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Who is Joyboy? Latest Updates!

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda is full of mysteries and shocks, which is not surprising given that the manga is over 20 years old and has over 1,000 chapters. Some of these secrets are larger than others, but one of the greatest mysteries in the entire series was the identity of a nearly legendary character known as Joy Boy! Joy Boy was first mentioned in 2011, and it appears to have taken Oda 11 years to unveil the name of this mysterious figure.

Joy Boy was a pivotal figure in the history of Fish-Man Island, leaving behind an object of incalculable worth on the final island of the Grand Line. Due to the fact that he is predicted to emerge in around 900 years,Joy Boy” presumably refers to a title or identity that a person can obtain. In Chapter 1043, which will be released on March 14, 2022, Oda appears to clarify that Luffy has always been Joy Boy.

In the remainder of this essay, we will discuss what we know about Joy Boy’s personality in the One Piece franchise. You will learn the character’s known history and notoriety, as well as how the upcoming Chapter 1043 appears to settle the decade-long mystery surrounding Joy Boy’s identity.

Who or what is Joy Boy?

Joy Boy was an important individual in the history of Fish-Man Island during the Void Century when he existed. He was initially referenced in the Poneglyph of the Sea Forest. Joy Boy gave Noah to Fishman Island 900 years ago, and the one glyphs on which he penned his apologies were invented 800 years ago.

This would indicate that Joy Boy has existed and been significant for more than a century. Joy Boy was the former owner of at least a portion of the One Piece. The residents of Fish-Man Island made a pledge to a man named Joy Boy approximately 900 years ago. He gave them Noah, which will one day play an essential role, but it appears that Joy Boy could not maintain his word.

who is joyboy

The residents of Fish-Man Island swore to safeguard Noah until a specified date. The aforementioned poneglyph contains an apologetic letter from Joy Boy to Poseidon for breaching the terms of their agreement. Moreover, he was Zunesha’s partner. At some point, Joy Boy sailed to the final island of the Grand Line, where he left behind a portion of the One Piece treasure.

During the Fish-Man Island arc, when Monkey D. Luffy was urged to safeguard the island at all costs, even if it meant destroying Noah in the end, a portion of the Fish-Man Island vow was breached. the method.

Before Luffy totally wrecked the ship, a group of Sea Kings unwittingly summoned by Shirahoshi stopped Noah, sparing Fish-Man Island and upholding the nation’s commitment to Joy Boy. However, the ship remained severely damaged. Later, the sea monarchs transported the ship to the Sea Forest, where it will be repaired.

Oden stated that he would open Wano Country “before Joy Boy’s arrival.” Joy Boy has been depicted on multiple occasions as a title waiting to reach the world. When Kaido defeated Luffy for a second time, he stated that “he, too, could not be Joy Boy.” It appears that Kaido’s theory was incorrect.

Has Joy Boy’s Identity Been Revealed?

A trailer for the upcoming Chapter 1043, titled “Let’s Die Together,” which is scheduled for release on March 14, 2022, suggests that the identity of the Joy Boy will finally be revealed. Now, you are aware that there have been in-universe and fandom-wide guesses about the nature of the Joy Boy persona, and that the theories that it was a title have proven accurate.

Now, the arrival of the roaming elephant Zunesha paved the way for the major surprise, as Zunesha was related to the original Joy Boy 800 years ago and would be able to recognize him, as it appears. A panel previewing Chapter 1043 revealed the following:

This scene takes place after the combat between Luffy and Kaidou. As Zunesha comes and sees the defeated Luffy, he appears to recognize his old comrade. This argues that the series’ protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, was Joy Boy the entire time, and such a theory makes perfect sense. Obviously, this is just a teaser panel, and we need to see the full context, but it appears that the riddle of Joy Boy has been resolved.


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