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Sssniperwolf Net Worth: Why is She So Famous?


Professionally, he is a British-American YouTuber and renowned social media celebrity. Sssniperwolf is one of the most well-known female gamers with the highest social media and YouTube followers. Even though her channel no longer focuses on games.

The YouTube celebrity previously used a Twitch live stream, but now occasionally broadcasts gaming live on YouTube. By playing games such as Metal Gear Solid and Call of Duty, Sssniperwolf was able to acquire a great deal of Internet celebrity. So many honors have been bestowed upon her, including the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for the favorite gamer in 2020.

In the next post, we will discuss SssniperWolf’s whole Net Worth, including her earnings, real estate, luxurious lifestyle, career, biography, personal investments, and additional fascinating information about her.

Early Life

Alia Marie Shelesh was born on October 22, 1992, in Liverpool, England, the United Kingdom as SssniperWolf. This YouTuber has a small family, including her parents and two brothers, Paul and Bakir Shelesh, as well as a younger sister.

Her younger sister Ranya Lasagna is also a YouTube celebrity with considerable renown. Her siblings are frequently featured in her films, although she has avoided disclosing anything about her parents.

SssniperWolf ultimately graduated high school early and enrolled in college. While she was at school, her parents bought her a play station, which solved the problem. Sometimes she spent the entire weekend playing on the console.

Alia enrolled in pharmacy classes but grew bored with chemistry, so she moved to nurse. However, she did not appreciate this and left college to pursue her passion.


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Personal Life

2013 saw the beginning of SSSniperWolf’s relationship with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage. They even purchased a luxurious property together, but eventually split up.


SssniperWolf began playing video games at a young age, and her father recognized and encouraged her enthusiasm. In 2011, she launched her first YouTube channel titled “Sexy Sexy Sniper,” and in 2013, she erased it and launched a second one titled “SssniperWolf.” She began to upload videos to this channel.

Alia’s YouTube account began as a gaming channel, particularly for her Call of Duty videos. Since 2017, the majority of her channel’s videos have been reaction videos.

The next year, she launched her second YouTube channel, Little Lia, where she reveals her artistic side to the world. There were cosmetic lessons, baking hauls, and even a variety of arts and crafts in the films. Metal Gear Solid was one of the first games she played and she was utterly enamored with it; the name of the game’s antagonist, Sniper Wolf, encouraged her to preserve her stage name as SssniperWolf.

She also enjoys playing Destiny, Halo 5: Guardians, Overwatch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Evil within, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Until Dawn, and numerous more.
Despite this, she is perpetually embroiled in controversy; for instance, multiple Overwatch players have accused a liar of toxic behavior in their matches, to the point of notoriety in the Overwatch community. However, the behavior was demonstrated to be false.

Currently, SSSnaperWolf has billions of views on her YouTube account. She has around 31 million YouTube subscribers on her main channel. Alia’s second channel has more than 3,7 million subscribers, which is a tremendous accomplishment.


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SSSniperWolf endorses numerous brands, including apparel from Boohoo, Sugar Bear, Hair Vitamins, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Gymshark, and G Fuel Energy goods, among others. She is also a brand ambassador for well-known companies such as Activision, Ubisoft, EA, etc. She also developed a line of merchandise called Wolf Pack, under which she offers a range of items, including hoodies, T-Shirts, Phone Cases, and more.

How Did SSSniperWolf Get So Rich?

Lia’s gaming videos as well as her online presence and regularity made her so wealthy. Just two years after joining YouTube, the gamer amassed one million fans with her consistent video uploading. Due to this, she was able to make an estimated $2,000 per month through advertising clicks on the platform at the time.

Also in 2015, her name appeared with that of fellow gamer Raya in a competition (GirlGoneGamer). After Alia posted a video claiming Raya falsified her footage in one of her “Call of Duty” videos, the two had a contentious argument.

SSSniperWolf amassed more than 2 million subscribers by the end of 2015, a number that doubled by the end of 2016. Approximately during the same period, Alia’s name was again associated with scandal. According to Fandom, she was sued by the YouTuber Enigmahood for allegedly defaming him in one of her videos.

