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What Does This April Fools’ Day Joke Follow for Tom Holland’s Doctor Who?


doctor who tom holland april fools

It’s the second of April, and online users are still being duped by the previous Doctor Who Tom Holland April Fools. The day of tricks may be officially finished, but a lot of the amazing feats are still taking place in virtual entertainment.

However, that is not all. Walkers discovered a new item named “Sandwich Crisps” and Deliveroo announced that it is prohibiting all pineapple pizzas.

The internet was inundated with rumors about Tom Holland’s April Fools joke on Doctor Who, but it was a horrific April Fools that left fans feeling deeply let down.

Tom Holland Has Been Named the New Spider-man

Tom Holland, the actor who plays Spider-Man, was announced as the new Doctor Who on April 1. Everything started as a result of a fake report published by the British sci-fi news website DoctorWhoTV. According to the BBC, Sony Pictures, and Bad Wolf today, 25-year-old Tom Holland will portray the Doctor.

The actor was portrayed as a “very new and current methodology” for the “fresh start reboot” of the show in the incredibly persuasive story.

Holland will give his speech after a few specials that will air in 2023 as part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations, it continued.

doctor who tom holland april fools

That’s What Those Fake Interviews Show You

The article was incredibly convincing—until you read it. It appeared at the top of Google and seemed genuine. In the unlikely event that you weren’t aware that everything was a prank, the fake interviews completely exposed everything. Tom Holland reportedly said: “I’m thrilled to put up my web slingers and acquire the sonic,” as reported by DoctorWhoTV.

I find it difficult to hold on as I lead a brand-new generation on this exhilarating journey through reality. Soon I’ll be attending to business!

Webslingers? Do you have the Sonic? Attending business? Tom would never employ such clumsy wordplay in a formal authority declaration interview. Adding, “OK, it’s valid,” David Tennant I’m here for this last hurrah, just as the stories said! “I’m NOT playing the friend,” Andrew Garfield continued.

The whole thing is a lie, but it undoubtedly fooled a lot of people who use virtual entertainment, many of whom thought Tom Holland would replace Doctor Who.

Fans of Doctor Who Were Disappointed by an April Fool’s Joke!

A British science fiction television series called Doctor Who has been broadcast on the BBC since about 1963. The TV series continues the adventures of The Doctor, an extraterrestrial with all the characteristics of a human.

Jodie Whittaker became the primary female Doctor on television in 2017 and one of the thirteen actors to assume the role since William Hartnell’s introduction. The program’s narrative recalls a transformation for players about the potential for resurrection into a different form.

According to DoctorWhotv, the studio is allegedly seeking to revive the program, and Tom Holland is their first choice to play The Doctor. The site revealed all once the studio provided an authoritative press explanation.

Tom Holland is the New Doctor Who

Even though the trick-or-treating age has long since passed, many of the most well-known jokes are still being posted online for amusement.

Aside from Deliveroo’s announcement that all pineapple pizzas will be banned and Walkers’ new “Sandwich Crisps” product, there have been a few other recent announcements. It was discovered that Tom Holland’s projected role as the next Doctor Who was a terrible April Fool’s hoax, much to the disappointment of many. On April 1, Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, was announced as the new Doctor Who.

Everything began with a phony news article about the British science fiction show that was posted on the DoctorWhoTV website.

doctor who tom holland april fools

It’s Disclosed in Those Phoney Interviews.

The narrative was incredibly alluring and appeared to be very well-researched because it was at the top of Google. before reading it. The fake interviews were a giveaway if you weren’t previously aware that the entire situation was a scam. Tom Holland allegedly told DoctorWhoTV, “I’m past eager to put up my web slingers and acquiring the sonic.” I find it difficult to hold on as I guide a brand-new era through this captivating journey through reality. I’ll be attending to business shortly!

Webslingers? choosing a Sonic? using excessive force? Tom most definitely wouldn’t make these corny jokes in an interview for major news. Also disclosed is David Tennant’s response, which was, “Yes, it’s true. In line with what the reports suggested, I’m staying put for this final flourish. Further clarifying, Andrew Garfield said, “I’m not playing the friend.

Even though the entire thing is blatantly phony, it was successful in deceiving many online entertainment consumers, many of whom believed Tom Holland would replace the current Doctor Who.

They Don’t Hide Anything in Those Fake Interviews

According to DoctorWhoTV, Tom Holland allegedly said, “I’m pleased to hang up my web slingers and acquire the sonic.” I can scarcely wait to share this incredible experience with a different age across the universe. “In the blink of an eye, I’ll be prepared to go full bore!”

Webslingers? Do you plan on receiving the Sonic? The rhythm of forwarding movement? Tom would never use such an unoriginal joke as a proper remark in an interview.

David Tennant makes a comparable statement, “In fact, it’s valid. Despite what you may have heard, I will undoubtedly be back for one final performance.

Additionally, Andrew Garfield called in and said, “I’m 100% NOT playing the mate.” Even though the entire thing is complete nonsense, it managed to deceive a big number of people through online entertainment, and many of them secretly believe that Tom Holland will replace the current Doctor Who.

Fan reactions to Tom Holland’s April Fools’ joke in Doctor Who

Some Doctor Who Tom Holland fans have expressed their tremendous disenchantment on Twitter because the entire thing is an April Fools joke.

Savvy April Fools’ Day Prank Fans

According to today’s reports from the BBC, Sony Pictures, and Bad Wolf, 25-year-old Tom Holland will play the Doctor.

In the profoundly convincing narrative, the actor was portrayed as an “exceptionally innovative and present-day approach” for the “fresh start reboot” of the show.

The statement continued, “Holland will make his presentation following a few specials that will air in 2023 as a part of the 60th commemoration activities.


Soon after, Tom Holland and this information started spreading via online entertainment. When the news first surfaced, fans were ecstatic because they would finally get to see their favorite actor in Doctor Who.