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Sword Art Online Season 5: Release Date|when Does Season 5 of Sword Art Online Come Out?

Sword Art Online Season 5,’ an A-1 Pictures fantasy action-adventure series, is based on a light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. The series is in its third season at the moment.

It makes headlines in 2022 when technical advancements enable users to control their game avatars with nothing more than their thoughts, and the announcement of the opening of Sword Art Online, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Thousands of gamers visit the game world only to learn that they have been locked there for an extended period. They must now risk their lives by completing all one hundred levels of the game if they expect to survive.

The anime, which premiered on July 8, 2012, has garnered considerable praise for its well-written characters and in-depth examination of virtual reality throughout multiple seasons. Millions of fans must be wondering when the anime series would return for its fifth season following the conclusion of its fourth season.

Sword Art Online Season 5

Sword Art Online Season 5: Release Date

On February 6, 2022, Netflix will release the entire fourth season of Sword Art Online (with an English dub). It is separated into 25 segments, each of which lasts about 24-25 minutes.

Before its streaming debut on Netflix, the anime was broadcast in Japan from October 13, 2019, to September 20, 2020, and was a critical and commercial success. The following is everything we currently know about the upcoming anime season 5, including the launch date.

Neither Studio A-1 Pictures nor any of the other entities involved in the show’s producers have announced the show’s continuation as of yet. Fans should not despair, since multiple volumes of Reki Kawahara’s manga series are now being adapted for the cinema.

The Moon Cradle and the Unital Ring arcs are the two most likely candidates for the upcoming episode. Because the former is only two volumes long, the chances of it serving as the basis for an entire season are exceedingly limited.

As a result, it is feasible that the Moon Cradle arc will eventually consist entirely of OVAs and stand-alone films. According to Kawahara, the Unital Ring arc will most likely be shorter in length than the Alicization arc. Regardless of the number of volumes produced, it almost likely will act as the impetus for the following installment.

Given that the Unital Ring storyline has not been concluded, the fifth season’s release date remains unknown for the time being. A film titled ‘Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of a Dark Dust’ is set for release in 2022, but considering the length of time required to complete production and other factors, anime fans may have to wait a long time to watch it.

However, considering the action-adventure fantasy series is one of the most successful in anime history, a revival is virtually probable, as the series’ creators will not just leave out two major manga chapters without adapting them into animation.

In other words, assuming ‘Sword Art Online’ is renewed shortly, the fifth season is anticipated to launch in late 2023 or early 2024.

Sword Art Online Season 5

Sword Art Online Season 5: Plot

The storyline and acting in Sword Art Online are two of the reasons for the show’s global success. Please keep in mind that this post may include spoilers for previous seasons if you haven’t seen them yet. As a result, proceed at your own risk!

The fifth season, called Sword Art Online Progressive, covers the Aria of Starless Night, the first volume of the Progressive series. Asuna and Kirito “Kirigaya” are trapped in this season’s rump in a virtual game called Sword Art Online. Because Kirito and Asuna will perish in the real world if they die in any of their game-related circumstances, this series is unique.

As the plot progresses, you’ll see an increasing number of stuff that will blow your brains out. You’ll get to see Kirito and Asuna remember, speak adorably, act adorable, and so much more in this episode! Additionally, you’ll learn how Kirigaya becomes Asuna Yukki’s ultimate love interest.

As the game progresses, you’ll witness how they work cooperatively to accomplish their objectives. Finally, the ‘Spoiler’ is that they marry at the story’s conclusion. Oh, my God! They are both married in the game and real life.

Sword Art Online Season 5: Cast

To ensure the success of an anime show or series, the actors must fill a variety of critical duties. The creators of the show have established a bar for the audience based on the entire season. The arrival of the fifth season has fans thrilled. Given the production’s caliber, the director casts young talent.

Not only that, but you may catch a glimpse of further new faces that the producers have not yet revealed, keeping the show’s intrigue level high. The directors of the show conducted multiple trials before casting each actor, as the show’s creators do not wish to leave any stone unturned. To ensure that this performance is as natural as possible!

The cast of Sword Art Online season 5 may include the following individuals:

  • Kirito
  • Lisbeth
  • Yui
  • Yuuki
  • Asuna
  • Agil
  • Silica
  • Eugeo
  • Leafa
  • Klein
  • Sinon

Sword Art Online Season 5: Trailer

Where You Can Watch Sword Art Online Season 5

To those who are unaware of where to watch Sword Art Online, we can inform you that the last four seasons of Sword Art were aired on Netflix and Crunchyroll. Additionally, the upcoming fifth season will be streamed on the same platforms.

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