Where is the Listen Linda Kid, Matteo Beltran, Now?


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Do you recall the child who repeatedly told his mother to “Listen, Linda” because she refused to give him a cupcake? The popular video is now seven years ago, while Matteo Beltran is ten. We examine what the Listen Linda child is currently doing.

Listen Linda Video Goes Viral in 2014

The original, cute video featuring a three-year-old Matteo Beltran was posted in 2014 with the headline “My three-year-old must discuss and question everything.” The mother and son’s amusing exchange has garnered nearly 30 million views on YouTube.

After being denied a cupcake for dinner, Matteo can be heard in the video repeatedly imploring his mother, Linda, to “Listen, Linda.” According to his mother, Matteo’s desire to skip supper in favor of dessert precipitated the ‘heated’ fight.

After the video’s success, the young star was invited to appear on talk shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show and earned praise from celebrities like as Queen Latifah and Michelle Obama.

What is Matteo From Listen Linda Doing Now?

Matteo will turn 11 on November 17, 2021. His mother, Linda Beltran, told LadBible earlier this year that her kid was:

“Enjoying learning everything there is to know about martial arts and adapting to social distance learning. His sibling and he enjoy playing video games.

Linda also said that life has not been easy for her family, stating that they “battle practically daily,” but she is grateful that her modest movie might temporarily brighten the lives of others.


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Linda has 169k subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she posts about her sons Matteo, Charlie, and Kevin, as well as their family life in San Jose, California. She shares joint custody of her children with her ex-spouse.

Matteo’s Instagram profile can be viewed online. The young viral celebrity has nearly 10,000 followers, and his mother co-manages his account. Matteo and his siblings are all avid karate practitioners who enjoy spending time with their families.

Fans Have Been Recreating the Video on Tiktok

According to popular belief, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Fans of the viral video have recreated the Listen Linda dialogue on TikTok, and fans cannot get enough of Matteo, who is only three years old.


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