The Kissing Booth 4: When Will It Be Released?


the kissing booth 4

Will Joey King make an appearance in the next Kissing Booth segment? Is it possible that the Kissing Booth may make a fourth appearance? How can I locate Kissing Booth 4 inside the United States of America organization? Or has the show been relocated to another organization? We should observe.

Based on the 2012 film of the same name and the novel of the same name by Beth Reekles. The Kissing Booth is a lighthearted comedy film directed by an American teenager.

The Kissing Booth’s third installment was the series’ final installment. It departed on August 11, 2021. Even though it has been confirmed that there will be no further installments, some fans argue that The Kissing Booth 3 was not the best conclusion to the series. As they say, The Kissing Booth 4 is critical, if only to provide a satisfactory conclusion to the series.

the kissing booth 4

The Kissing Booth 4 is a non-event, with everyone from the stars to the author of the books referring to it as the conclusion of the story. However, assuming history teaches us anything – particularly about massively effective film establishments – one can never say never.

This may explain why the film received bad reviews. On audit aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 21% commendation rating based on 19 surveys, with a 3.4/10 average rating. According to survey aggregator Metacritic, which examined eight audits and determined a weighted average of 36 out of 100, The Kissing Booth 3 received “mostly foreboding audits.”

The Kissing Booth 4: When Will It Be Released?

Given that Netflix has not yet publicly approved The Kissing Booth 4, it is difficult to predict when the series will launch. On the other hand, the Kissing Booth 3 sequel may not see the light of day for some time if the streaming giant decides to make it. Apart from a full schedule of Netflix projects, writers will also be tasked with creating an original story for the streaming giant.

This will not be an issue, as the threequel concluded with a time jump that effectively liberates them from the confines of their real-life ages when portraying younger characters.

The cast of The Kissing Booth 4

Joey King and Joel Courtney reprise their roles as best friends Shelly and Lee Flynn in Part 4. Therefore, take a peek at the film’s cast list here;

  • Joey King stars as Shelly “Elle” Evans
  • Joel Courtney stars as Lee Flynn
  • Jacob Elordi stars as Noah Flynn
  • Meganne Young stars as Rachel
  • Stephen Jennings stars as Mike Evans
  • Chloe Williams stars as Joni Evans
  • Carson White stars as Brad Evans
  • Michelle Allen stars as Heather
  • Joshua Eady stars as Tuppen

the kissing booth 4

The plot of The Kissing Booth 4

Lee has returned to Los Angeles following the completion of ‘The Kissing Booth 3’ and is planning to marry Rachel. Noah is a Harvard law graduate who has received job offers from farms in New York and Los Angeles, while Elle is employed by an independent video game company. In the concluding minutes, Elle and Noah embark on a motorcycle ride together.

Elle and Noah may form a relationship in the hypothetical fourth film, providing viewers with the answers they appear to be seeking.

Alternatively, as previously said, the film may focus on a different cast. This time, the narrative may be told from the perspective of a male character.

Alternatively, the following films may center on a same-sex relationship. The ‘The Kissing Booth’ films have always been neglected by critics, but ‘The Kissing Booth 4’ may change that.

The Kissing Booth 4 Trailer

Netflix has yet to release a full teaser for part 4, however, the phrase “The Kissing Booth four is in the [body] bag” hinted at an unannounced release date.


There is still a chance for Kissing Booth 4 to come to the big screen, but in the meantime, enjoy the first season on Sling TV, Starz, Vudu, Netflix, Youtube, and MTV. The show received a 6.1 rating on IMDB and a 96 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.