Who is Noah Thompson Dating?


Who is Noah Thompson Dating

Let’s take a look at how Noah Thompson and his girlfriend are getting along. Noah Thompson is a well-known singer who won American Idol’s 20th season. This article will talk about Noah Thompson’s girlfriend and who he is dating.

Who is Noah Thompson?

Noah Thompson is a singer who gained the 20th season of American Idol. Noah attended Lawrence County High School in Louisa, Kentucky. Prior to taking a component in American Idol, Noah worked as a creative worker.

Noah covered songs on his YouTube channel but has additionally done his authentic songs, which encompass “Pedestal”, “Not a Phase”, and “Heart Painted Black”.

He did not want to try out for American Idol, but his near pal, Arthur, signed him up to audition for the display. Noah Thompson changed into born on April 18, 2002, in Huntington, West Virginia.

Who is Noah Thompson Dating?

Noah Thompson is only courting his girlfriend Angel Dixon. Noah, a rustic singer from Kentucky, currently shared a few personal pix on his Instagram account.

The snapshots confirmed Noah and his son Walker spending time outdoors at the same time as wearing matching trucker caps. Noah stocks his son along with his girlfriend, Angel Dixon. The pictures appear like heartwarming and showcase a tender moment between a father and his baby.

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Is Noah Thompson Engaged?

Noah Thompson appears to be dating Angel Dixon, as consistent with some of the assets. The fans who comply with Noah on social media and in different regions is probably acquainted with Angel Dixon, who served as each Noah’s lady friend and the mom of Noah’s son.

They started a relationship in 2018, which is undoubtedly a long time in the past seeing that they were just excessive school students after they fell in love. Their courting now surely appears to be extraordinarily endearing.

Is Noah Thompson and Hunter Girl Dating?

The reality that there have been numerous other rumors, that are absolutely affordable to cause numerous issues within the courting between Noah and Angel, had to be taken into consideration inside the context of the complete case.

Hunter Girl, who finished 2d in the 2022 season of the competition, turned into some other fan favorites. As we all know, Hunter Girl become pretty near Noah Thomson.

We have seen quite a few TikTok films where this female and Noah are visible placing out and spending time together, however, Noah has dispelled these allegations, and each of them has stated that they’re really buddies.

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Who is Noah’s Girlfriend?

Angel Dixon is the lady friend of Noah Thompson. Noah is a devoted father who has a son by the name of Walter. Walter is manufactured from Noah’s protracted relationship with Angel Dixon.

Who is Noah Thompson Dating

Although Angel Dixon is a year older than Noah and turned into born in 2001, they both attended Lawrence High School in Louisiana.

She has by no means been a totally sturdy scholar, but Angel, whose father is a police officer and is from Kentucky, has control to keep up her grades. Angel attended university while Noah become there, making sure he was given a job so he ought to aid his own family.


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