Top 5 RTS Games for Android in 2023!


Best RTS Games on Android: You might be surprised to learn that many of the best RTS games can be played right on your Android phone.

Many of these games are PC ports that we think are best played on one of our favorite cheap Android tablets, but there are also a lot of great games that were made just for mobile devices.

Some of these RTS games are great no matter what genre they’re in, but we’ve gone the extra mile to find the best ones for RTS fans. We’ve found an RTS game for everyone, from PC classics like Rome: Total War to the quirky and minimalist Rymdkapsel.

Cultist Simulator

Best RTS Games on Android

One of the best card games on Android, Cultist Simulator is played in real-time, which is different from most other card games. You’ll go on a Lovecraftian adventure in Cultist Simulator, where you’ll call up ghosts, meet gods, and trick the authorities.

Even though it might not look like an RTS at first, you’ll soon be caught in a web of plots and lies that require a lot of strategic thinking. Managing your resources well is important, but if you don’t react well to something, you might find that you lose control.

Cultist Simulator is fun in part because it doesn’t have a tutorial. You’ll have to play and fail until you figure out how the game works. It’s harsh, engrossing, and awesome.

Rusted Warfare

Don’t be put off by the fact that Rusted Warfare has very old-school graphics. It brings back memories of games like “Total Annihilation” and “Supreme Commander,” in which players had to control huge armies to win.

Rusted Warfare does a great job of bringing these features to mobile, which makes it one of the best strategy games on Android. It doesn’t waste time with a fancy interface or pretty animations. This game is for people who just want a classic real-time strategy game on their phones.

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Rusted Warfare gives players a huge number of buildings and units to control, but at first, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. But the way the units and buildings are set up makes sense, so you can quickly build huge armies. This wouldn’t be very useful, though, if you couldn’t control them.

Rusted Warfare makes RTS controls easier to use on touchscreens so that you can send your troops into battle with just a few taps.

Rome: Total War

Total War has been around for a long time, and one of the best and oldest games in the series is now on the Play Store.

With the Android port of Rome: Total War, players can enjoy this great game on a touch screen thanks to a brand new user interface and smartly redesigned controls.

It’s a great example of how to make a complex RTS game work well on a phone, so it’s easy to command hundreds of soldiers from your phone.

In Rome: Total War, you can play as any of 19 different groups, from Rome to Carthage. During your campaign, you’ll try to take over Europe, North Africa, and the Near East.

The big RTS battles are the most essential part of the game, but the turn-based campaign gives players time to think and plan before their next conquests.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

In Bad North, you take charge of an island kingdom that is under attack by Vikings. During the campaign, you’ll jump between procedurally generated islands to get your people to safety while fighting off waves of axe-wielding marauders.

Missions are long enough to feel satisfying when you complete them but short enough to keep you interested. (Great for your trip!)

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Before each mission starts, you’ll move your troops around the island and give them general orders. There’s no need to micromanage here because each unit is smart enough to figure out how to best follow your orders. Don’t let the cute look fool you; you’ll be knee-deep in Viking blood in a few minutes as your men fight to the death.


Northgard is a new RTS game that has already become a classic. Northgard takes ideas from traditional RTS games like Age of Empires and puts them into a new game. Managing your resources is the key to growing your settlement and sending waves of troops to take over enemy territory.

But harsh winters, wild animals, and the roaming Kraken can quickly destroy a settlement that isn’t ready for them. Here, careful management of a few units is more important than big battles, so every death hurts.

The campaign in Northgard is where players learn about the game’s main factions, but the multiplayer is where this game shines.

Each side focuses on a different way to win, and even though Northgard is easy to learn, it will take a while before you can win most of the time. Don’t be scared off by how unforgiving Northgard is; it’s one of the most competitive and rewarding RTS games you can play on Android.

Usually, RTS games are competitive, but this isn’t always the case. Cultist Simulator is a great example of a game where strategy mechanics are used to telling a story. Try one of the best online multiplayer PvP games for Android if you want a serious competitive experience.

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