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Who is Alex Stein…harasser Who Targeted Aoc S*xually?


Who is Alex Stein…Harasser Who Targeted AOC Sxually

This week, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was sexually assaulted on her way to work by a strange right-wing media figure, and the entire incident was captured on film. Then, who is this troll?

Dear Reader, Continue reading if you’re truly interested in knowing more about him.

First and foremost, the name of the troll is Alex Stein, and he is a man who sexually assaulted a member of the United States House of Representatives without any repercussions other than being called out on social media.

He describes himself as a “comedian” and “professional troll” on the right. It is vital to remember that these are not his jobs, but they appear to be his daily activities.

People may remember Mr. Stein for the “Prayers for Ukraine” rap he performed at a Plano, Texas city council meeting. He performed the same thing at another Dallas council meeting in February, rapping about Covid-19 vaccinations.

His other actions are clear, despite the fact that his raps criticizing the city council are not always comprehensible.

He has irritated other legislators, such as Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw, whom he referred to as a “RINO,” and Congressman Adam Kinzinger, whom he referred to as a “d-bag.”

Since at least 2012, when he appeared on the ABC reality show “The Glass House,” Mr. Stein has pleaded pitifully for attention.

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Mr. Stein’s father reportedly discussed his kid with D Magazine in Dallas. He claims that his son’s behaviour changed after his mother died of Covid-19 in 2021. According to his father, Rhett, “It shook him up.”

“It utterly demoralized him, and he is acting out as a result. After that, he is a different person. He claims to be, yet he is not the same person he once was.”

Sad as it may be, more than a million Americans perished from the Covid-19 virus, but only Mr. Stein appears to be coping with the loss by acting like a deranged pervert outside of Congress. He is a monster. Ignore him, and he’ll leave.

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