What Became of Dax Tejera… Was He Murdered? Understand the Vaccination Debate


What Happened to Dax Tejera

Dax Tejera, the executive producer of ABC News, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, December 23. He had 37 years of age. The president of ABC News, Kim Godwin, conveyed this shocking news to her staff in a memo with the words “great sadness and a heavy heart.”

Godwin stated that he would elaborate on Dax Tejera’s passing in the coming days. According to the New York Post, Tejera will be missed by his wife, Veronica, and their two young daughters.

He began working for ABC News in 2017. His LinkedIn profile indicates that Tejera has a bachelor’s degree in history. This degree was obtained from Dartmouth College. From 2016 to 2017, he attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Why Did Dax Tejera End Up Dying?

The president of ABC News, Kim Godwin, stated in a note that Dax Tejera died of a “rapid heart attack.” ABC News will not comment further on this topic, which has prompted a massive backlash on social media.

Some people are also claiming that Dax Tejera’s “sudden death” was due to his lack of vaccination.

Dax Tejera’s Vaccination Status and His Cause of Death

There are numerous posts on social media claiming that the shot caused Dax Tejera’s death. Some individuals assert that he passed away despite being fully immunized and otherwise healthy.

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Several individuals also criticized ABC for not providing sufficient information about his death.

Prominent Moments in Dax Tejera’s Professional Life

In 2017, he began working for ABC News as a senior producer. Just prior to the pandemic in February 2020, he was promoted to Executive Producer for This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

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According to Media Moves, the news was distributed via an internal message. During his time as a journalist, he covered numerous significant events, including former President Trump’s meetings with Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin.

He also reported on the riots at the Capitol on January 6. According to his LinkedIn profile, he began working for NBC Universal Media as a News Associate in August 2007.

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