Solar Opposites Season 3 Release Date: How Many Episodes Will Solar Opposites Season 3 Have?


solar opposites season 3

The fact that Justin Roiland is best known for creating “Rick and Morty” does not imply we should disregard his other works. Though it may not have caused McDonald’s to restore a long-defunct dipping sauce or produced a never-ending stream of pickle-themed memes, “Solar Opposites” has found popularity on Hulu.

Even after the second season concluded in March 2017, it was clear that Roiland and his team were not finished with the series. Now, Hulu has confirmed that “Solar Opposites” will return for a second season.

While Hulu has not announced much about Season 3’s plot and characters, the “Solar Opposites” Twitter feed has confirmed the show’s premiere date. Even while Season 3 is still shrouded in mystery, fans may be confident that it will arrive sooner than they may anticipate.

Until then, all that can be done is examine Season 2 for signs about what may transpire in forthcoming episodes. Without further ado, here is all we currently know about Season 3 of “Solar Opposites.”

What Is the Release Date for Solar Opposites Season 3?

After Season 2, fans certainly expected that “Solar Opposites” would be renewed for a third season. When they all transform into trees in the final episode, Korvo essentially states the same thing. In the end, however, nothing is confirmed until Hulu gives its approval. Fortunately, it appears that day has arrived. On May 16, the official “Solar Opposites” Twitter feed tweeted a brief video confirming the third season’s release date.

solar opposites season 3

According to the video, which depicts the (now blue) Pupa examining The Wall with suspicion, the third season of “Solar Opposites” will launch on Hulu on July 13.

As with the previous two seasons, it is anticipated that all episodes would be released concurrently rather than every week. However, fans will receive more of their favorite elements this time around. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Season 3 of “Solar Opposites” will consist of 12 episodes, as opposed to Seasons 1 and 2’s eight-episode runs. Certainly, this is something that supporters can get behind.

What is the Plot of Solar Opposites Season 3?

The second season of “Solar Opposites” on Hulu included several intriguing twists for our favorite Schlorpian family. In the final episode of the season, the starting stages of the Pupa’s terraformation are finally shown.

The Schlorpians spend most of the episode trying to find existential fulfillment before they naturally die at midnight so that the Pupa can devour them and evolve. Seconds later, we learn that Schlorpians are reincarnated as trees whenever they pass away.

Before the “Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special,” the Schlorpians have reverted to their normal shapes. And while the Pupa may be one step closer to changing and terraforming the Earth into a new Planet Schlorp, the family still has plenty of time for more zany escapades.

Additionally, the inhabitants of the Wall have more time to engage in their fierce rivalries.

Cherie has now officially returned to The Wall after giving birth to Pezlie within a Pez container. However, after learning that Tim has become another vile ruler, she and Halk decide to overthrow him. How the two intend to accomplish this, though, remains a mystery that Season 3 will presumably shed light on.

Who is in the Cast for Solar Opposites Season 3?

At the very least, Season 3 of “Solar Opposites” will feature the same cast as previous seasons. Given that the Schlorpians are still alive and well, we do not anticipate any of them to leave over Season 3. Therefore, the reappearance of Korvo (Justin Roiland), Terry (Thomas Middleditch), Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone), and Jessie should be anticipated (Mary Mack).

Similar statements might be made regarding The Wall’s characters. Still alive and at the center of The Wall’s story are Tim (Andy Daly), Cherie (Christina Hendricks), and Halk (Sterling K. Brown). However, each season so far has introduced new faces to The Wall as Yumyulack continues to diminish unfortunate humanity at will. It would not be surprising if this aspect of the cast grew as the season progressed.

Hulu has not commented on whether or not the show will include new characters. The Twitter post announcing the release date of the upcoming season only features the Pupa, so it’s conceivable that we won’t learn about new characters until “Solar Opposites” Season 3 premieres.

Solar Opposites Season 3 Trailer: When Can We Watch it?

As it has not yet been completed, the Hulu streaming network has not yet released an official trailer. But most likely, the trailer for this new upcoming series will arrive in the following months, right before its debut date. Until then, you should watch the previous season of this excellent cartoon series.

How Many Episodes Will Solar Opposites Season 3 Have?

Each season thus far has contained a total of eight episodes, however, Season 3 will be significantly longer with 12 episodes. It’s a tremendous season,”