The Cleaning Lady Season 2: When Did They Release You Season 2?


The Cleaning Lady Season 2

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The cleaning lady is an American television show and a crime drama series. Miranda Kwok has created an excellent crime drama series. The series is classified as a crime drama. Because the show originated in the United States, its language is English. As of now, the series has only had one season available for streaming, totaling ten episodes.

Mark composed the music for the series. The film lasts approximately 43 minutes. The series’ original network is Fox, and it premiered on January 3rd, 2022. Thus, this is a new show that has been created and is entirely based on the crime series.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2

When Will The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Be Released?

Fans are already anticipating an official announcement regarding the series’ release date. After season one, they fell in love with the show because it is a crime-based dramatic show that premiered this year in January. Cleaning lady season 1 arrived on Jan 3, 2022, we expect that the release date of cleaning lady season 2 will be released on 26 December 2022 according to season 1 release date.

Thus, according to the official announcement that has been received and announced, no such statement regarding the release date of season two of the series has been made.

They had not yet made a statement regarding the second season of the cleaning lady. No official announcement has been made, and no indication of a release date has been made. However, the real expectation is that the season to update will arrive soon, and we will keep you updated on those details as well.

The cast of The Cleaning Lady Season 2

The show’s main cast includes:

  • Elodie Yung plays Thony De La Rosa.
  • Adan Canto plays Arman Morales.
  • Fiona De La Rosa plays Martha Millanas
  • Shiva Negar plays Isabel Barsamian.
  • Oliver Hudson plays Garrett Miller.
  • Ivan Shaw plays Marco De La Rosa.
  • Sean Lew as Chris \sFaith Bryant as Jaz

Where to Watch The Cleaning Lady Season 2

Fans have a constant demand for a platform that allows them to easily watch the entire show and is also available for free online. Always prefer free shows. The Cleaning Lady is not available on Amazon Prime Video. The Cleaning Lady will not be included in Amazon Prime Video’s free offerings. It is not included in your Prime membership, which is unsurprising. The show is a FOX production.

Hulu makes FOX episodes available the day after they air on the network. Additionally, there were numerous inquiries from fans regarding the show’s availability on Netflix. To be clear, because this is a new television show, it is not available on the Netflix media platform. Netflix has not updated this show’s page on the site as of yet.

Reviews and Ratings for The Cleaning Lady Season 2

Fox came in second place with a 0.6 rating and 4.4 million total viewers. At 8 p.m., “9-1-1: Lone Star” premiered its third season to a 0.7 rating and 5.3 million total viewers. It was the network’s highest-rated new drama in two years, with a 0.5 rating and 3.6 million viewers.

Ratings and Reviews

Although The Cleaning Lady has not yet reached the rating heights of Fox’s 9-1-1 or 9-1-1: Lone Star, the freshman series got off to a strong start and maintained some respectable ratings throughout its ten-episode first season. According to The Futon Critic, the series premiere was Fox’s highest-rated new drama debut in two years, with a 0.5 rating and 3.6 million live+same-day viewers.

It was Fox’s highest-rated debut since 9-1-1: Lone Star in 2020, which benefited from its status as a spinoff of an existing hit show and its time slot following an NFL game. Since the premiere, The Cleaning Lady’s ratings have fluctuated, although a few episodes have outperformed the premiere, which is quite a feat considering that premieres and finales typically draw larger audiences than regular episodes.

Additionally, when delayed viewing is taken into account, The Cleaning Lady typically sees significant increases in ratings and audience size. Consider the following averages (via SpoilerTV) for the Live+Same day totals from the initial broadcast, Live+3 following three days of delayed numbers, and Live+7 following seven days:

  • Live+Same: 0.5
  • Live+3: 0.7 (rise of 40%)
  • Live+7: 0.8 (rise of 60%)

Again, The Cleaning Lady is not sweeping the rating board with those delayed totals, but those are respectable increases that make it a reasonably strong performer for Fox. The totals for audience size tell a similar story:

  • Live+Same: 3.35 million
  • Live+3: 4.99 million (rise of 49%)
  • Live+7: 5.45 million (rise of 62%)

We can’t say for certain whether these numbers are sufficient to guarantee a renewal, but I would wager that if The Cleaning Lady is canceled, it will not be due to rating disappointment on Fox’s part. Overall, the ratings and viewership indicate that a Season 2 is a possibility.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2


The second season of The Cleaning Lady Thus, show premiered only this year, and as of now, there has been only one season and ten episodes in total.

The majority of the information we’ve shared with you in the preceding article pertains to release date updates and the cancellation of the series’ renewal. As soon as the season’s release date or any other information becomes available, you will be notified. Visit our website Theshahab.com and check back frequently for additional updates and details.