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 “Weird Al” Yankovic 2022 : Release Date, Cast, Trailer Revealed


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Weird The Al Yankovic Story

In addition to his Harry Potter fame, viewers may now witness Daniel Radcliffe in a role as another cultural phenomenon, Weird Al” Yankovic.

On Tuesday, a teaser trailer for the upcoming Al Yankovic biopic “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” was released.

And in the one-minute clip, Radcliffe lets loose and screams on stage while playing the accordion and flipping his curly mop of hair.

The Cast of Weird Al” Yankovic

After the release of his last movie in 1989, UHF,” Yankovic said, “I made a solemn promise to my fans that I would release a major movie every 33 years, like clockwork.”

“I’m very happy to say that we’re on time.”

They plan to make a movie about his life.

This movie was made in February of 2022.

Harry Potter Fame Daniel Radcliff as”Weird Al” Yankovic

Yankovic told Pitchfork that he had a lot of things to say “Because Daniel Radcliffe is going to play me in the movie, I’m very happy. In the future, people will remember him for this. I have no doubt about it

Some of the other stars are Rainn Wilson, who will play radio legend and Weird Al fan Dr. Demento; Evan Rachel Wood, who will play Madonna; and James Preston Rogers, who will play Hulk Hogan in the movie.

Rest of the cast isn’t known.

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What can I say, I’m full of surprises,” he adds, replete with clear-framed spectacles right out of the 1980s.

Yankovic and Eric Appel collaborated on the screenplay, which was initially unveiled in January. At the time of the announcement, Yankovic claimed he was “extremely ecstatic” with the casting of Radcliffe.

Asked whether he was certain that future generations would remember him for this, he answered, “I have no doubt whatsoever.”

From his rapid ascent to stardom with early successes like “Eat It” and “Like a Surgeon” to his “torrid celebrity love relationships and notoriously wicked lifestyle,” the film “leaves nothing back, exposing every part of Yankovic’s life,” according to a press release.

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Release Date of “Weird Al” Yankovic

There is no set date for release. Nonetheless, we can confirm that the film will eventually be accessible on The Roku Channel.

The biographical comedy film was conceived when “Weird Al” chatted with director Eric Appel about his life tale, which Eric stated to Deadline that he “didn’t believe any of,” but “understood that [they] had to create a film about it.”

According to the publication, Al Yankovic’s documentary “promises to reveal everything about his life, from his upbringing to his stratospheric climb to stardom with early singles like ‘Eat It’ and ‘Like a Surgeon,’ while also touching on his torrid celebrity love relationships and notoriously filthy lifestyle.”

Official Teaser of “Weird Al” Yankovic

Weird Al: The Al Yankovic Story teaser trailer is now available to see.

The film will premiere on The Roku Channel this year.