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Who is Bella Poarch’s Boyfriend, Are Sub Urban and Bella Poarch Friends?


Who is Bella Poarch

Who is Bella Poarch? She is a social media sensation, model, and singer from the United States and the Philippines. After uploading gaming-themed lip-sync videos to her TikTok account, she gained notoriety.

Bella Poarch is one of the most followed TikTokers worldwide, behind Charli D’Amelio, Khaby Lame, and Addison Rae. Her given name is Marie Bella Policarpio Pocklington, but she goes as Bella Poarch.

When Bella uploaded a lip-sync video to the British rapper Millie B’s song “Soph Aspin Send,” she earned widespread notoriety. After then, the popularity of her sensual lip-sync videos exploded.

TikTok star Bella Poarch has over 90 million fans and 2 billion likes. In addition to her YouTube popularity, she has over 14 million Instagram followers.

Who is Bella Poarch? will be discussed in this article. Including her salary, endorsement deals, assets, stunning automobile collections, fantastic lifestyle, successful career, and fascinating biography.

Who is Bella Poarch?

Marie Bella Policarpio Pocklington was born in the Philippines on February 8, 1997. In 2022, she will be 25 years old. Bella has not disclosed her parents’ identities, even though her mother is Filipino and her father served in the U.S. Navy.

Both her mother and father are adaptable, and they met for the first time in Saudi Arabia. 13-year-old Bella Poarch immigrated to the United States with her family from the Philippines. From (2017) through 2018, she served in the United States Navy (2018). Bella’s three adopted siblings include one younger brother and two elder sisters.


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Who is Bella Poarch’s Boyfriend?

The U.S. Navy

According to reports, Bella Poarch had a boyfriend during her time in the U.S. Navy. However, they separated at an undefined time.

Sub Urban

Bella and EDM musician Sub Urban were linked for the first time when they marketed their single “Inferno” on multiple channels. He is also credited with writing Bella’s debut track “Build a B***h.” Neither party has, however, admitted to dating the other.


Tyga has been linked to Bella Porch after the two appeared in a few TikTok videos together on Bella Porch’s account. Fans speculated that Tyga and Bella had been in a relationship, or were at the very least spending time together, as Tyga created an OnlyFans account around the same time Bella did. However, neither Bella nor Tyga have publicly declared a romantic relationship.

Bella Poarch Career

Bella Poarch created a TikTok account in April (2020) and began posting lip-sync videos to popular songs. In eight months, she quickly garnered fame and amassed 14 million TikTok followers.

In August (2020), one of Bella Paroach’s videos went viral after she posted a video of herself lip-syncing to Millie B’s “Sophie Aspin Send.” After making this video, which swiftly soared to the top of TikTok, her career took off.

Bella Poarch, who has over 84 million followers as of 2022, was one of the most popular TikTok stars. Her TikTok account was primarily comprised of Lip Sync videos, cuteness, dance videos, and a sprinkling of gaming and other content.

Poarch has also collaborated with notable musicians like Tyga, James Charles, and others.

Bella Poarch Other Work

In addition to being a prominent TikTok, Bella Poarch is a skilled vocalist. Her debut single “Build a Bitch” was released on May 14, 2021. Over 318 million YouTube users have viewed the song.

Poached launched a YouTube channel, where she immediately amassed a substantial audience. Inferno, a new Poarch song released in August 2021, has received more than 70 million views in under two months.

Bella Poarch Endorsement

Bella Poarch, whose TikTok account has over 84 million followers, is one of the most appealing TikTok stars. As a result, she is the top candidate for brand enhancements, and numerous companies desire to use her as their brand ambassador.

Bella Poarch has committed to serve as a brand ambassador for “HyperX,” a leading American producer of gaming gear. In addition, Bella, the social media star, promotes several products and earns a great deal of money from these companies.


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How Much Does Bella Poarch Get Paid From TikTok?

Bella Poarch has generated almost $6 million in advertising revenue from her social media accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube during the past year.

Bella Poarch Annual Income.
2022 $5 Million
2021 $1 Million
2020 $400,000
2019 $180,000

Bella Poarch’s Net Worth

Several postings indicate that Bella Poarch’s anticipated net worth in 2022 is $8 million. She is one of the world’s wealthiest and most prominent TikTokers. Bella Poarch’s monthly salary exceeds $40,000

Among her income sources include the music industry, social networking, and her TikTok account. Through her YouTube account, where she posts music videos and has millions of followers, Bella earns a substantial amount of money.

Due to her diverse lip-sync video genres, she achieved phenomenal success at a young age and garnered an immense national reputation. Due to her success in the social media industry, Bella’s net worth is growing annually.

Various brand promotions, advertising, television appearances, and sponsored partnerships also provide the model with substantial benefits. Bella Poarch’s annual compensation surpasses $2 million. At this young age, a net worth of $8 million is a remarkable achievement.


What is Bella Poarch’s age?

She will be 25 years old in 2022.

Are Sub Urban and Bella Poarch friends?

Sub Urban and Bella Poarch are friends and social media followers as of 2022.

Are Bella Poarch and Tyga friends?

Tyga and Bella Poarch are friends and social media followers as of 2022.

Is Bella Poarch unattached?

Yes. As stated by herself on the quiz show “Whose Bio Is It Anyway?” hosted by Noah Beck and Larry in 2022, she is currently single.