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The cowboys for the No. 1 seed are still alive

The Dallas Cowboys NFL’s talk this week, but they’re still watching Green Bay Packers At NFC.

It is very important to get No. 1 spot in the expanded playoff field. Only one team will get the bag. There is a reason why teams that get the bag under the old format have a better record. Things will be even more favorable for the No. 1 seed going forward.

Can Cowboys Get All Important No.1 Seed? Yes, but they are strongly rooted Minnesota Vikings Then the last two weeks at the Detroit Lions.

Green Bay, which is 12-3, hosts the Vikings this week, and then ends up in Detroit. Two wins and they are ranked No. 1. One loss could equate them with the Dallas, Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, There are four losses in all. Then the cowboys door opens.

If the Cowboys win and the Packers lose a game, the Cowboys become the No. 1 seat. They are 9-1 in conference games and the Packers are 8-2 (there will be one more loss in this situation). The Rams have four conference losses and the Buchanans have three. The Buccaneers win a two-team tiebreaker against the Cowboys due to a 1-week win, but it only takes effect if it is a two-team tie over the NFC.

(Yahoo Sports graphics by Michael Vauxhaf)

(Yahoo Sports graphics by Michael Vauxhaf)

Cowboys do not seem to be guaranteed to win. They face the Arizona Cardinals this week and end up with the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams will advance to the play-off round if this season ends today. But all Dallas can do is win and hope Minnesota or Detroit can help them against the Green Pack.

Here are the biggest games for the 17th week of the playoffs:

Rams in the Ravens

The Ravens are not dead in the playoff race, but it may be the last call they make to get inside. A failure here will really push them backwards. Meanwhile, the Rams are in great shape to win the NFC West and will need a lot of help to get the No. 1 seed.

Leaders in Bengal

Earlier this season, the Titans beat the Cheyenne 27-3. It’s even more important because the leaders have a game lead over the Titans to top the AFC, but the Titans have a tiebreaker. Once Tennessee wins and Kansas City loses, the leaders will play a wild card over the weekend. If the Bengal team wins, the AFC will capture the North team.

Riders in the Golds

Somehow the riders are still alive in the wild card race. The news that Carson Vents may miss this game for the Golds will not hurt the Raiders’ chances of pulling the trigger and staying in the mix. The Golds are in great shape to go to the playoffs, but have yet to win.

Dolphins in the Titans

Miami’s drive to the playoffs After starting 1-7 Rolling. If the Dolphins win, including a win against the Patriots in the 18th week, they will make the playoffs against New England. Crazy. Tennessee still expects the No. 1 spot in the AFC, so they will be rooted for the Bengals to beat the leaders.

Broncos at Chargers

In the 16th week no team has dropped more of its playoff odds than the Chargers. According to Contradictions of football outsiders, After the defeat to Texans, the chances of the Chargers playoffs dropped to 41.4 percent. They now have 36.6 percent to get a wild card, and they do not want to risk losing again to the Broncos this week, which has not yet been mathematically eliminated, but will require a miracle for the playoffs.

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