We Own This City Tv Show Release Date: When Will We Own This City Be Released?


We Own This City

David Simon, an Emmy-winning producer, is returning to the streets of Baltimore with We Own This City, a new drama that delves into the true story of corruption within the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force. This new limited series will mark Simon’s return to HBO.

Fans of HBO’s hit series The Wire are well aware that this is not Simon’s first foray into exposing crime in what is lovingly known as Charm City. Simon, who previously worked as a reporter for The Baltimore Sun for more than 12 years, developed a strong attachment to the city during his time there. Since his journalism days, he has developed a widely acclaimed career in television relaying Baltimore’s tales. He was even nominated for two Emmys for his performance on HBO’s The Corner.

As fans of Simon’s brilliance prepare for another season about the dark side of the Maryland city, they can’t help but wonder if they’re in for more of The Wire or something else new.

We Own This City

What Are We Own This City About?

We Own This City is based on the book of the same name by Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton. It reintroduces The Wire’s creators David Simon and George Pelecanos to Baltimore in 2015, presenting the narrative of police corruption, with the man tasked with resolving the city’s drug and crime crisis (Sgt. Wayne Jenkins) opting to make it work in his and his unit’s favour instead.

According to the show’s official summary, We Own This City will examine “the corruption and moral collapse that occurred in an American city when drug prohibition and mass arrest practises were favoured over actual police work.”

Meanwhile, the teaser depicts a drug raid headed by Sgt. Wayne Jenkins (Jon Bernthal), leads “a plainclothes unit that went fully rogue and began pursuing and plundering people and drug traffickers equally.” We are, without a doubt, excited.

We Own This City plot

HBO explains the following about the plot of We Own This City:

“We Own This City is based on the book by Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton and chronicles the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force, as well as the corruption and moral collapse that befell an American city where drug prohibition and mass arrest were championed at the expense of actual police work.”

For those unfamiliar with the Gun Trace Task Force scandal, it involves nine Baltimore Police Department officers who, according to the Baltimore Sun, spent three years frightening the city’s people. According to Vox, the cops were supposed to be removing firearms and violent criminals from city streets. Rather than that, they committed robberies, conducted irrational searches, worked overtime for the city, and even carried dummy weapons to plant in the event they shot defenseless people.

The former cops in question frequently targeted suspected criminals, believing their statements would be rendered meaningless if they attempted to expose police misconduct. Additionally, the disgraced police committed their crimes only to amass hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We Own This City

We Own This City cast

Jon Bernthal portrays Wayne Jenkins, the ringleader of the task team at the center of the controversy in We Own This City. Bernthal has built a reputation for himself onscreen by portraying rough, threatening villains. His fans may recognize him as Frank Castle in Marvel’s The Punisher and Shane Walsh in The Walking Dead. He’ll also appear in the Showtime series American Gigolo as Julian Kaye, a convicted murderer.

Bernthal is joined by the following cast members as a member of the We Own This City main cast:

Treat Williams is also scheduled to appear on the show as a guest star.

It’s worth noting that We Own This City is directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green. Green has recently gained much attention for his work as director of King Richard.

  • Wunmi Mosaku as Nicole Steele
  • Jamie Hector as Sean M. Suiter
  • McKinley Belcher III as Momodu “G Money” Gondo
  • Darrell Britt-Gibson as Jemell Rayam
  • Josh Charles as Daniel Hersl
  • Dagmara Domińczyk as Erika Jensen
  • Rob Brown as Maurice Ward
  • Don Harvey as John Sieracki
  • David Corenswet as David McDougall
  • Larry Mitchell as Scott Kilpatrick
  • Ian Duff as Ahmed Jackson
  • Delaney Williams as Kevin Davis
  • Lucas Van Engen as Leo Wise

We Own This City Tv Show Release Date

We Own This City will air on HBO on Monday, April 25, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. Additionally, the series will be available to stream on HBO Max at that time. The next five episodes of the limited series will air on Mondays thereafter, with the conclusion episode premiering on May 30.

The series will premiere in the United Kingdom on Sky Atlantic and NOW in June 2022, although no specific date has been confirmed. We will provide an update as soon as we learn more.

How to Observe This City Is Ours

We Own This City is an HBO original film that will be broadcast live on the cable network’s network. Those who do not have access to traditional cable or satellite television can watch the series live on TV streaming sites such as Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV, providing they have an HBO subscription.

We Own This City is also available on HBO Max. HBO subscribers receive complimentary access to HBO Max, but it is also available as a standalone streaming service for $9.99 per month (with advertisements) or $14.99 per month (ad-free). HBO Max subscribers will have access to new episodes of We Own This City as soon as they are broadcast on

How Many Episodes of We Own This City Are There?

We Own This City is a six-part HBO Original Limited Series. The duration of the episodes is unknown at the moment.

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