However, on September 29, 2017, Enigmhahood’s defamation action against Alia was dropped because he could not demonstrate that her statements damaged him in his local region.

By the end of 2017, SSSniperWolf had over 5 million members and nearly 1 billion views in total; Lia’s estimated net worth at the time exceeded 500,000 dollars. And things were just about to escalate.


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What Made Her So Successful?

SSSniperWolf’s popularity stems from her reaction and gaming videos. Lia has been one of the most successful personalities on the video-sharing platform despite the scandals that have surrounded her, beginning with her rivalries with GirlGoneGamer, Enigmahood, and FaZe Censor and including her appearance on Good Mythical Morning.

In 2019, she earned the “Favorite Gamer” Kids’ Choice Award from Nickelodeon. She has played numerous games, including “Overwatch,” various versions of “Call of Duty,” “Destiny,” “Far Cry,” “Minecraft,” and “Tom Clancy’s The Division.”

In July 2018, the social media celebrity surpassed 10 million subscribers, and in May 2020, she surpassed 20 million. “Touch My Body Challenge!” has 90 million views, and, “SPOILT LITTLE GIRL Thinks She Owns the World” has 36 million.

In September 2015, she accumulated 1 billion views for the first time; as of September 2020, she has accumulated more than 8.2 billion views. In addition to her primary channel, she has a second channel named “LittleLiaWolf” which was launched in June 2014 and has a variety of videos, including cosmetic tips, hauls, baking, and arts & crafts.

SSSniperWolf”s Net Worth

As reported in the news, SSSniperWolf’s estimated net worth in 2022 is roughly $7 million US dollars. She has become one of the highest-paid gamers and social media personalities in the world after posting her gaming content online. Her primary source of interest in her professions, such as YouTube and Twitch, is through which she has earned a staggering amount of money.

She uploads approximately one video per day, and her entire channel has over 10 million views per day. SSSniperWolf generates over $13,000 per day from YouTube advertisements alone. Brand promotions and sponsorships, which she advertises on her social media pages, also contribute to her revenue. She makes investments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Loopring, Ethereum, and others.

SSSniperWolf earns more than $1,000,000 per month, and her net worth is rapidly increasing. According to a survey in Forbes Magazine, SSSniperWolf was the most influential gamer in 2017.


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Why is She So Famous?

The internet celebrity rose to fame due to her unusual personality and hilarious videos. She was born in Liverpool, England, on October 22, 1992. She is of Greek and Turkish origin and has two younger brothers and one sister, Ranya Lasagna, who is also a YouTuber. Alia, who is commonly nicknamed Lia, moved to the United States with her parents when she was six years old.

Lia’s parents purchased her a PlayStation during her pre-adolescent years, which sparked her passion for gaming. Her nickname “SSSniperWolf” was inspired by the game’s main character, Sniper Wolf. Metal Gear Solid was one of her favorite games, and it was because of it that she came up with the moniker “SSSniperWolf.”

The YouTube celebrity launched her career in 2013 On January 19, she launched her SSSniperWolf channel, which included of of videos of her playing video games such as Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. During the same year, she was supposedly arrested.

Influencers report that SSSniperWolf was apprehended after striking a security agent and resisting arrest. Due to her activities, she spent two days in jail at age 21, and her charges were subsequently reduced to a mere misdemeanor. According to Fandom, she was also detained in 2016 when neighbors called the police on her following a heated verbal argument between her and her boyfriend.

We have no first-hand knowledge of any of this, so it may be “false news,” but it is noteworthy to note that young bright people frequently need to find their boundaries and frequently cross the line when they are young before settling into their greatest work.


Does SSSniperWolf have a million dollars?

As of 2022, SSSniperWolf’s estimated net worth is roughly $7 Million US.

How much does SSSniperWolf earn per month?

SSSniperWolf earns more than $1,000,000 per month, and her net worth is rapidly increasing.

What is SSSniperWolf’s age?

SssniperWolf was born in Liverpool, England on 22 October 1992; she will be 29 years old in 2022.

What is SSSniperWolf’s actual name?

Her true name is Alia Marie Shelesh, although SSSniperWolf is her stage moniker.

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