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The Net Worth of Shakira: What happened to Shakira and Piqué’s Relationship?

Shakira is a legendary singer and entertainer. She was one of the best-selling artists of all time and a global and Latino pop phenomenon.

Fans have noticed a strange addition to Shakira’s YouTube videos.

A robot may be seen in the background of the Latina hitmaker’s “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa),” “Hips Don’t Lie,” and “GIRL LIKE ME” videos.


Early Life

On 2 February 1977, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born in Colombia. Shakira is Arabic for “thankful” The only child of Nidia Ripoll Torrado and William Mebarak Chadid was a female. Her father was born in New York, where her family escaped the Lebanon conflict.

At age 5, Shakira’s father emigrated from Venezuela to Colombia. On her mother’s side, she’s Italian and Spanish (Catalan and Castilian). She was raised in a Catholic home and attended Catholic schools throughout her early life. She has eight older half-brothers and sisters from her father’s previous marriage.

Shakira net worth

Growing up on Barranquilla, Colombia’s northern Caribbean coast, Shakira “La Rosa De Cristal” was her first poetry at age 4. She admired her father’s handwriting as a youngster and asked for a typewriter for Christmas. Her first one was at age 7 and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Time turned poetry into tunes.

Shakira’s parents brought her to a Middle Eastern restaurant when she was 4 to hear the Doumbek, an Arabic drum often accompanied by belly dance. Through studying belly dance, she discovered she wanted to be a performer.

She was known as the “belly dancer girl” at school because she performed every Friday. She sang for schoolmates and instructors. In second grade, her vibrato was too powerful for the chorus. The teacher said she sounded like a goat. Shakira’s ADHD caused her to be sent out of class repeatedly.

Shakira began performing at local gatherings in Barranquilla between the ages of 10 and 13. Monica Ariza, a local theatrical producer, helped establish her career. Ariza persuaded Sony Colombia record boss Ciro Vargas to let Shakira audition in the hotel lobby. Vargas liked Shakirah, but not Sony’s song and artist director. Vargas arranged for Sony Colombia officials to attend her audition in Bogota. She was supposed to surprise them. Three tracks got her a three-album contract.


Dancing with the Stars (including “Magia”) was Shakira’s first album, published in June 1991 at 13. Her music collection dates back to when she was eight. Surprisingly, just 1,200 copies were sold globally, despite positive reviews from Colombian radio. Her second album, “Peligro,” failed too.

Both “Pies Descalzos” and “Donde Estan Los Ladrones?” hit in Spanish-speaking nations. Shakira’s fifth album “Laundry Service” was in English (2001). In addition to “Whenever, Wherever,” “Underneath Your Clothes” went to number one worldwide.

Her Spanish albums “Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1″ (2005), “Sale el Sol” (2010), and “El Dorado” (2017) all topped the Billboard Top Latin Albums lists. Her English albums “Oral Fixation Vol. 2” (2005), “She Wolf” (2009), and “Shakira” (2014) all went gold, platinum, or multi-platinum internationally. Her songs “La Tortura,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Beautiful Liar,” “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa),” “Loca,” and “Chantaje” have been number one in numerous countries. In 2013 and 2014, Shakira was a coach on “The Voice.”

Shakira has sold more than 125 million records worldwide, second only to Gloria Estefan. She is Colombia’s best-selling singer.

She’s won

  • 3 Gra
  • 13 Latin Grammys
  • 4 MTV Video Music Awards
  • 7 Billboard Music Awards
  • 39 Billboard Latin Music Awards
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame star
  • 2009 Billboard the Decade’s Top Female Latin Artist

Shakira is a popular singer. She’s the most-streamed Latin artist on Spotify and one of three women with  2-billion-view YouTube videos.

  • 1994 El oasis
  • 2002 Popstars Brazil, Taina
  • 2005 7 vidas
  • 2007 Pies Descalzos Foundation
  • 2009 Ugly Betty
  • 2010 Wizards of Waverly Place
  • 2011 Dora and Friends: Into the City, Hagamos que Salga El Sol, A Day with Shakira
  • 2013–2014 The Voice Seasons 4 and 6
  • 2014 Dreamland Episode: “3”
  • 2016 Zootopia
  • 2020 Miss Americana, Global Goal: Unite for Our Future, The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II
  • 2022 Dancing With Myself 2002, Shakira: The Documentary Film

Personal Life

From 2000 through 2011, Shakira dated Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rua. In a 2009 interview, she stated they were “like a married couple” and “they don’t need paperwork“.

When they divorced, de la Rua managed Sharkira’s company and career. He sued Shakira for $100 million in the autumn of 2012 after she ended their business collaboration in October 2011. In August 2013, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected his complaint.

Shakira dated Gerard Piqué in 2011. He plays for Barça and Spain. She’s 10 years younger. He met her in the spring of 2010 when he was featured in the music video for her song “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)“.

Milan was born on January 22, 2013, and Sasha on January 29, 2015. It’s a Barcelona pair.


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”Just with a kiss they heal everything and make it worth continuing to fight for them! Happy day to all the mothers! ❤️ With one kiss they can cure it all and make it worth your while to keep fighting for them. Happy Mother’s Day! ”

Her father brought her to an orphanage as a youngster to teach her appreciation.

She thought, “When I’m famous, I’ll assist these youngsters.”

Shakira founded Pies Descalzos, which helps disadvantaged Colombian children.

As an unrealistic interest, Shakira declared her completion of an Ancient Philosophy course at the University of Pennsylvania in 2020.

Net Worth

Shakira is a $300 million Colombian music star. Shakira is a singer-songwriter-producer-belly dancer-philanthropist. She has sold over s125 million albums and singles worldwide, making her one of the most successful female vocalists ever.

  • Shakira signed a $300 million, 10-year contract with Live Nation in 2008.
  • Shakira made $12 million on “The Voice” in 2013.

Financial dispute

2017’s Paradise Papers were titled, Shakira. She had a Malta-based company that sold $30 million in music rights. Her attorneys insisted it was legal.

The Paradise Papers prompted a Spanish investigation into Shakira’s finances in 2018.

Prosecutors alleged she didn’t pay Spanish taxes from 2012 to 2014 while living with Piqué’s family. Shakira stated she lived in the Bahamas and toured the world. A Spanish court found “criminal evidence” against Shakira in July 2021.

Shakira reportedly registered for three offshore companies in 2019. Informed that this was filed to dissolve existing companies, not establish new ones, The Spanish authorities knew of their existence but had no income or activities.

shakira net worth

Real Estate

Shakira’s Miami home sold for $11.6 million in 2018. The 20,726-square-foot Miami home overlooks the sea and boasts 100 feet of Biscayne Bay frontage.

The 8,708-square-foot home includes 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. Michael Bay and Matt Damon are neighbors.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is the age of Shakira’s husband?

They were born on the same day, February 2, but are 10 years apart; Shakira is 42 and Piqué is 32.

Where can I find Shakira right now?

Since the Coronavirus epidemic, Shakira has been spending most of her time in the exclusive Pedralbes neighborhood of Barcelona, which is where she now resides. She is also a property owner in Miami Beach, Uruguay, and the Bahamas, which is exactly what you would anticipate from one of the most recognized top performers in the world.

What happened to Shakira and Piqué’s relationship?

shakira net worth

I’m happy for you, @3gerardpique, congratulations! Shakira is presently on vacation with their two boys, Sasha, 5, and Milan, 8, according to Piqué’s debut Twitch video. Meanwhile, Piqué has stayed in Barcelona upon his return to duty with his team to begin the new LaLiga season.


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