Who is Ocastor Ferguson and Who Kidnapped Her?


Who is Ocastor Ferguson

Who is Ocastor Ferguson? Ocastor Ferguson, 32, was still being jailed in Collin County on suspicion of kidnapping and arson. The district attorney and the Collin County Sheriff’s Office are working to decide whether to pursue new charges against Ferguson.

Kayla Kelley, a missing lady from McKinney, Texas, was found dead near Grand Prairie on Wednesday, bringing the hunt to a tragic conclusion. The body of a 33-year-old woman, which the Tarrant County Medical Examiner was able to identify, was recovered in a shallow grave less than a mile from the residence of the accused abductor.

Sheriff Jim Skinner told WFAA regarding Ferguson, “We believe the person responsible for her killing is in custody.” In the affidavit for his arrest for kidnapping, the relationship between Ferguson and Kelley, who had been missing since January 11, 2023, was disclosed.

Let’s examine Ocastor Ferguson in order to understand more about Kayla Kelley, who disappeared last week.

Who is Ocastor Ferguson?

On January 18, Grand Prairie authorities discovered Kelly’s body in a field. Police detained Ocastor Ferguson in connection with Kelly’s kidnapping. When he was arrested, Ocastor Ferguson was being held on a $1 million bond. Ferguson, a 32-year-old guy, is charged with setting fire to Kayla Kelley’s case.

Who is Ocastor Ferguson

The police have identified Ferguson as a person of interest in the disappearance of Kelley, 33 years old. They claim that Kelley, a resident of McKinney, dated him. According to the police complaint, Ferguson lied to Kelley about his marital status when they first met online.

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According to the story, Kelley discovered Ferguson’s marital status after they began dating. She allegedly promised him that she would tell his wife the truth, per the affidavit.

Kayla Kelley’s Missing Case

Kayla Kelley, 33 years old, was reported missing on January 11. Kelley’s coworkers and acquaintances reported her missing on January 11 after not hearing from her. Her burned-out vehicle was discovered in a rural section of the Dallas suburb of Frisco the day following her disappearance.

Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner stated in a press statement, “We had hoped for a different outcome, but I am happy for the perseverance of my officers and our Texas Rangers in locating Ms. Kelley.”

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Kayla Kelley Missing Case

The disappearance of 33-year-old Kayla Kelley was reported on January 11. Coworkers and acquaintances of Kelley reported her missing on January 11 after not hearing from her.

Her burned-out vehicle was recovered in a remote area of the Dallas suburb of Frisco, one day after she was reported missing.

Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner stated in a news release, “While we dearly hoped for a different conclusion, I am grateful for the dogged tenacity of my deputies and our Texas Rangers in discovering Ms. Kelley.”

Who is Ocastor Ferguson

Kelly Found Dead

One week later, officers from Collin County discovered duct tape, gloves, and a blanket in Ferguson’s vehicle. After then, he was charged with kidnapping.

On January 19, detectives in Grand Prairie discovered the remains of a lady in a field near the intersection of 360 and I-20, and a fresh arson allegation was subsequently filed. Kelly had been tossed around a great deal while still wrapped in plastic. The residence of Ferguson in Grand Prairie is only a short distance from the field.

According to investigators, he and his wife reside there. Kelley was found deceased one week after her disappearance was reported. The unidentified remains were discovered in Grand Prairie, Texas, on Wednesday night. The body will be identified by the medical examiner’s office after additional examinations.

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