The Head Season 2 Release Date: What is It About? Everything We Know


The Head Season 2 Release Date

If you think the pandemic lockdown was difficult, you need only watch the HBO thriller series ‘The Head.’ The show will alleviate your feelings of isolation because its protagonists have it much worse. It focuses primarily on ten individuals who gather at a South Pole research station. They are committed to saving the world from an imminent threat resulting from climate change.

To implement their plan, they must spend six months in the winter darkness of this remote corner of the globe. As eerie as it sounds, the situation provokes a secret killer within the group to attack the other members.

The entire story is recounted in flashbacks by the survivors. The first season of ‘The Head’ unnerved audiences in a manner that prompted them to wonder what would happen next; therefore, we’re here to provide an update on ‘The Head season 2.

The Head Season 2 Release Date

The Head Season 1 premiered on HBO Max on February 4, 2021. It consists of six episodes, each of which is longer than 50 minutes.

Prior to its release on HBO Max, the series debuted on HBO and HBO Go in Spain and a few other countries on June 12, 2020. The first season replicates the internal state of those affected by the lockdown, which viewers found oddly soothing.

Here is what we know about the possibility of its renewal for another season. The untold story of a murderer who destroys a South Pole research mission is the driving force behind the show’s plot.

Six episodes later, the show concludes with full disclosure of the events that transpired during the unsettling six-month period of darkness. This implies that there is no possibility of its continuation. Given this, it is unlikely that the second season of ‘The Head’ will ever be produced.

The Head Cast: Who is in it?

The cast of ‘The Head’ includes international talents such as Alexandre Willaume as Johan Berg, the head of the Research Station, and Laura Bach as Johan’s wife Annika, who remains for the winter stretch. Arthur Wilde is portrayed by John Lynch, who is most known for his part in “The Fall.” ‘Money Heist’ actor Alvaro Morte portrays Ramón, the chef, in the film.

Tomohisa Yamashita, a Japanese actor, portrays the role of Aki Kobayashi. Katharine O’Donnell plays a crucial part as one of Winter’s surviving physicians, Maggie Mitchell. Famous for her performance in ‘The Rain’ Heather is portrayed by Danish-American performer Amelia Hoy (or Hy). Richard Sammel, Sandra Andreis, and Hannes Fohlin are among the other cast members.

The Head Plot: What is it About?

“The Head” is a survival thriller set amid the bleak winter solitude of Antarctica. The sun will soon set for six months, which is also the deadline for the Winterers to complete their research on climate change.

The group remains in the Polaris VI Antarctic Research Station under the direction of the famous scientist Arthur Wilde.

At the onset of spring, however, seasonal leader Johan Berg realizes to his horror that the squad has disbanded, with half of its members either dead or gone. As evidenced by the reports, a murderer is responsible for this catastrophe, and Annika, Johan’s wife, is nowhere to be found. He must then seek answers from Maggie, the group’s lone survivor.

The Head Season 2 Trailer


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