secret Meaning is Disclosed!


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soda tab meaning

There are many commonplace items on TikTok that have hidden meanings.

Did you know, for instance, that the nail polish you are wearing may be conveying a secret message?
If your nails are painted blue, it indicates that you are in a committed relationship, whereas white indicates that you are single.

Soda Tabs are the most recent item to acquire an odd meaning. If you’re still unclear, we’ll explain what they actually mean right now.

Tiktok Users Are Pulling Off Soda Tabs

Have you ever considered removing the soda can’s tab? None of us have, either.

The customary action after finishing a can of Coke is to throw it in the trash.

However, people are removing the soda tabs as part of TikTok’s most recent viral trend.

Since each type has a distinct meaning, pulling the tab off is extremely important. Learn more below.

Each One Has a Different Meaning

Depending on the beverage you consumed, the metal on your soda tab can appear in one of three ways when you break it off. Each one denotes something different.

The top of every soda tab has a sizable hole in it. You should focus on the bottom one, though.

A large hole at the bottom of the soda tab denotes a hug, a semicircle with a smaller hole beneath it denotes a kiss, or just a semicircle hole denotes sex, depending on the context.

For instance, receiving the “kiss” soda tab indicates that you will receive a kiss from a person you like within the next few days.

The precise shape of each meaning’s soda tab is displayed in the TikTok video below.

soda tab meaning

People Are Also Making Soda Tab Necklaces

Making necklaces out of soda tabs is currently a huge TikTok trend.

They’re incredibly simple to make. What does it mean to simply break off a soda tab and attach it to a chain?

You’ll be relieved to learn that this doesn’t actually have a hidden significance. A character from the Netflix series Outer Banks is being imitated by people.

The character Sarah, portrayed by Madelyn Cline, wears a soda tab necklace in Season 2 of the show, and it has since become the newest TikTok fashion accessory.