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Two people have died after being hit by unusually high waves in Peru after the Tonga volcano erupted

LIMA, Jan 16 (Reuters) – Two people drowned off the coast of northern Peru on Sunday after unusually high tides were reported in several coastal areas following the eruption of an underwater volcano in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday, the Local Civil Defense Authority said on Sunday. .

The Peruvian National Civil Defense Agency (IDCA) said in a statement that two people drowned on Saturday at a beach in the Lombay area.

An underwater volcano erupted on Saturday in Tonga, triggering tsunami warnings and evacuation orders in Japan and causing massive waves in several South Pacific islands, where images on social media show the waves crashing against houses on the beach. read more

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More than 20 Peruvian ports have been temporarily closed as a precautionary measure amid warnings that the volcano could cause unusually high tides, Indeci said.

Taken on January 15, 2022, by the Japanese meteorological satellite Himawari-8, operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency, a satellite image of Hong Kong Tonga-Hunga Habai erupts under a volcanic eruption, according to the National Information Agency. Communications Technology (NICD) and retrieved January 16, 2022 from Reuters. Guide through National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) / REUTERS

Peruvian police said on Twitter that the two victims were found dead by Nylamb Beach police officers. In that tweet, it was reported that “the waves were abnormal” and that it was unsuitable for bathing.

TV footage showed many homes and businesses being flooded by the sea in coastal areas of northern and central Peru.

The Peruvian navy says a tsunami alert has been issued for the Pacific coast.

In Japan, hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated Sunday after waves of more than a meter pounded the coast, NHK reported. read more

Footage on social media shows big waves crashing into coastal homes across several South Pacific islands.

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Report by Marco Aquino, by Hugh Bronstein. Editing by Jane Merriman

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