Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner Breakup: The Iconic Relationship That Ended Too Soon


Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner Breakup

Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner Breakup: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were among the most iconic couples of the 2000s. The relationship between the two Taylors began in the fall of 2009 and lasted until the end of the year. Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, Taylor swift is an American singer. She has produced songs such as Anti-hero, Love story, You belong with me, and Look what you made me do that get people moving.

Taylor Lautner is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-born actor. He is well-known for portraying Jacob Black in the Twilight series trilogy. He also appeared in the action-packed picture Abduction and the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.

How They Started Dating

The two Taylors first met on the set of Garry Marshall’s romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. Taylor Lautner performed the role of Willy’s devoted high school sweetheart, Felicia, in the film Love Story.

Taylor swift acknowledged that they became closer after the film’s release, but she dismissed rumors of a romantic relationship, stating that she has chosen to remain single. Many rumor sites paired them and began to refer to them as the Taylor Squad.

Later, the musician released the song Monologue, confirming dating rumors. Swift acknowledged their connection in October 2009 by blowing a kiss, waving, winking, and mouthing “Hi” to the Twilight Series star at one of her live concerts.

Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner Breakup

Their Public Appearances

From September through November, the couple was frequently spotted together in public. Even at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, they were seen embracing one another.

The duo also went on a date to a hockey game, for which Lautner skipped his Twilight Eclipse closing party in Vancouver and traveled to Los Angeles.

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Before this date, the couple was observed at numerous other sporting events, where Taylor Lautner attempted to avoid the cameras but Taylor Swift did not mind the spotlight.

Relationship Downfall

The singer of The Love Story was only 19 and turned 20 that December and the actor of Twilight were only 17 when they began dating. They were both adolescents at the time. Receiving so much attention at such a young age impacted their relationship.
They appeared to be a perfectly happy couple, but nobody knew their true story. Lautner asserts that he was the one who favored Swift more. He also stated that he was exerting more effort than the singer in their relationship.

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In one of his 2009 appearances on Saturday Night Live, the actor quipped that when Kanye West stormed off during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, he failed to protect her.

Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner Breakup

End of Their Relationship

Their romance ended at the end of the year as well. Even if it is unclear who canceled the event, it is obvious that it was Taylor Swift. The singer was never as invested as the actor, so it seems natural that she quit the relationship.

Almost a year after their split, she recorded a song titled “return to December” in which she expressly lamented her decision to end the relationship. The lyrics of the song made it clear to listeners that the song was written for Taylor Lautner.

“So this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you apologizing for that night; I go back to December all the time; it turns out freedom is nothing but missing you; I wish I had appreciated what I had while you were mine”

Even after a year of dating, it was evident that the singer was unable to move on from her boyfriend because, in one of her interviews for Ladies’ Home Journal, she admitted to having a crush on Taylor Lautner.

In one of his 2016 appearances with Entertainment Tonight, Taylor Lautner described his relationship with the musician as positive. He continued by describing those months as enjoyable.

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