When Does Netflix’s Tekken: Bloodline Anime Release Date?


Tekken: Bloddline's Release Date

The Mishima bloodline is still going strong after nine main games, eight spin-offs, three live-action feature films, two animated films, and several appearances in comic books. The infamous family of deadly, self-centered corporates and supernatural martial artists first appeared in the Bandai Namco video game Tekken in 1994. Since then, they have been a major part of every game in the series. Their complicated and violent family history will be at the center of the upcoming anime Tekken: Bloodline, which is based on the popular fighting game series of the same name.

Set between the events of Tekken 2 and the start of Tekken 3, viewers will see the world through the eyes of a young Jin Kazama. This world is full of pain, horror, and years of emotional damage from past generations. People who know the game’s official story know that the character is important in every game after Tekken 3, where he was the main character. Even though the same story was used for the live-action movie Tekken in 2010, which is famous for having a Rotten Tomatoes score of 0%, the recent teasers and trailer for the new anime version make it look much better.

The anime will bring back a number of fan-favorite characters (except for the beloved Mishimas, of course), and the story will be a little different from that of the Tekken video games, as we’ll talk about later. So, while you wait for The King of Iron Fist Tournament to come back, check out everything we know so far about the upcoming Tekken: Bloodline anime series, which we have put together below.

When is Tekken: Bloddline’s Release Date?

The announcement of Tekken: Bloodline on March 19th drew significant interest as Netflix’s next major video game adaptation. Tekken: Bloodline is an animated series set in the Tekken universe that aims to retell some of the most legendary stories from the Tekken franchise. What about Tekken: Bloodline’s release date, though?

For Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022, Tekken: Bloodline was scheduled to be released on June 10th. On the 26th of May, a release regarding Netflix’s geeky event hinted at the show’s debut. In the end, the show didn’t debut, but rather Katsuhiro Harada, the director, and producer of Tekken gave us a sneak peek.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood Book 3 information, a new Arcane trailer, and the launch trailer for Sonic Prime were all shown at the same time.

Tekken: Bloddline's Release Date

Then, on July 19th, a teaser for Tekken: Bloodline was published, confirming the game’s release date as August 18th, 2022.

What is the Netflix Series Tekken Bloodline About?

Bloodline is an anime version of the Tekken fighting game series, which is now streaming on Netflix. The series follows the career of long-time protagonist Jin Kazama, who appears in both Tekken 2 and Tekken 3.

Jin Kazama learned Kazama-style martial arts from his mother, Jun Kazama, who taught him defense and parrying as a child. However, despite his progress in martial arts, Jin was still a young warrior with a lot of room for improvement.

Jun advises her son to flee and find his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima so that he can continue his training. Later, Heihachi instructs him in the more aggressive style of karate known as Mishima.

What Do We Know About the Cast and Crew of Tekken: Bloodline?

It has yet to be officially stated who will be in “Tekken: Bloodline,” but director Yoshikazu Miyao, who previously directed “Magi: Adventure of Sinbad,” recently tweeted that he had worked on the series with Barnstorm Design Labo. Both the “Tokyo Revengers” animated series and the OAV “Code Geass: Akito: Akito the Exiled” were handled by this company.

Tekken: Bloddline's Release Date

The cast of “Tekken: Bloodline,” which includes Isshin Chiba, Mamiko Noto, Taiten Kusunoki, Masanori Shinohara, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Maaya Sakamoto, and Hochu Otsuka, was tweeted out by Netflix Japan Anime Twitter account.

If “Tekken: Bloodline” is anything like the trailers, we’ll be eagerly anticipating its release. It’s not only a one-on-one fighting game but also has a character who is hell-bent on revenge.

Tekken: Bloodline is Based on Which Game Installment?

In the first season of Tekken: Bloodline, Jin Kazama will serve as the protagonist, who will be based on the second and third Tekken games.

After Tekken 2 ends and Tekken 3 is released, this series will take place between the two. The character of Leroy Smith, who first appeared in Tekken 7, will appear in the Netflix trailer.

Is There a Tekken: Bloodline Trailer?

You can see some of the characters, plot, and beautiful graphics and animation in this trailer. Tekken: Bloodline Although it doesn’t seem much like the games in terms of appearance, its beloved characters are still used.