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Steve Kerr Net Worth: How Much Does Steve Kerr Make in a Year?


steve kerr net worth

Steve Kerr Net Worth- Steve Kerr has amassed a net worth of $35 million as a retired American professional basketball player and current NBA coach. Steve spent fourteen seasons in the NBA. He then became a broadcaster and executive with the Phoenix Suns. In May 2014, he was named head coach of the Golden State Warriors. To date, he has won three NBA Championships with the Warriors. As a player, he won five NBA Championships.

Early Years

Steve Kerr was born in Lebanon on September 27, 1965. Stanley Kerr, the grandfather of Steve, was an American humanitarian who relocated to Beirut to aid rescued women and orphans harmed during the Armenian Genocide.

Malcolm, Steve’s father, initially studied at Princeton but returned to Lebanon to complete his education after suffering from chronic arthritis. Malcolm received multiple postgraduate degrees, including a Ph.D. in Arabic Studies. Malcolm and Ann Zwicker met at the American University of Beirut, where they were both students. Steve was born in 1965, making him the third of four children.

On January 18, 1984, Malcolm was tragically murdered by militant nationalists in Beirut. He was president of the American University of Beirut at the time.


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At the time, Steve was a freshman at the University of Arizona and was 18 years old. Later, the family would file a lawsuit against the Iranian government under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996.

Even though he was not well recruited in high school, Steve went on to have a successful university career. He even earned a position on the United States basketball team that won the 1986 FIBA World Championship.

The 1992 Olympic “Dream Team” consisted of athletes such as Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Magic Johnson because this was the final year that the major Men’s basketball teams were mandated to consist solely of non-professionals.

Private Life

Since 1990, Steve has been married to his college sweetheart Margo. Together, they have three children.

Steve and Margo purchased a 4,000-square-foot property in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights district for $7.35 million in August 2018. They really paid $1,400,000 more than the asking price.

NBA Career

During the NBA drought of 1988, the Phoenix Suns drafted Steve second. In 1989, the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired him in exchange for a second-round pick. It was with the Chicago Bulls that he enjoyed the most success. He led the Chicago Bulls to three consecutive NBA championships.

During their time on the same basketball team, Michael Jordan gained notoriety for hitting Steve during practise. In 1999 and 2003, he assisted the San Antonio Spurs in winning two more NBA championships.

After the NBA

The 2003 season was Kerr’s final. Turner Network TV immediately hired him as a broadcast analyst (TNT). As an NBA commentator for TNT, he also worked for Yahoo! He is the NBA Live 06, 07, 08, 09, and 10 commentator. In 2011, he narrated NBA 2K12. Kerr joined Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg in 2011 for Turner Sports and CBS to call the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship.

In 2004, Kerr and investors attempted to purchase the Suns from Jerry Colangelo for $300 million. The deal failed, but Steve served as general manager from 2007 until 2010.


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Endorsements and Real Estate by Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr is not just a successful athlete, but also an outstanding crusader in the fight against societal problems. Although there is no information about his endorsement, the majority of his revenue comes from his salary and advertising.

Kerr has a large following due to his efforts with humanitarian groups. Additionally, he is an outspoken supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

Compensation and Agreements of Steve Kerr

Steve’s NBA career earned him a total of $15.8 million in earnings. In today’s money, that would be around $24 million. He made the greatest money from basketball in his final season with the San Antonio Spurs, earning $2.625 million.

After being hired as the Warriors’ head coach in 2014, he promptly signed a five-year contract for $25 million. This translates to $5 million per season. He granted his consent to the contract’s continuation in July of 2018. Although the details of the agreement have not been revealed, it is assumed that the wage offered is similar to the prior one.

The Golden State Warriors

Steve remained with the Suns until May 14, 2014, when it was announced that he would become the Golden State Warriors’ head coach. Several clubs coveted him, particularly the Knicks, but the Warriors won him over with a five-year, $25 million contract.

Steph Curry was a significant reason why the Warriors won the NBA Championship. Steve set a new record for the most regular-season wins by a first-year coach. Steve was the first NBA coach in nearly 30 years to win a championship in his debut season. The Warriors have made it to the finals four times, winning in 2017 and 2018.

How Much Does Steve Kerr Make in a Year?

He has only been hired for one head coaching position in the NBA, and that is with Golden State. His pay as the Warriors’ head coach currently stands at $5 million per year. During his NBA career, Steve earned $15.8 million in income.

How Rich Is Steve Kerr?

Steve Kerr, a retired NBA player with a net worth of $35 million, is currently the head coach of the Golden State Warriors.


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Steve Kerr Coaching Record

Kerr has coached the Golden State Warriors in 547 regular-season games since his promotion as head coach. In the last five years, he has a total of 376 wins and 171 loses. Kerr has a record of 77 wins and 28 defeats in the postseason.