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Who is Athena Brownfield Sister and What She Says About Her?


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Who Is Athena Brownfield Sister Adina?

Who is Athena Brownfield’s Sister?: Adina Brownfield, sister of Athena Brownfield, lamented in a devastating way that she felt alone following her sibling’s death.

Athena, age 4, disappeared on January 10th. Nonetheless, a disturbing affidavit alleges that her caretaker murdered her on Christmas Day. One of Athena’s carers has been identified as her killer. Investigators searched the area’s waterways, fields, and even her home for her remains.

According to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents, Athena Adams resided with Ivon and Alysia Adams. Agents asserted that Athena was related to Alysia, who is currently incarcerated together with her spouse Ivon.

Athena Brownfield Sister: What Adina Says About Her?

Adina is the name of Athena Brownfield’s sister. According to court documents, Athena Brownfield’s sister made a tragic remark about being “alone” when she was discovered unattended following the death of her sibling.

Following the discovery of Adina, Athena’s five-year-old sister, outside the family’s home in Cyril, Oklahoma, the search for Athena began. Adina was not where she was supposed to be, so the good Samaritan called the Police, who, according to officials, obtained haunting information from the girl.

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According to the data obtained by KSWO, Adina revealed to the Police that she had become bored of being left alone in the House after her sister departed. Tragically, the small youngster referred to her carers, Ivon Adams and Alysia Adams, as “mom” and “dad” in the records.

Who Is Athena Brownfield Sister Adina

Athena Brownfield Parents: Who Are They?

The biological parents of Athena Brownfield have assisted agents in their inquiry. Her parents’ names have not been disclosed.

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According to court filings, the sisters’ biological mother abandoned them for one to two years with Alyssa and Ivon. The family lived in the House in Cyril, a small village about 70 miles south of Oklahoma City, for at least two years.

Who Killed Athena Brownfield?

Alysia was arrested on Thursday on accusations of child abuse. Ivon was caught in Arizona on Friday and charged with two counts of first-degree murder, according to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Currently, he is awaiting his return to Oklahoma via extradition. Alysia reportedly told police that her ex-husband, Ivon, murdered their daughter, Athena, by beating her to death before burying her body.

According to the complaint, Athena was hardly breathing and was immobile following the cruel attack. Then, after placing her on the ground, he delivered at least three further chest blows. According to the court documents, Athena did not move again after that.

Alysia claims that Ivon exited the House with Athena’s body at approximately 1:00 a.m. the next morning. Ivon confessed to his wife that he buried the body of the four-year-old girl near a fence on their former Grady County farm.

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