Space Force Season 3 Release Date: Was Space Force Cancelled?


Space Force Season 3

Fans of Space Force will be sad to hear that the show has been cancelled after two seasons.

We’ll never know how Steve Carell’s General Naird and his merry band of scientists and government agents handled the possible end of the world despite the cliffhanger conclusion and a lot of set-up for future episodes.

What went wrong, exactly? Everything you need to know is right here.

Space Force Season 3: What Happened?

Despite its A-list comic cast, Space Force was met with a mixed review.

With critics, the first season was a failure, but with viewers, it performed better (on Rotten Tomatoes, it scored a 39 per cent critics score, but a 75 per cent audience score). Season two, which shifted the focus of the show to the interpersonal connections of people on the force, was a huge improvement, garnering a perfect score from critics the day it premiered.

There were certainly some people who were put off by Season 1 and Space Force Season 2 did not last more than a week on Netflix’s top 10 global carousels in any area.

Space Force Season 3

Even though it has remained a polarising and perplexing show, it has lasted 45 days in areas including Australia, Hungary and the United States.

However, it seems most likely that Netflix’s abrupt budget cuts were to blame for the cancellation of Space Force. In the first quarter of 2022, the streaming service endured a slew of setbacks, including a precipitous drop in customers that caused its stock price to plummet.

As a result of this, Forbes reports that one of the company’s largest investors has withdrawn $1.1 billion in investment. To get back on track, Netflix has had to reduce its spending a bit. Sadly, Space Force will be affected by budget cuts.

As soon as it was announced that the show had been cancelled on April 30, Ben Schwartz, one of the show’s stars, gave a statement: “Please accept my sincere gratitude for your interest in [Space Force]. We owe a debt of gratitude to my hero Greg Daniels, Norm Hiscock, and all of our talented contributors. Thanks to our all-star cast (Steve Carell, Tawny Newsome, Diana Silvers; Jimmy O Yang; Don Lake; John Malkovich) for making this possible. Stupid Tony cares about you. Send a tweet, Siri.”

Space Force Season 3 Release Date

Space Force season 3 has not been confirmed by the Space Force production team owing to internal problems. There’s still hope, though, because season 2 ended on a high note of suspense, and fans are expecting the same from season 3.

Space Force 3: Cast

Throughout the first two seasons, the cast stayed solid, and it looks like the show would have lasted if all of its actors had returned.

For example, there’s Don Lake as Dr Andrea Ali, Tawny Newsome as Erin Laird, and Steve Carell as General Laird. There’s also Diana Silvers as Erin Laird, John Malkovich as Dr Mallory, and Ben Schwartz as Tony Scarapiducci (Brad).

As Captain Lancaster, Patton Oswalt (kind of) joined the cast via video link as an astronaut who has been left alone aboard a spaceship between Earth and Mars after his mission was aborted en route.

Lisa Kudrow, who plays Maggie, Naird’s imprisoned soon-to-be ex-wife, is one actor we would have been surprised to see again. While we’ll never know how Maggie ended up in jail in the first place, she only appeared in a handful of episodes during season two, all of which were video chats.

She didn’t have to keep checking in after filing for divorce because her daughter Erin is now an independent adult. As far as we know, Lisa’s tenure on the show appears to be ended.

Space Force Season 3

Space Force 3: What Will the Plot Be?

Asteroid defence and world preservation are the obvious goals if Space Force ever makes a comeback.

After season two, Laird and his team detected a massive asteroid travelling towards Earth, and the gang was unable to think of anything other than singing “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys to keep calm.

Considering that the asteroid is on a direct path toward Earth, the gang would have had to figure out a way to stop it before it was too late. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal.

Laird was also juggling his personal and professional obligations as his relationship with Angela and Chan was only beginning to blossom.

Erin, his teenage daughter, would have been trying to figure out what to do with herself after high school, while Captain Lancaster is still trying to figure out how he’s going to come back to Earth without going insane.

Surely you’ll be stuck there for the rest of your life now.

Space Force Season 3 Trailer