The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained: What Just Happened?


The third season of The Boys is concluded, and that finale was chock-full of options, wasn’t it? Spoilers for The Boys’ season 3 finale are forthcoming.

From the explosive three-episode premiere (literally) to the insane “Herogasm” episode, to everything else that followed, The Boys Season 3 was an excellent addition to the show and not only advanced the character’s stories but also had a truly worth-discussing conclusion, proving that it is one of the best shows on Amazon Prime.

If you want to discuss The Boys Season 3’s conclusion and all the decisions taken, which will undoubtedly impact Season 4 when it premieres, stay tuned and head down below.

Hughie Chose Not To Take V24

A major narrative point in Season 3 of The Boys was Temp V, a new temporary version of Compound V that would be temporary for anyone who takes it and was initially intended for the military; nonetheless, Hughie and Butcher have taken it multiple times.

This resulted in a heated dispute with Annie, as Hughie’s intention in using Temp V was to feel powerful enough to protect her. Annie, on the other hand, did not appreciate how he was constantly interfering and putting himself in danger, and this difference of view caused a significant rift between the couple throughout the season.

Annie discovers that Temp V can physically kill a person, and she informs Butcher. Upon hearing this, Butcher decides to leave Hughie behind, knocking him unconscious before he travels to New York with Soldier Boy.

When Annie tells them that Temp V is fatal, he recognizes what Butcher did for him and meets Annie. While in the car with her, he apologizes for going against her desires and admits that for the longest time he did not understand what true strength was. He recounts how, following the death of his mother, his father would prepare pizza rolls for him and how, at the time, he considered this to be a sign of weakness. However, he now recognizes that as actual strength.

In the end, when he appears to be debating whether or not to take a dose of Temp V to aid Annie in her battle against Soldier Boy, he decides against doing so. Instead of taking Temp V, he chooses to be there for Annie by giving her additional electricity and enhancing her abilities.

Maeve Chose To Risk Her Life And Her Powers To Save Everyone Else

Maeve was held captive in Vought’s tower for a significant amount of this season of The Boys, therefore she was essentially gone. She can escape custody and join forces with The Boys, Butcher, Annie, and Soldier Boy to defeat Homelander.

However, the conflict between Homelander and Soldier Boy swiftly evolved into a battle between Homelander and Soldier Boy, with Maeve focusing mostly on Homelander. She sacrificed herself because she understood that if Soldier Boy launched another burst of his powers, the entire building would fall, killing thousands of innocents.

She dove at Soldier Boy and threw him out the window, causing his explosion to occur in the air rather than the building. And while it appeared at first that she had been murdered, it turns out that she survived, though her powers have been suppressed and the rest of the world believes she is dead.

Despite this, she saved countless lives. Thankfully, she received a nice ending. Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys, revealed to Collider that they never intended to kill her.

Butcher Chose To Fight Against Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy was a terrific addition to the program, but he was not a stable individual. Butcher has been on Team Soldier Boy all season because he feels Soldier Boy is the key to eliminating Homelander. And it is in the final episode that Butcher becomes aware of how deranged Soldier Boy is.

Ryan, the son of Homelander, seeks to defend his father as Soldier Boy attacks him, but Soldier Boy instead blasts Ryan away. Butcher, who has had a complicated season thus far, switches sides at this time.

Not only did Soldier Boy brazenly attack an innocent child, but it was Ryan, Butcher’s wife’s son, whom he likely still feels bound to protect, despite telling Ryan in Episode 3 that he was responsible for his wife’s murder.

After that, he engages in combat alongside Soldier Boy, putting up a respectable fight against the others. The doctor’s assessment following Butcher’s collapse in Vought is that he has months to live. At least he eventually changed his mind; let’s hope this implies he’ll find a solution next season.

Homelander Chose To Take Out Black Noir For Keeping Secrets From Him

I continue to maintain that Homelander is the very worst to this day. He has done the worst deeds and inflicted the most harm of all the supremes. Therefore, it is not surprising that he did some stunning things in The Boy’s season three finale.

Soldier Boy is Homelander’s biological father, and Homelander eventually discovers that Black Noir was aware of this fact for years. This revelation was a major bombshell in Season 3. Homelander confronts him about this upon his return to Vought, and when Black Noir confirms his knowledge, Homelander becomes enraged and punches Black Noir in the gut.

It’s a shame because Season 3 is when we first learned Black Noir’s backstory and why he’s the way he is, after years of sitting in the dark. And now, Homelander had to simply eliminate him.

In The Boys comics, Black Noir is revealed to be a clone of Homelander, and fans have speculated that they may bring Black Noir back in this manner. Nevertheless, Erik Kripke stated that there are currently no plans to do so, according to a separate Collider interview.

Annie Chose To Become One Of The Boys

Annie’s departure from Vought was another major event in Season 3 of The Boys, and at the end of the season’s finale, we see her officially discarding her disguise and joining Hughie and the rest of the squad.

This is a huge victory for The Boys, as Starlight has lately learned that she can fly if she has enough electricity, as proved by Hughie turning on all the lights to help her. In light of this, she may be a crucial member of this team, and it’s all due to that incident. I, for one, cannot wait to see her as a member of The Boys and to see her and Hughie finally join forces.

Honorable Mentions: Ashley, The Deep, Kimiko, And Frenchie

  • Ashley, the CEO of Vought, saw the video footage of Maeve being alive, but she decided to delete it without informing anyone at Vought that Maeve is alive. Maeve will presumably be able to retire in peace, as she will be recognised as a hero.
  • Therefore, The Deep chose an octopus over his wife. But he also chose to comply with Homelander’s instruction to drown Vice Presidential nominee candidate Lamar Bishop in his pool. This prepares the way for Victoria Newman, who is also a supreme, to assume that role.
  • Kimiko decided near the end of the season to have French re-inject her with Compound V so she can aid in the fight against Homelander and later Soldier Boy. Frenchie initially dislikes the concept, but she realises that they are family, and as long as they have each other, she will be fine. That’s quite a lot for a conclusion, and it was certainly action-packed, but this only gets me more interested for Season 4. Commence the countdown!