Who is Riley Keough Husband? Where Did They Both Meet?


Who is Riley Keough Husband

Who is Riley Keough’s Husband? 

Smith-Petersen announced the birth of his child with his wife at the memorial service for Lisa Marie Presley on Sunday, January 22, 2023

Smith-Petersen and Riley Keough have been married for over eight years.

Who is Riley Keough’s Husband?

Riley Keough’s Husband is Smith-Petersen. He is an Australian stunt performer who was raised in Byron Bay, New South WalesAccording to PEOPLE, he has worked on films including Suicide Squad and Catching Fire. In 2015, he wed Keough, the daughter of the late Lisa Marie Presley and the performer Danny Keough.

Riley Keough is the late superstar Elvis Presley’s granddaughter. In addition to his job as a stuntman, Smith-Petersen appeared in the 2014 film Spark and Light. According to IMDb, his wife appeared in the film as Elizabeth, while Smith-Petersen played a “tow truck driver.”

Who is Riley Keough Husband

According to Deadline, Smith-Petersen stars in the independent horror thriller The Dead Thing, which was shot in Los Angeles, California. The stuntman’s wife disclosed that he also holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

On April 17, 2021, Keough uploaded an Instagram photo of her hubby with the caption: 

“Ben obtained his black belt today in BJJ. He achieved his goal of earning his black belt before turning 30! I am so incredibly proud of you, @isitmeurlooking4!”

She concluded the post with two red love emojis, a ta-da emoji, and a crying face emoji.

How Long Have Keough and Smith-Petersen Been Together?

According to a report that the couple met in 2012 while filming Mad Max: Fury Road. Nevertheless, they did not begin dating until 2013. According to PEOPLE, the couple announced their engagement on Smith-Facebook Petersen’s page in 2014.

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Their wedding took place in Napa Valley, California on February 4, 2015. However, a few weeks earlier they were married in Nepal.

Do Keough and Smith-Petersen Have Children?

As reported on Sunday, January 22, 2023, during a speech at Lisa Marie Presley’s burial ceremony, Smith- Petersen announced the birth of his daughter with Keough. 

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According to a spokeswoman, the baby girl was born in 2022. At the time of publication, neither the baby’s name nor the specific date of birth had been disclosed.

Smith and Keough Fell in love in Australia

Keough described the beginning of her relationship with Smith-Petersen in a 2022 essay for Vogue Australia. In 2013, while reshooting in Australia, they reconnected, and Keough “realized that I thought Ben was cute.”

She later extended an invitation to the stuntman to visit her friend in Sydney, stating, “I recall that after a few beers, we established a bond.

Who is Riley Keough Husband

Because he grew up dancing, he began teaching me salsa and danced with me. It was such a fantastic evening. A number of us went swimming in one of the bays, and it was quite magical.”

Keough proceeded “That night, we ended up kissing, and the next day, we went camping Cove, got in the water, and I hugged him so tightly that I didn’t want to let go of him. I really felt so comfortable.”

In 2016, Keough told USA Today that she fell in love at a young age and told the publication, “Two weeks into our relationship, I told him at a gas station, “I could picture myself having children with this guy.” It was almost as if I knew I was about to meet my future husband. It was awesome.”

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