What Happened to Kenny in South Park and Why Did He Die?


What Happened To Kenny In South Park (1)

Kenneth “Kenny” McCormick, along with Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, and Eric Cartman, is a fictional character who appears in the adult animated comedy South Park as one of the four main characters. Matt Stone, co-creator, delivers his speech, which is frequently muddled and difficult to understand due to the parka hood covering his mouth.

He first appeared in The Spirit of Christmas shorts produced by Stone and frequent collaborator Trey Parker in 1992 Jesus vs. Frosty and 1995 Jesus vs. Santa, making his debut on August 13, 1997, following the premiere of South Park. Here is everything you need to know about Kenny in South Park and what happened to him.

What Happened To Kenny In South Park

When South Park first aired, the repeated death of Kenny McCormick was one of the most distinctive and well-known running gags. Up until his “final” demise in season five, the parka-wearing, muffled-voiced child died in every episode.

Since then, the character has returned and continues to die periodically, although the joke is no longer an episode-by-episode given. The primary reason for this is that the killing of Kenny had become tiresome to the show’s creators.

In the intriguing South Park: Post COVID episode, Kenny’s recurring deaths were finally put to rest after 24 seasons.

In the first five seasons of the show, each episode ended with a frequently gruesome joke about Kenny’s death. Kenny appeared at the beginning of the subsequent while Stan and Kyle were reacting to the tragedies. Kenny’s repeated deaths and resurrections constitute one of South Park’s recurring plotlines.

Regardless of how common the joke is, it has not always been a constant. Kenny’s death in season 5, episode 13, “Kenny Dies,” is intended to be final until his resurrection in the season 6 finale, “Red Sleigh Down.” Even though it occurred less frequently, in later episodes Kenny was killed and then resurrected.

What Happened To Kenny In South Park (1)

In episode 14 of season 13, it was revealed that Kenny’s immortality may have been caused by his parents’ affiliation with the Cult of Cthulhu due to a curse that caused his mother to give birth to him the night before his father died. Kenny’s immortality is believed to be limitless.

According to some indications, Kenny’s most tragic demise was irreversible. Kenny cannot be resurrected because Kenny’s mother is too old to be a mother, despite the fact that South Park: Post COVID is set forty years in the future.

South Park Elementary Plus uses Kyle’s house as a temporary refuge due to Stan’s motel stay. The fact that Cartman’s family spends the night at his house indicates that several days have passed since Kenny’s death. The Post COVID special was inspired by Kenny’s death, which prompted all of his friends to investigate his murder.

Given the frequent explanations for Kenny’s childhood rebirths, it makes more sense for him not to resurrect as an adult, despite the ambiguity of the Cthulhu curse’s laws. The fact that Kenny is returning for season 6 only confirms how inevitable his childhood deaths were.

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Therefore, Kenny’s death is final now that he is an adult. South Park remains as relevant as ever while avoiding inconsistencies regarding a child’s murder.

The Changes In The Plot Of South Park After Covid

South Park: Return of COVID featured Kenny’s resurrection as a result of Kyle, Stan, and Cartman going back in time to correct their mistakes.

The epidemic is only one example of how frequently South Park satirizes contemporary cultural phenomena. Prior to Post COVID and the Return of COVID, however, two COVID specials had already been released.

With 12 more South Park specials coming to Paramount+ over the next seven years and a program renewal extending through season 30, South Park had to find a way to keep things interesting. South Park has the opportunity to convey a new message about COVID-19 by portraying Kenny’s death as an inspiring result as opposed to a joke.

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When Kenny reaches adulthood, he becomes a renowned scientist on the verge of discovering a COVID-19 treatment. In fact, there is a suggestion that his removal from the new “Delta Plus Rewards Program” variant was a cover-up. Kenny’s calculations reveal that Randy Marsh’s “Tegridy Weed” is crucial to the treatment, and the gang begins to understand why.

In order to further establish South Park: Post-COVID, Part 2, Kenny’s secret flash drive indicates that he traveled back in time to save his friendships. Stan, Kyle, and Cartman are able to make amends and spread Tegridy Weed’s “pandemic-unique” strain of marijuana as a result of their time travel.

In the end, the quarantine is lifted and Kenny’s life is saved due to Tegridy Weed’s ability to make individuals more empathetic. The answer is not prevention; it is the global epidemic response.

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