Solar Opposites Season 4 Release Date is Confirmed: Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud!

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Solar Opposites Season 4

“Solar Opposites,” the hit animated series created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, has gained a massive fan following for its unique blend of science fiction, humor, and quirky characters. Co-created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan of Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites follows a family of aliens stranded on Earth. Korvo (Roiland from seasons 1-3), Terry (Thomas Middleditch), Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone), Jesse (Mary Mack), and their Pupa (McMahan) were dispatched to populate an unoccupied planet when a meteorite destroyed their home planet. They instead crashed and landed on Earth. They are compelled to behave as a family on an “alien” planet, acclimating to human culture in American suburbia, in order to achieve their task.

Fans are eagerly awaiting news regarding the release date of “Solar Opposites” Season 4 as the show continues to attract people with its unconventional storytelling. In this article, we will delve into what fans can expect from the upcoming season and any updates on its release.

When Will Solar Opposites Season 4 Be Released?

The Solar Opposites season 4 release date was revealed alongside the season’s new teaser. According to The Digital Fix, 4th season will officially launch on Hulu on August 14, 2023. All 11 episodes will be released simultaneously.

Solar Opposites Season 4

The good news for fans is that Solar Opposites got renewed for a fifth season, so even without Justin Roiland, expect more hilarious fun from the alien family in 2024 with Solar Opposites season 5. There will also be a Solar Opposites Valentine’s Day special in 2024, demonstrating that Hulu still has enormous intentions for Solar Opposites.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Solar Opposites Season 4?

The majority of the Solar Opposites cast will return, with Thomas Middleditch, Sean Giambrone, and Mary Mack all confirming their return to Collider.

The list of cast members of Solar Opposites Season 4 is given below:

  • Dan Stevens as Korvo
  • Thomas Middleditch as Terry
  • Sean Giambrone as Yumyulack
  • Mary Mack as Jesse
  • Sagan McMahan as the Pupa
  • Christina Hendricks as Cherie
  • Sterling K. Brown as Halk Hogam
  • Sutton Foster as Sister Sisto
  • Kieran Culkin as Glen
  • Christopher Meloni as LoneSun
  • Kari Wahlgren as Mrs Frankie
  • Rob Schrab as Principal Cooke

What Will Happen in Solar Opposites Season 4?

Season 4 of Solar Opposites will be unlike anything else the series has done before. Season 3 concluded with the Opposites altering their lifestyle in order to protect their Pupa, who had been absorbing their toxic behaviour. McMahan has revealed that season 4 will follow the Opposites as they deal with the reality of school and work without the help of sci-fi gear and antics.

Solar Opposites Season 4

“When we start season 4, it’s become an office show, and it really is a more straight-laced office show,” he explained. But don’t worry, Terry and Korvo aren’t going to commit to getting it perfect”.

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However, as the first teaser demonstrated, there will be plenty of shenanigans and dark humour. Everything from an exploding bus to leaving The Pupa in the car and assuming he perished was on exhibit, demonstrating that there is still plenty of absurdist humour in Solar Opposites season 4.

Is there any Trailer for Season 4 of Solar Opposites?

A new trailer for Solar Opposites season 4 was released in July, less than a month before the season releases on Hulu. You can watch it on youtube or below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Solar Opposites Season 4?

Season 4 of Solar Opposites is available on the streaming service Hulu in the United States. Meanwhile, because we don’t have Hulu in the UK, you can watch it on Disney Plus.

Will Justin Roiland Appear in Season 4 of Solar Opposites?

Justin Roiland will not return for Season 4 of Solar Opposites. On January 25, 2023, 20th Television Animation and Hulu Originals issued a statement announcing the termination of their relationship with Roiland following his arrest for felony domestic abuse and false detention. Roiland disputes the charges levelled against him.

Who Will Take Over for Justin Roiland as Korvo in on Solar Opposites?

On June 20, 2023, it was announced that Dan Stevens would take over as Korvo on Solar Opposites in place of Roiland. Stevens is best recognized for his roles as David in The Guest and Matthew Crawley in the TV series Downtown Abbey.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in Season 4 of Solar Opposites?

Season 4 of Solar Opposites will include 12 new episodes, one more than season 3, so suck it past us!


As fans eagerly await “Solar Opposites” Season 4, the show’s ongoing success and renewal for a fourth season are testaments to its creative brilliance and committed fan base. With its eccentric characters and imaginative storytelling, the program has established itself as a beloved animated series in the science fiction comedy genre. While the exact release date is unknown, one thing is certain: “Solar Opposites” Season 4 will provide viewers of all ages with even more interplanetary fun and laughter.

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