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Sydney Sweeney Net Worth: What is the net worth of Sydney Sweeney?


As of 2022, American actress Sydney Sweeney has a net worth of $4 Million US. She became more well-known after playing Emaline Addario in the Netflix show Everything Sucks!. Now she plays Eden in the Hulu show The Handmaid’s Tale. Sydney is a rising star in the American film industry. She has been in several movies, TV shows, and web series.

After being in the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects, Sydney got even more attention (2018). Sydney became a leading actress at such a young age, and her great performances earned her a lot of praise. So here, we’ll talk about Sydney Sweeney’s income, earnings, assets, luxury lifestyle, career, biography, personal life, and some other interesting facts.

Early Years

Sydney Sweeney was born in Spokane, Washington, United States, on September 12, 1997. Scott, her father, works in medicine, and Lisa, her mother, is a lawyer. Trent Sweeney is Sydney’s little brother.

Since she was a child, the actress knew she wanted to be an actor. She decided to start a career in the entertainment business when she wanted to try out for a part in an independent movie that was coming to her town.

In the end, she had to show a five-year business plan to get permission to film the movie. Sydney’s family moved to Los Angeles soon after so she could pursue a career in acting.


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In 2009, Sydney started her acting career by playing a little girl in an episode of the NBC drama series Heroes called “Hysterical Blindness.” Sydney’s career took off in 2018 when she played Emaline Addario in the hit Netflix show Everything Sucks! She got a lot of praise for her performance as Emaline Addario.

In the same year, she played Alice in the HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects,” a role she kept on playing. Sydney read about girls with mental illness and went to hospitals where people hurt themselves to get ideas for her character. In the second season of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a dystopian tragedy show, Sweeney played Eden Spencer again as a recurring character.

The next year, Sydney Sweeney played Cassie Howard in the HBO teen drama series Euphoria, along with the well-known actress Zendaya Coleman. On July 26, 2019, she played Quentin Tarantino in the comedy-drama film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In 2021, she was in The White Lotus, a comedy-drama miniseries on HBO.

Personal Life

Sweeney went to the University of California, Los Angeles, to get her college degree. There, she studied business. She is also trained in MMA fighting.

Sweeney’s love life has been mostly kept secret. But it is said that she is dating Jonathan Davino, who owns a restaurant and is the heir to the pizza company Pompei.


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Brand endorsements paid promotions, and commercials bring in a lot of money for her. Sydney Sweeney has worked as an endorser for many brands, such as Mervyn’s, Robitussin, Clearwire, Parade, an energy company called Avista, and many more.

Sydney Sweeney’s Earnings

Some news articles say that Sydney Sweeney’s net worth is about $4 million. She is one of the young Hollywood stars on the rise, and it looks like she will soon be one of the best-paid actresses in the country. Sydney Sweeney brings in more than $ 35,000 a month.

Her main source of income comes from the fact that she is an actor. She started her career when she was very young and has already made a lot of money from movies, TV shows, and web series. Because of how well she did in the entertainment business, she became a big deal on the internet, and her wealth keeps growing. Sydney Sweeney makes more than $400,000 a year.

Sydney Sweeney’s Boyfriend

Sweeney’s longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Davino, is a restaurant owner in Chicago. Since February 2022, Sweeney and Davino have been engaged.

Career in Television

Sweeney made her acting debut in 2009. After that, she was in the pilot episode of the NBC police drama “Chase.” She also appeared in an episode of “90210,” the fourth show in the popular “Beverly Hills, 90210” franchise. Sweeney later appeared in episodes of the TV shows “Kickin’ It” on Disney XD, “Grey’s Anatomy” on ABC, “The Middle” on NBC, and “Pretty Little Liars” on Freeform.

2018 was Sweeney’s best year so far. First, she was in the Netflix show “Everything Sucks!,” which was about two groups of high school students in Oregon in the 1990s.

Emaline Addario, a junior in drama club, was the main role that Sweeney played. Jahi Di’Allo Winston, Peyton Kennedy, Patch Darragh, Quinn Liebling, and Elijah Stevenson were also in the cast. Later in 2018, Sweeney played Alice, a roommate of Amy Adams’ character who she meets at a psychiatric facility, in the HBO miniseries “Sharp Objects.” Alice is a recurring character.

Sweeney read about girls with mental illness and went to hospitals where people who hurt themselves were being treated. Sweeney had another recurring role in the same year. She played the religious Eden Spencer on the dystopian Hulu show “The Handmaid’s Tale.” After that, in 2019, she started playing Cassie Howard, the main character on the HBO teen drama series “Euphoria.” In 2021, she was in “The White Lotus,” an HBO miniseries that got a lot of praise.


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Career in Film

Sweeney was in movies like “The Ward,” which was a supernatural horror movie directed by John Carpenter, and “Spiders 3D,” which was a science-fiction monster movie. “Angels in Stardust,” “The Martial Arts Kid,” “Stolen from Suburbia,” “Cassidy Way,” “The Horde,” “Vikes,” and “Dead Ant” are some of the movies he worked on after that.

In 2018, Sweeney was in “Relentless,” “The Wrong Daughter,” and “Along Came to the Devil,” where he was the main character. She also had a small part in “Under the Silver Lake,” a neo-noir thriller with Andrew Garfield. The next year, Sweeney was in three big movies: “Big Time Adolescence,” a comedy about coming of age, “Clementine,” a romantic drama, and “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” a revisionist historical drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. In the last movie, Sweeney played a member of the Manson family named Snake.

In 2020, Sweeney was in the supernatural horror movie “Nocturne,” which was the fourth film in the “Welcome to the Blumhouse” series. She played Juliet Lowe, a pianist in her senior year of high school who gets very jealous of her twin sister, who was played by Madison Iseman. After that, Sweeney was the main character in the erotic thriller “The Voyeurs” and had a small part in the thriller “Night Teeth.”

Other Projects

Sweeney has also been in short films like “Takeo”, “Night Blind”, “Held”, “Love Made Visibly”, “The Unborn”, and “It Happened Again Last Night”. She has also been in the music video for Halsey’s song “Graveyard,” which came out in 2019. Sweeney also works as an executive producer for Fifty-Fifty Films, her own production company.

What is the Net Worth of Sydney Sweeney?

Sydney Sweeney has a net worth of about $7,000,000.